Are you a cannabis connoisseur and looking to pass the time with entertaining cannabis videos? Are you new to the world of cannabis and looking for content that can help you start your journey?

Regardless of where you are in your cannabis journey or why you choose to use cannabis, the following channels are great resources to expand your knowledge or to entertain yourself with funny videos and learn crazy life hacks. In no specific order, these are the 10 best places to watch quality cannabis videos online.

Weed Maps TV

If you are new, this is a phenomenal place to start. Weed Maps is the go-to place for cannabis videos and content. Centered around educating the public and weed lovers about the benefits of cannabis as well as providing recipes to create tasty weed-infused meals.

Weed Maps TV recently released a 3-part documentary series dedicated to the state of California’s complicated road to legalization. So if you are fuzzy on the legislative side of cannabis or want to learn more, check it out for the full scoop. Weed Maps TV is a true staple for any cannabis lover looking for informational and entertaining cannabis videos.

RuffHouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios has engaging and entertaining weed content for all cannabis lovers. Their channel is decorated with marijuana life hacks and tips, delicious cooking recipes, and informative product reviews.

They have hundreds of original, quality cannabis videos for all cannabis lovers. If you are searching for some true comedy, check out their “stoned trailers” which depict popular movies or TV shows, but with a special marijuana twist.


Looking for the perfect, one-stop-shop? 420DC created a site that provides cannabis lovers with an endless variety of high-quality weed content. With advice on how to get a marijuana license and which strains are the best, 420DC has everything you need to expand your knowledge or entertain yourself for hours.

If you are looking for a great place to stay up-to-date on all the latest cannabis news and the best dispensaries to hit, this is the site to check out.

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Mr. Canucks Grows

Looking to start your own personal grow operation? Want to learn all the special tricks at an affordable price? Mr. Canucks Grows is a personable and helpful YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people how to grow organic marijuana, simply. His cannabis content ranges from teaching people how to grow, how to create your in-home setup, daily maintenance tips, and more.

He has a genuine, pleasant aura and has garnered over 400K subscribers since starting his channel. Want to start growing your own cannabis? Check out his videos for helpful starter tips for creating your grow operation.

That High Couple

If you are on the lookout for genuine entertaining content, look no further than That High Couple. Their channel is dedicated to everything cannabis in an upbeat and positive fashion. On top of funny and engaging content, they have videos that break down how to roll, how to dab and simplify their harvesting routine, so if you are looking to become more literate in the world of cannabis while being pleasantly entertained, look no further.

Alice and Clark, a married couple living out in Hollywood, have a real passion for dank and are truly kind people that enjoy spreading their love of weed to the rest of the world. Check them out if you are ever in need of some entertaining weed content.


Are you someone who uses cannabis for medical purposes? Even if you don’t, HelloMD is a great place to go for updated news related to the medical side of cannabis. HelloMD gears their website towards a balance of mind, body, and soul and how cannabis can be used as a legitimate method for pain management or treating certain medical illnesses.

They have direct interviews with medical professionals and cannabis entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being of people with the amazing benefits of marijuana. Check out their videos and expand your knowledge about marijuana and its medicinal properties.

High Times

High Times is one of the leading channels on YouTube dedicated to providing an accessible and valuable space for viewers to receive the latest news, updates, and culture in the cannabis world, for over 40 years.

This YouTube channel offers a variety of cannabis videos that showcase, cooking tips and recipes, product reviews, interviews, trends, and weed events. Check out High Times and explore endless hours of cannabis content.

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Cannabis Saves Lives

Cannabis Saves Lives is a channel dedicated to seeing a real change in the conversation over cannabis. They are a non-profit organization and are focused on educating the public about the medicinal side of marijuana and it’s known cancer-fighting properties.

If you are looking for educational content that discusses the medical side of the field and get up to speed on the legislation of marijuana, look no further.

Cannabis Longly

Cannabis Longly is a YouTube channel that creates cannabis-friendly comedy for your enjoyment. His channel is full of vlogs, skits, and funny weed challenges. His skits include highly relatable experiences such as, “the struggles of texting while stoned” or “when you are out of weed and check your grinder”.

This channel is riddled with humor and will keep you entertained for hours. If you are a passionate stoner, this is the channel for you!

Strain Central

Last, but certainly not least, the final channel on this list is Strain Central. This channel is centered around reviews, challenges, and open discussion smoke sessions. The content creator is an authentic and relatable guy that creates entertaining weed content for his viewers.

His content includes helpful tips and advice as well as interesting life hacks relating to weed and cannabis products. Check out his channel for unique cannabis content!

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