You’re out of weed, and the pain is starting to come back. You need more to help you manage it.

However, you’re not sure what marijuana dispensaries are near you. Whether a new or old neighborhood, big or small, knowing a good weed dispensary “near me” in DC is key to buying great marijuana.

Washington, DC is also home to the THC Museum, spanning the history of hemp and weed in America. It’s an excellent stop for all tourists!

There is still the issue of finding the best dispensary, though. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your choices, don’t worry! This here is a guide on how to find the best marijuana dispensaries “near me”!

Marijuana dispensaries near me

What are the DC Area’s Marijuana Laws?

A provision passed in 2014 stated that possession of marijuana was decriminalized in Washington, DC. A person must be 21 years old and not in possession of more than two ounces of marijuana. Besides, among other stipulations, having marijuana around for personal use is fine.

That said, selling marijuana at a recreational dispensary is still illegal. Medical marijuana dispensaries are available in DC. You can buy from a medical marijuana dispensary provided you have a licensed medical ID.

Because Washington, DC is federal land, those using recreational marijuana can be cited or arrested if breaking the marijuana usage law in the DC area. Be careful where you smoke or ingest marijuana, and don’t smoke it in public areas.

How Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

First, to get a medical marijuana card in DC, you need a recommendation from a medical professional. The medical professional needs to have permission to recommend medical marijuana. They can receive this from the Department of Health.

After that, you need to submit your own patient application to the Department of Health. You will also need to prepare to pay the application fee of $100 (or $25 for patients with low income).

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What are the Best Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me?

If you’re wondering what the best medical marijuana dispensaries are near you in the DC area, look no further! Take a look at the following recommendations:

Marijuana dispensaries near me

Herbal Alternatives

Herbal Alternatives is located on Rhode Island Ave in DC. This dispensary works to provide natural solutions with cannabis for health and wellness. Their focus is on individual and community rights to treat ailments with marijuana.

Their products range from marijuana bud, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and more. Also, they offer plenty of topicals to help with aches and pains as well. They make it clear they sell medical marijuana as a supplemental or natural alternative to other pharmaceutical medications.

Metropolitan Wellness Center

Look no further than MWC! Metropolitan Wellness Center is a great dispensary in the DC area. Their rewards program will help you accumulate points to redeem for store credit or products.

All of their products are grown and created locally in Washington, DC. They can even help you get your DC medical marijuana card.

Capital City Care

Capital City Care prides itself on its quality, given that it is the only facility in the DC area licensed to grow their own medical marijuana. They’re also committed to keeping their products affordable, to better serve their clientele.

Also, Capital City Care is big on the three C’s: comfort, customer service, and convenience. They aren’t DC’s biggest dispensary for nothing!

Takoma Wellness Center

A family-run dispensary, Takoma Wellness Center will is a dispensary “near me” worth checking out. They serve DC residents with medical marijuana cards. They also serve those with medical marijuana cards from 27+ states and Puerto Rico.

They provide online learning for those wanting to learn more about medical marijuana uses. Takoma Wellness Center also stays up-to-date on the latest developments in the medical marijuana research field. Their reviews from customers are absolutely glowing!

Anacostia Organics

Support a minority woman-owned marijuana dispensary business! To do this in Washington, DC, Anacostia Organics is where you have to go.

Anacostia Organics is a great dispensary. Not only does it sell high-quality marijuana products, but it also doubles as an art gallery. The art gallery is rotating and focuses on the work of local artists. Buy your marijuana and appreciate your art in one place now!

Their origin story begins with their team researching marijuana dispensaries within the DC jurisdiction. The Anacostia Organics team noticed that Wards 7 and 8 didn’t have an available dispensary within their reach, despite most of the city’s registered patients living there.

The dispensary has the support of the local community and continues to thrive to this day.

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National Holistic Healing Center

Located in Dupont Circle, the National Holistic Healing Center is another great dispensary “near me” to check out. They prioritize medical marijuana patients from DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, but they’re also willing to accept other patients from a few select states.

The National Holistic Healing Center makes it easy to order your medical marijuana products online. They offer flower, topicals, edibles, pre-rolled joints, and other accessories to help you manage your pain. Whether you are looking for sativa or indica, THC or CBD, they will have the right product for you.

So Many Marijuana Dispensaries to Choose From

When there are so many marijuana dispensaries to choose from, the best advice is to try them all at some point! Having easily accessible dispensaries in the DC area for medical marijuana is essential. Knowing marijuana dispensaries “near me” will help you narrow down your choices!

Check out the best of DC and look through all of the certified cannabis businesses on our website! When in doubt, contact us so we can help you make your best marijuana purchase!

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