Maryland’s medical cannabis program is well-structured with a dedicated government body to handle all related matters. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) allows patients to apply for a medical marijuana card giving individuals who suffer from debilitating and chronic medical conditions and symptoms a chance to use cannabis as a medical treatment aid.

If you are interested in applying or you have a Maryland MMJ card, you might be interested to know what strains you should try from accredited dispensaries in Maryland, you might want to check this list out:

Cookies and Cream Strain, Cannabis

Top 4 Strains Available in Maryland

  • Cookies & Cream

Available at Herban Legends, Cookies & Cream can help you get the calming effects of sativa strains. This offers a full-body experience, which is perfect for relaxing sore muscles and de-stressing your mind. Without too much tension in your mind and body, you start working on your creative endeavors or simply spend the day enjoying your leisure time.

When you consume this strain, you will be able to taste and experience the characteristics of GSC and Starfighter as it is a hybrid of these two varieties. You can enjoy the sweet flavor and smooth aroma of its two parents in just one bud.

  • Pineapple Skunk

From a milder strain, we now move on to a more moderate one. Gleaf’s Pineapple Skunk offers up to 16% of THC. This indica-dominant variety works great as a sleep and creativity aid. Because of this, it is best used in the evening for a bit of soulful thinking before sleeping. Individuals with insomnia will benefit from this.

Judging by its name, you can definitely expect that this has a fruity taste. Its tropical and sweet flavor makes it enjoyable to consume. Combined with a skunky aroma, these flowers can be deceitfully strong, so make sure to consume this moderately.

  • Chocolate Mint OG Pre-roll

If you are looking for a more straightforward experience, you might want to check out Finding Haven’s Chocolate Mint OG Pre-roll. Of the four, this is the strongest, with up 30.3% THC. It is an indica-dominant strain, making it perfect for treating cachexia, nausea, and vomiting. Because it is a pre-roll, using it requires zero fuss. You can simply light it up and consume, making your experience a more relaxed and easier one.

  • Lovelace

Developed by Greek CBD cultivar Culta, Lovelace is an ode to the mother of computers Ada Lovelace. It is a hybrid of Harlitus and Snowdawg BX to create this notable strain. It contains THC of 5.1% and CBD 10.6%. Belonging to the Great Minds series by Culta, this strain has a berry-like taste and a cognition-inducing effect. You can get this flower from StorehouseMD.

Cannabis Strains, Strains

Being a medical cannabis patient can be fulfilling. Aside from being able to aid the medical treatments for respective conditions and symptoms, consuming cannabis can also give you an enjoyable experience. With various strains available in the Maryland market, your treatment aid can become an adventure. Just make sure to purchase from accredited dispensaries and you are good to go.

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