Trying to grow discreetly in a legal city can be a bit of a challenge. Between small spaces, odor control, and keeping the plants hidden, many soil and hydroponic cannabis growers struggle to create the ideal conditions for marijuana plants. Luckily, we exist at the same time as growing cabinets, which act as an all-in-one solution to almost all of these problems. 

Grow cabinets (also known as Grow Boxes, Stealth Cabinets, Grow Lockers, and Marijuana Cabinets) are self-contained systems that create the perfect environment for cultivating weed. In fact, each system can be customized and adjusted to suit even the most finicky of plants through the entire grow cycle – from veg, to flower, to harvest.

This week, we had the chance to take a more in-depth look into our favorite grow cabinet, The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply. The Armoire’s inconspicuous and compact design includes lights, fans, odor control, cameras, and locking features that make it possible for you (and your plants) to benefit from the sheer efficiency the stable-environment the system has to offer — what a time to be alive! 

the armoire weed grow

Introducing The Armoire

The Armoire is a self-contained system by Green Goddess Supply. It’s designed to look like an ordinary piece of furniture, so it comes in 4 unique finishes that match just about every decor, including cherry and even reclaimed barn wood. It stands at 4.5 feet tall and has a base length and width of about 2.5′. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to grow your own cannabis in a secure hands-off and discreet fashion. 

Unlike most grow cabinets, The Armoire comes with everything you’ll need to produce great weed discreetly as well as a few additional features that make the system stand out from its competition. For one thing, the proprietary grow light found within the system includes other wavelengths that actually inhibit and kill any unwanted microbes. This makes it possible to avoid unforeseen cultivation problems and prevent diseases, pests, and molds like powdery mildew. It also includes a carbon air filter, an exhaust fan, soil-moisture meter, magnetic locks, humidity and temperature gauges, temperature-regulating fans, and a cloth flower pot. 

It also includes a fully-waterproof camera that synchronizes with the Armoire app so you can monitor your plant anywhere you can pick up Wi-Fi. The Armoire app makes it possible to share photos with other Armoire gardeners and get feedback and tips from the community. You can also use the app to set watering and feeding reminders. Most grow systems like the Armoire don’t utilize an app and community features in this manner. 

Inside the Armoire, you’ll find everything you need to grow high-quality weed, minus cannabis seeds or clones and soil. Unlike other grow cabinets, the minds behind The Armoire have also compiled a list of trustworthy soil providers and seed banks so you can get everything set up with no energy into the research. They take it a step further by providing a step by step guide (proprietary protocol) that will teach you the Green Goddess process for growing great weed and producing high yields with the Armoire system. 

Best of all, the closed Armoire system makes it nearly impossible for pests to invade or thrive. The Armoire takes all of the hassles out of growing marijuana and makes it possible to enjoy the hobby as well as higher quality plants with a greater level of control. It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of time or space but still want to enjoy all of the benefits home-grown cannabis has to offer. 

Keep in mind though that The Armoire units are made to order. Consider you’ll need to allow 6 to 8 weeks for development and delivery.

green goddess armoire reviewWhat you’ll find within The Armoire

The Armoire is a fully self-contained cannabis grow room. Inside you’ll find everything necessary to create the perfect environment for cannabis plants along with a few special features that you won’t find in other grow cabinets. The only thing it doesn’t include is seed, soil, and water. The Armoire contains: 

  • Waterproof Wi-Fi remote viewing camera
  • Whisper-quiet exhaust fan with protective system grille
  • An easy to read soil moisture meter
  • Child-proof magnetic locks
  • A digital thermometer and humidity module
  • Multiple internal chamber temperature regulating fans
  • A specialized carbon scrubber
  • Cloth pot for better root oxygenation
  • A cannabis-specific proprietary LED grow light
  • Proprietary protocol which teaches you how to grow weed with The Armoire with ease

How much can you harvest in a single run with The Armoire?

The Armoire claims to pull a quarter pound of cannabis in 60 days. However, it doesn’t take into consideration the time it takes to veg cannabis plants into a good enough size before flipping into flower. The veg cycle takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks or 30-42 days. The flowering period alone typically lasts 60 days. 

If you’re vegging your plants in a tent or closet separate from the Armoire while you flower one inside, you can pull a harvest every 60 days. As soon as you harvest, you’ll have to transplant a new full-sized veg plant and immediately flip it into the flower cycle to get the best bang for your buck. However, if you’re growing from seed to harvest within the Armoire, you’ll only be pulling around 4 ounces of weed every 17 weeks or four months. 

How Much Does The Armoire Cost? 

There are a few factors to consider when you’re looking at the costs of building and running a grow operation, including upfront material costs, electricity and water, and of course, labor. To calculate how much it’ll cost to start a grow and run it each month, you need to consider how much you’ll need to pay for equipment, your electric and water bill, and how much it’ll cost for you to take time out of your day to water your plants. 

To keep things simple, we’ll go ahead and say that you’ll pay one flat rate for electricity, water, and labor. For one plant in the closed Armoire system, you can expect to spend about $50/month on these factors. 

Since the Armoire doesn’t come with a growing medium, you can also expect to spend about 200 additional dollars upfront on either high-quality organic soil or a hydroponic set up (such as rock wool, nutrients, and water pumps). 

