One of the most important things you can do to maintain a crystal-clear bong and experience good highs is to regularly clean your bong. Even though the process can be a hassle, if you try to clean your bong regularly it won’t take as long as it would if you neglected it for a long time.

A dirty bong not only looks gross and smells bad, but can take away from the taste and flow of your next hit. You won’t be able to taste that top-shelf bud you brought home to enjoy if you’re bong is clogged and blackened. On the bright side, there are various types of bong cleaners on the market for you to choose from. These products can help make the process shorter and make it easier to see that crystal-clear glass.

All of these bong cleaners come in different types of formulas and stand by their ability to give you fast and simple results. This article seeks to explore each of these bong cleaners and then you decide which one would suit you best.

These Bong Cleaners Help You Get A Smooth And More Enjoyable High

Even though cleaning your bong using some type of solution is the best way to get the clearest glass as well as the best rips, it’s important to give your bong weekly rinses. This helps to improve your high on a day-to-day basis. It even shortens the length of time it would take you when it comes time to deep-clean your bong.

Using a bong cleaner regularly will help cut down on future cleanings. Make sure you thoroughly scrub down your bong and rinse well for the best results.

The following bong cleaners are the top five best bong cleaners of 2020 and deliver quick and easy results. Stay tuned for a DIY bong cleaner at the end, for those of you trying to save some money.

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Orange Chronic Cleaner

best bong cleaners

If you are looking for a bong clean that produces a fresh, clean smell and is made from all-natural products, try out Orange Chronic Cleaner. This product has been around for years and has continually delivered results. This cleaner is designed to clean glass and metal. Orange Chronic does not even require intense scrubbing due to its abrasive granules.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully for the best results. Also, this cleaner is known to be effective in getting rid of residue from flower but not as effective at cleaning concentrate build-up. After you soak your bong for the appropriate time, rinse with hot water, and watch the build-up wash away.

Piece Water Solution

best bong cleaners

Piece Water Solution is a great, all-natural solution that even helps to prevent buildup while you are using it. This product is made from a concoction of all-natural food-grade mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. Piece Water Solution is non-toxic and works great with any smoking device that utilizes water.

Unlike the previous bong cleaner, this product works great on removing both flower and concentrate buildup. Piece Water Solution was created to help prevent resin from forming, avoid excess buildup, and filter your smoke.

Formula 420

best bong cleaners

Formula 420 is another fast-acting bong cleaner. This cleaner works great with glass, metal, and ceramic and is, for the most part, a hands-free process. This product is powerful and does its job well. Before you use the cleaner, shake it well to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed and evenly balanced. Next, all you need to do is apply the cleaner, wait the designated time, and rinse.

No need to suffer any longer with nasty bong water and having to deal with the pungent smell on your hands after cleaning your bong. Formula 420 is simple, fast, effective, and does not require you to scrub or get your hands dirty. It’s affordable compared to some other cleaners and remains a fan favorite among long-time stoners.

Grunge Off

best dab cleaners

Are you looking to be environmentally friendly? Grunge Off is a natural and biodegradable solution that does not use abrasives, harsh chemicals, and is gentle on the skin. Don’t let that fool you, this product is no less potent than any of the others on this list.

Grunge Off is recommended for pieces that have been neglected for some time and require a deep, overnight soak. It can be used during a brief cleaning session, however, the best results occur when you allow your bong to sit in this solution overnight. It should also be noted that this product is a little pricier than other all-natural bong cleaners, however, it works great and is worth the price if you are looking for an all-natural solution.

Randy’s Black Label

best bong cleaners

This is the bong cleaner most stoners turn to when all others have failed them. Randy’s Black Label is known to tackle even the toughest buildups and works best for cleaning dabbing materials. This product works flawlessly with ceramic, metal, and glass while also being fast-acting. No matter how big or how complex your bong or rig is, this solution can get the job done.

Randy’s Black Label dissolves oil resin buildup in just minutes and leaves you with a crystal-clear bong so you can enjoy a smooth hit.

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The Best DIY Bong Cleaner

If you are trying to save money, then there is a tried and true way to clean your bong using products you most likely have sitting around your house. This DIY bong cleaner only requires two main ingredients: isopropyl alcohol and salt. You will also need some cleaning tools like pipe cleaners or twist ties to clean even the tightest crevices.

This mixture works amazingly well and is great for those of you trying to save money or be resourceful.

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