There can be some shady things going on in the marijuana scene or any subculture for that matter if you do not know what to watch out for. Being street smart is an important part of being a safe stoner; there can be detrimental effects stemming from misinformation. In particular, dangerous instances have happened due to laced weed. Stay tuned to learn more about how you can become much more aware and prepared for any shady business.

What is Lacing?

The act of lacing involves combining two or more substances. This is common among drugs such as cocaine resulting in bulkier products. This is usually done to get a higher profit because these commodities are usually priced according to their weight. In other instances, this is done to boost or lessen the psychoactive effects of the drug. These blends have caused numerous overdoses.   

While cannabis is not usually laced with other drugs or substances, these cases are a possibility. Marijuana sold from unknown sources or unregulated brands or places could land you in heaps of trouble with such problems as laced cannabis. Low-grade weed has also been laced with drugs, in some cases, to enhance its psychoactive effects. Drugs like cocaine or fentanyl have been added to marijuana which can cause vomiting and paranoia while marijuana cigarettes have also been dipped into embalming fluid for the same reason but could likely cause pain in the chest, hallucination, and paranoia. 

Although there are not many available statistics on how much weed gets laced, news reports can attest that this is something cannabis users need to be vigilant about. Care is needed so as not to buy your stash from a clandestine source. 

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What Can Weed Be Laced With?

how to tell if weed is laced

Just about anything can be mixed in with cannabis which stimulates similar effects or visuals. Since the goal is to add weight to marijuana in a cheap way, these additional materials are usually cheaper or have been obtained through illegal means for too-good-to-be-true prices. As such, here are some substances that could be combined with your weed should you purchase a seedy, laced batch. 


Lovingly called angel dust, Phencyclidine is anything but a soft touch on your piece of weed. It is also known as PCP and can give marijuana a substantial boost in its psychoactive effects. Marijuana with some mixed in PCP is called fry, superweed, dusted weed, or wet weed.  


Cocaine is sometimes added to weed for its stimulating properties so that the user can experience both the sleepiness you get from a toke of marijuana alongside the energy of the cocaine. The new product is casually referred to as Primo. Primo can have harmful effects on the heart, lungs, and brain simultaneously. You can feel numb after some puffs, heightening paranoia. Your heart rate can increase and constrict the blood vessels which can result in a heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest.  


Marijuana laced with LSD is called a rainbow joint. Do not be fooled by its colorful name. While this extra can make for a very potent product, it will change your perception of your surroundings, images, sensations, and feelings. The consequences can be detrimental such as delusions or seizures. Damage to the brain is likely and aggressive behavior is another effect to be careful about. 


Heroin is infamous as a drug due to its addictive nature. It is one of the most destructive substances on this list due to its effects on the heart. It can put your heart rate at a crawling pace causing confusion and slow breathing. The yellow to brownish powder can smell like vinegar or rubber, one hinting at the difference from regular weed to laced weed. While it makes the user experience a high, it does not cause an uplifting happy feeling but causes the heart to slow down.


The opioid, fentanyl, is utilized as an anesthetic or painkiller. It is marked as a cheaper drug than heroin but with 50 times more power. This one is ever more dangerous than Heroin and can produce adverse effects. Possible overdoses have been attributed to the combination of fentanyl with weed.  


Ketamine is mostly used for anesthetic purposes in the medical field and sedative purposes in recreational use. It can cause dehydration, confusion, and overheating when added to marijuana, adding another layer of concern. 

Other Additions Used to Lace Marijuana

The previous list of substances is not the only ones that have been combined with weed to bulk it up or to boost its effects. Here are some other materials you might want to watch out for: 

  • Food coloring
  • Crushed glass
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fungus and bacteria
  • Embalming fluid
  • Methamphetamine
  • Fuel additives and other smell adulterants

How to Tell If Weed Is Laced 

If you have been smoking weed for as long as you can remember you can probably tell the difference between genuine cannabis and a strange-colored overly pungent laced weed supply. Weed does come with its expected colors, aroma, and flavor for each strain and anything that deviates from that can get you to think twice. 

Read up on your product of choice from review sites to make sure you are toking the right stuff. Another key tip is to only purchase from regulated or authorized dispensaries or trusted delivery services like the ones in 420DC’s wide list of vendors

How Do You Know If You Smoked Laced Marijuana? 

how to tell if weed is laced

You might experience different effects if you happen to have purchased some shady supplies. This section shows some symptoms to watch out for with some of the more common additions to marijuana. 

How To Know If Marijuana Is Laced With PCP

PCP gives off an extremely harsh and bitter flavor on the tongue. It has a synthetic feel to it. Although this might be hard to discern at times the symptoms are much more evident on the body: slurred speech, powerful hallucinations, intense disorientation, erratic behavior, and numbness. Any 1 or 2 of these signs can be incredibly scary and might land you a seat in the emergency room if you take in a large volume. 

How To Know If Marijuana Is Laced With Cocaine

This substance looks like sugar but it tastes the exact opposite. With a bitter, metal-like flavor, cocaine-laced marijuana can take a toll on your heart, causing it to beat rapidly. Paranoia and shallow breathing can also be other effects.

How To Know If Marijuana Is Laced With LSD

LSD is known to produce high levels of paranoia and anxiety. It can cause you to get heavy hallucinations and impair your coordination. This might be in the form of a marijuana cigarette as is likely with PCP so that is a product to watch out for. 

What to Do if You Smoke Laced Weed

If you suspect your marijuana supply is laced, ask for medical assistance as soon as you can. Furthermore, one option is to ask someone sober to accompany you to the hospital. You can also contact a marijuana hotline or a poison helpline. These hotlines can aid anyone with side effects caused by weed. Call 911 if you feel that the effects are too much for you to handle. 

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Final Thoughts

Once you have done your research, you might not be too fearful of laced weed, however, vigilance is important. Although some strains do produce similar effects to the laced weed in this list, it is not usually an exaggerated effect. You are not likely to die from a weed overdose but a drug overdose is a different story. 

Thus, laced weed is something that can have fatal consequences. In general, if you feel symptoms that make you worried or uncomfortable, you should seek medical help. You can’t die from a marijuana overdose, but you can overdose on other drugs commonly mixed with marijuana.

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