The Armoire system itself costs $1,395.00. Consider this cost, plus an additional $200 start-up cost for soil (or hydroponic accessories) and seeds or clones. On average, you can pull about 4 ounces of flower every 60 days. If you factor in your electricity and water usage as well as your time, you can expect to save about $150 on cannabis every month. 

If you pay $2,990 upfront and an additional $50 every month for running the lights and fans and using water, it’ll take about 20 months for the system to pay for itself in savings completely. You may spend a lot upfront, but The Armoire’s self-contained system makes it possible to pull high-yielding plants down every 60 days with very little hands-on time or attention. Best of all, you won’t have any additional random expenses caused by equipment degradation for a few years. 

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Why The Armoire is Worth It 

Growing cannabis in the Armoire’s contained system is beneficial for a ton of different reasons. For one thing, it gives medical patients a higher control over the quality of their medicine while also reducing the long-term costs of medicating with cannabis. However, there are a ton of other benefits to the system. 

Compact: The Armoire system is lighter and even more compact than traditional grow tents used by cannabis gardeners and indoor enthusiasts. The Armoire is narrow and only stands a few feet tall, making it ultimately transportable. Unlike grow tents, it doesn’t jut out from the wall and take up a bunch of space. As a space-saving solution, the Armoire can adapt to apartments, bedrooms, and closets. Because it’s a small piece of furniture, it can even be used in basements, garages, hallways, and foyers. 

Complete: The Armoire takes the complicated set-up out of cannabis cultivation by throwing everything you’ll need for your grow in the cabinet itself. It includes fans and filters for air quality and ventilation as well as high-quality LED grow lights, a reflective interior, and locking capabilities. Unlike many grow boxes, the Armoire also comes with a few additional bells and whistles including a timer for the lights, a camera, soil moisture meter, humidity and temperature gauges, a carbon air filter, and a fabric pot that can boost your yields and encourage root growth. All you’ll need to get separately is cannabis seeds or clones and good dirt. 

Discreet: The Armoire looks like an ordinary piece of furniture, so it flies under the radar. Unlike grow tents that are huge and don’t keep the scent in, the Armoire looks like a modern (or antique) cabinet. It’s inconspicuous, keeps the smell in, and fits in like an ordinary piece of furniture, deterring prying eyes. Best of all, the Armoire is equipped with child-proof magnetic locks that add an extra layer of safety and protection to your garden. And it comes in a variety of finishes.

Growing Weed Discreetly With The Armoire Grow Cabinet - 2020 Review 1 2023Adaptable: The environment you create inside the Armoire is easy to adjust, making it possible for you to grow more than just beginner strains. You can use the Armoire to nurture your crop from seed to maturity by tweaking the conditions inside, such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The Armoire gives growers more control over the environment every step of the way, making it possible for them to produce higher-quality and more potent weed. 

Economical: While the Armoire has a hefty price tag and upfront cost for starting up, it comes complete with everything you need to grow the best weed. Instead of buying each component individually, you can save money by purchasing an all-in-one system that will provide you with years of reliable service. It may be a significant cost up front, but in the long run, it’s an economical investment. You’ll start making money on the system after 20 months, though you can expect everything inside to work for years. 

Controls Odor: Weed stinks, even if it’s in a good way. If you’re trying to grow weed discreetly, you’ll want to use a grow cabinet with a built-in carbon air scrubber like the Armoire. The carbon (charcoal) filter inside scrubs the smell out of weed and makes it possible for you to exhaust the cabinet with no distinct, pungent cannabis smell blowing into your home. The Armoire keeps the kush smells captive, increasing your discretion. 

Effective: The Armoire provides the ideal conditions for cannabis, making it possible for you to yield a quarter pound (4 oz) every 60 days on average. As a self-contained system, you don’t have to worry about your environment or pests or mold when growing. The Armoire makes it possible for you to produce bigger, more potent flowers with less day-to-day maintenance. Best of all, you can run the Armoire system year-round at an arm’s length away.

armoire weed growing

TLDR; The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply 

The Armoire is an excellent choice for the average home grower. It’s top-rated in discretion, size, odor control, crop quality, and adaptability. It’s great for growing a small personal supply of cannabis flowers each month, making it perfect for the solo cannabis enthusiast. 

Discretion: 10/10

Adaptability: 10/10 – many configuration options 

Startup cost: 6/10 

Environment control: 10/10

Odor control: 9/10

Crop Quality: 9/10

Size: 8/10 (25″ x 25″ and 54″ tall)

Price: $1,395.00 USD

Additional costs: soil, seeds or clones, water, electricity, and labor. (~50/month)

Average yield per run: 4oz every 60 days 

Features: Waterproof Wi-Fi remote viewing camera, Whisper-quiet exhaust fan with protective system grille, An easy to read soil moisture meter, Child-proof magnetic locks, A digital thermometer and humidity module, Multiple internal chamber temperature regulating fans, A specialized carbon scrubber, Cloth pot for better root oxygenation, A cannabis-specific proprietary LED grow light

All in all: 9/10 and a super cool addition to your house!

Get yours here

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