Virginia is a well-known state in America for a variety of reasons: it’s the first English settlement, it’s where Dirty Dancing was filmed, and yes— it’s where marijuana was legalized as of July 1, 2020. Virginia was the first southern state to legalize marijuana use and possession by adults after Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s amendments to Senate Bill 1406 and House Bill 2312. 

Virginians everywhere celebrated the day they could buy, smoke, and grow their weed openly. That surely beats the alternative: having to wait until January 1, 2024, as was the first proposed date by the lawmakers. In celebration of the event or just because you can, you might want a fresh batch for your cannabis stash and you might want to know where to get your next bud. 

Toke on the finest the area has to offer with this list of dispensaries you do not want to miss the moment you step on Virginian soil:



Let’s start things off with a bang and a recently opened one to boot. gLeaf otherwise known as Green Leaf is one of the newest dispensaries which has earned the stamp of approval by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. They reviewed the store’s bud and it has been regulated as “good to go”. The whole medical flower is now ready to be purchased in Richmond.

gLeaf can only sell its products to those who are registered and prescribed customers.

Qualified patients can now fall in line to get their nugs or pre-rolls bursting with flavor and relief. With 18 strains of cannabis flower to choose from, you will get the variety you need as they continually seek to expand their collection.

If you’re looking to order, here are the steps you need to follow to get your hands on some gLeaf goodies:

  1. Get your written certification for medical cannabis.
  2. Register under the State of Virginia and wait to be approved.
  3. Pre-Register with gLeaf here.
  4. Discuss with the Pharmacist before your first purchase.

beyond hello


This dispensary in Manassas is the pioneering medical marijuana dispensary in Northern Virginia and the third in the state. This one provides a welcoming environment if you are a newbie looking to try your very first smoke. The team there is warm and can show you around their sleek and clean interiors and, of course, through their expansive array of cannabis strains and other cannabis products to choose from.

BEYOND / HELLO displays a variety of products from jars of nugs to sprays, capsules, suppositories, oils, tinctures, gels, creams, lozenges, troches, lollipops, and patches. There are two branches in Virginia; one in Manassas and one in Sterling.

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dharma pharmaceuticals

Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Dharma Pharmaceuticals provides a wide range of THC percentages which it prides itself on aiding medical marijuana patients with the specifics they prefer. The company has meaningful ties with the people of Southwestern Virginia, working together with medical professionals in the area in the hopes of emphasizing effective but safe plant-based solutions for medical conditions. 

Dharma Pharmaceuticals also has a plethora of products that are top-shelf quality. From edibles to vape pens, they’ll have the product you need. What’s special about this dispensary is that it not only provides marijuana to customers in search of comfort for pains, illnesses, or mental health needs, it also aims to create more jobs for the people near the location. This area is considered to be economically distressed by some residents, showing the company’s care for the community as a whole.



This dispensary is always experimenting and finding new ways to consume and evaluate their weed. As such, you can always expect new versions of common weed items from this group, raising their novelty factor exponentially. 

RISE is owned by one of the biggest marijuana companies in the United States, Green Thumb Industries. The products that most excite customers about visiting RISE are the edibles, vape pens and cartridges, tinctures, and concentrates. The dispensary also carries items from gLeaf and Dharma Pharmaceuticals as well as high THC products that are in demand among stoners.

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columbia care

Columbia Care

Columbia Care is big on its “People First” brand, catering to your personalized needs as a customer. With one-on-one consultations and follow-ups with pharmacists and specialists, this dispensary can give you lots of support in your marijuana usage. A professional is always readily available to help you determine what kind of strain or product is ideal for your condition.

This dispensary also takes its innovation seriously, much like RISE. It offers university partnerships, cultivating and collaborating with new blood in leading institutions, medical schools, and universities. All of this is in the interest of the customer, constant improvement of their products to serve their clientele: you.

Final Thoughts

Virginia is booming with innovative and customer-centered dispensaries with top-notch services to boot. Still, got some questions about legalization in the state? Read more here.

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