People love to feel connected and a part of a greater, like-minded community of individuals. Now, like never before, the ability to connect with people online has increased tenfold. Niche industries are popping up where there is a greater need for diversified connections on the internet.

As cannabis becomes increasingly popular and more widely accepted, cannabis lovers are looking for places to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts online. Now, like never before, there are numerous online cannabis social networks dedicated to everything weed-related.

These social networks target a range of different weed-loving individuals, from cannabusiness owners to stoners and cannabis lovers. With the increasing prevalence of cannabis businesses, it’s becoming more important to find diversified ways to connect with your audience and promote your cannabis business.

These cannabis business social networks are unique and truly illustrate how the world is always evolving and changing to meet the needs of our society.

If you are looking to market your cannabis business online, check out the 10 best cannabis business social networks in 2021.

Grasscity Forum 

Grasscity Forum has been around for a long time and was the original place to go to discuss marijuana and different tips on how to grow or harvest your tree. Now that marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized, this cannabis business social network has grown exponentially and has expanded to great lengths.

cannabis business social platforms

Grasscity Forum now has over 600,000 members and the conversations sparked online are vast, discussing smoking tips, product reviews and discussions, edibles, CBD, and more. If you are searching for a great place to have open conversations about weed with other weed lovers, look no further.


If you are searching for the best place to connect with like-minded cannabis lovers and promote your cannabis business, then check out Duby. This popular social networking app was created as space for stoners to pass a duby around, relax, and interact with a diverse group of people. This particular social networking app provides its users with the ability to “pass” on the content they enjoy and “put out” the content they don’t like.

Duby is like a blend of Twitter and Instagram, but with a central focus around discussing wee-related topics and meeting fellow stoners and cannabis lovers alike.

This social networking app has grown in size and popularity in recent years due to the legalization of marijuana in multiple different states across the country. What once started as a small, safe place for cannabis lovers to connect has become one of the largest cannabis social networking platforms and a phenomenal place to connect with potential customers and to market your cannabis business.

cannabis business social networks
Credit: Duby Twitter Account

MJ Mary Jane 

MJ Mary Jane is the go-to spot for all things cannabis-related. A trustworthy platform to create and share your love and knowledge of cannabis. Built into the platform, is a unique editing tool that allows you to capture the highest quality cannabis pictures.

Users also can explore different unique categories that draw their interest or connect with other cannabis enthusiasts globally. One of the most alluring features of this cannabis social networking platform is the ability to locate different marijuana dispensaries near you, providing a great space for cannabis business owners to market their business through the platform.

cannabis business social networking

On top of being a great space to market your business, this app provides a helpful resource to better connect with your customers and learn more about their interests and what drives the conversation.

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cannabis business social network

An up-in-coming new platform is on the rise called WeedLife. This social networking platform is a network dedicated to providing cannabis enthusiasts with a place to connect, learn, and share their love of marijuana with the rest of the world.

WeedLife is an app that is still working through its kinks but showcases a news styled platform to display different article talking about things like, legislature and politics, education, business, and more.

Although it is a platform that requires a little more work, there are still thousands of people who are signing up daily. If you are a business owner looking for a cannabis business social network to market your business, check out WeedLife.

MJ Link 

If you are looking to connect with other cannabis industry professionals, look no further than MJ Link. This social networking platform was designed for cannabis industry professionals to connect, learn, network, or do business with other cannabis business owners.

They feature different business pages, videos, news articles, and more. Their news section covers a wide variety of topics including, activism, culture, politics, science, and more.

Built-in the site is a business directory where you can input your business and have it added to the platform’s database. You can keep in touch with all the latest cannabis news and inform yourself on new trends, growing techniques, or marketing strategies in the industry.

Add your business to MJ Link’s directory today and start connecting with other cannabis industry professionals today.

cannabis business social networking

420 Magazine Forum 

420 Magazine Forum is a site that provides its users with a place to discuss anything cannabis-related. It’s an active website that has numerous different forums related to a variety of interesting topics. Those topics include science, activism, medical, hemp, entertainment, and more.

cannabis business social networks

There is a section that allows you to upload different types of media and creates a unique space where you can market your different products and strains to a larger audience.

This social networking platform is a great spot to market a cannabis business and potentially connect with other cannabis industry professionals.

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This energized social platform was created as a community for cannabis lovers to connect and share their experiences online. This social networking platform allows its users to connect with their friends and favorite brands in an enjoyable experience.

Weedable has a marketplace built into the site that allows users to shop for local deals, discover new products, and find local dispensaries. Check out their Weedable LIVE section that provides insights into the latest products and helps you find the perfect cannabis products for your lifestyle.

cannabis business social networks

This social networking platform is a great resource for cannabis business owners as they can promote their business on the marketplace feature and connect directly with their consumer base.

Leaf Wire

cannabis business social networks

Leaf Wife is a new cannabis business social network that allows marijuana industry professionals to network with each other online. This social network rings similar to that of LinkedIn as they are both platforms for business professionals to connect and share ideas online.

Leaf Wire allows its users to post articles and images, to promote your business, expand your network, post status updates, and so much more. There is a marketplace feature that allows a business to promote their products and business to the greater Leaf Wire community.

This social network offers the ability to upload job postings and openings within the cannabis industry for cannabis business professionals to pursue. You can monitor events, gain access to training, and so much more.

This cannabis business social network, unlike some of the others on this list, is a must-have for cannabis business professionals. This social network allows you to directly connect with other professionals in a space built for business networking and growth.



cannabis business social platforms

Known as one of the most popular and well-versed cannabis apps out there, WeedMaps is an important app to know about and be apart of. This social network allows its users to locate all the best dispensaries near them, locate the hottest deals, and even help them find great weed delivery services.

All cannabis businesses should utilize this app to help market their business and connect to their consumers. You can promote the latest deals you have, showcase your high-quality products, and gain valuable customers.

This social network also provides its users with a vast array of information regarding different marijuana strains, products, news, and more. Not only a great place to connect businesses with consumers, but also a phenomenal resource for cannabis lovers.

WeedMaps is a valuable resource for all cannabis business owners and professionals.

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CannaSOS is one of the larger social networks on this list, and for good reason. This platform allows its users to ask questions, explore different strains and find which one works best for them, and provides a space for them to connect online with other cannabis enthusiasts.

cannabis business social network

CannaSOS has garnered a significant following and it is relatively well versed within the social media scene. Adding this cannabis business social network to your tool belt would be a great resource and an effective way to market your business and connect with your consumers.

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