In DC’s unique cannabis industry, finding quality cannabis is easy! While delivery is always a great option, many local smoke shops offer cannabis and CBD products as gifts with your purchase and you don’t need a medical card even if your from out of state!

Here are the top 5 smoke shops in DC that offer cannabis products in addition to your smoke shop necessities.

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Lifted DC

Lifted DC DealLifted @ Listen Vision in one the newer businesses on this list but they offer a huge selection of high grade cannabis flowers and edibles as gifts for their smoke essentials and accessories.

You can find Lifted DC in the Listen Vision recording studio on Georgia Ave across from Howard University. They’re open every day from 12-8 PM and sell things like stickers, rolling papers, and glassware but you also get a free preroll when you show this flyer.

You can visit them at 2622 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 at the top of the hill. Call ahead for pricing and strains and be sure to tell 402DC sent you for a free preroll (202) 332-8495.

Street Lawyer Services

The 5 Best Smoke Shops To Get Weed In DC 1 2020

Street Lawyer Services offers a ton of great cannabis product gifts including both cannabis flower and THC-infused edibles. Street Lawyer Services offers a marketing service to Lonny the Street Lawyer. They promote his radio show and sell coupons for legal representation, which come with a free 3-gram cannabis gift. And if you show this flyer you will get 10% OFF, First Time Customers Only!

Street Lawyer Services provides a rotating menu of optional cannabis gifts that go along with their coupon purchases. They also offer a few different edibles. For more information about specific menu items, be sure to check out their website during business hours for menu updates every three hours.

Visit Street Lawyer services at Listen Vision Studios in Washington, DC. You can visit their physical location at 2622 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, every day from 12 to 8 PM.



embers dc smoke shop

Embers is a beautiful and artistic smoke shop located in Adams Morgan near Loriel Plaza. They have a nice selection of smoke shop essentials including glass, eNails, rigs, and pipes as well as CBD-infused products like tinctures and bath bombs, including an Embers CBD line which is hand-crafted by the owners.

But the real draw of the shop is the local art and beautiful design. If you are in Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan this should be your shop of choice.

They dont offer cannabis gifts to everyone so be sure to tell them 420DC sent you or show them this post if you want the goods. For more information on their gift menu, be sure to give them a call directly at (202) 525-1487 and tell them 420DC sent you.

Embers is open 6 days a week (closed on Mondays) from 12-8 PM. You can visit them in person at 1821 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009.

Peace in the Air

peace in the air grindstone dc

Peace in the Air is unique in the sense that it’s a music shop vs. a smoke shop. However, the I-71 cannabis gifting rule still comes into play. By digitally purchasing music, you can qualify for receiving cannabis flowers as a free gift.

Peace In The Air brings you daily offerings of new music that’s sure to get you grooving. Every day they offer exclusive tracks by new artists that you can purchase to qualify for gift weed. You can also purchase limited-edition accessories from Grindstone Universal. Music is organized by category from silver to platinum. Each category comes with a complimentary gift of flowers.

Peace in the Air is the exclusive carrier of cannabis flowers from another DC favorite, Magnolia Pharms. You can check out their menu or call them directly at (202) 986-2717 for more information on their gifts.

You can also visit Peace in the Air inside of the new Grindstone Universal Flagship boutique in Adams Morgan. They are located at 2118 18th St, Unit #1, Washington DC 20009. Show this post and you will get a big savings!


Smoke Shop in Washington DC

All American Bakery

All American Bakery is a treat shop located in DC. They are fully compliant with I-71 and sell smoke essentials like rolling papers and stickers. Each purchase or donation comes along with free cannabis-infused edibles and flowers in the DC area. Keep in mind though that you will need a membership to get free gifts. Membership with All American Bakery is only $1 per month.

All American Bakery also offers delivery. They prefer cash, but hope to begin accepting card payments through Square soon. Once payment clears, they’ll send you a link with real-time updates on your delivery via Google Maps. Most orders are delivered within a few hours, though they may arrive later on busy days and weekends.

Visit All American Bakery in person 9 AM and 9 PM at 1334 N Capital Street NW Washington D.C. 20002. You can also give them a call to see what’s on the menu at (765) 444-2837. Check their website here and tell them 420DC sent you when you get there.


So there ya have it! These are our top 5 favorite smoke shops that offer free cannabis gifts in the DC area. If you decide to visit any of them in the near future, be sure to let them know that 420DC sent you. Discounts and additional freebies may incur, though they vary from store to store. Be sure to explore all the exciting smoke shops and delivery services DC has to offer with 420DC!

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