Sweet and sour is a fascinatingly tantalizing combination uniquely loved by the world with this novel candy flavor flying off shelves. In the marijuana scene, Ace of Spades is one of the contenders representing this tasty flavor and bringing with it a wholesome slumber and slew of wonderful effects. Below you’ll get your fill of what the Ace of Spades strain is all about.

Ace of Spades Background

Developed by expert developers TGA Subcool Seeds, this pop in the mouth strain goes up to 15-20% in THC levels and is dominated by its indica roots. Born from a cross of Black Cherry Soda with its berry taste and Jack the Ripper, a strong kick of lemony forest, this ace is one of flavorful bursts and an overall memorable experience. Its CBD content runs at 20% aiding in its plentiful medicinal uses. 

How Does Ace of Spades Look?

ace of spades strain

The plant spreads lush beautiful light-green leaves adding to its fresh taste and attractive bag appeal. Flowers mount its top with orange hairs and an array of candy-colored hues: blues, purples, and pinks. Crystals coat its buds, completing its saccharine appearance, making you want to immediately break open a bud and reveal its alluring secrets when you get to the harvesting season.

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How Does Ace of Spades Smell?

“Fruity” is the first word that comes to mind when you break open Ace of Spades buds in your marijuana session. Lemon, mango, cherry, and all things citrus will make your nose tingle from freshness and sweetness. A dash of skunk gives way to its hints at a sour taste. It’s a pungent aroma that you’ll get from this strain and it won’t shy away from surprising you— in the best way possible.

What Does Ace of Spades Taste Like?

Your first inhale will be marked by a strong flood of spiciness and a zany mixture of citrus. Notes of earth add a deep flavor that compliments the cherry taste very well. Some berry throatfuls are tossed into the experience which will let you know exactly how sweet and sour Ace of Spades truly is.  

How Does Ace of Spades Make You Feel?

While it has some stronghold on the brain, Ace of Spades promotes primarily a body high. You’ll begin with a tranquil mind, spilling into a focused, joyful euphoria that leads you to a creative epiphany. You can enjoy an array of artistic pastimes on this part of the Ace of Spades journey but it all comes down to its Indica roots pulling you into a sedated couch-lock, great for some sweet and sound shut-eye. 

Side effects include dry mouth and eyes and some dizziness. Taking in too much could also lead to anxiety and paranoia. Take your supply in moderation and steer clear from the strain if you’re just starting on your cannabis exploration. The right amount will lead to a favorable nighttime routine and a delicious toke for recreation. 

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Ace of Spades?

Ace of Spades’ 20% CBD content is what makes it a top-shelf strain for medical marijuana patients. Its healing properties come multifold as it is neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, and antiemetic. It can offer pain management for bodily aches such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, its uplifting effects can help those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress if taken in small doses. Ace of Spades will put you to sleep so insomniacs who want a berry-cherry strain might enjoy this one too.  

How Do You Grow the Ace of Spades Strain?

ace of spades strain

The Ace of Spades strain can grow to a medium to large height using the Sea of Green or SOG method which works effectively in getting you an abundant harvest, yielding quite an amount if you do so. You can expect 0.5-1 ounce per plant indoors and 1-2 ounces outdoors for its yield. Ace of Spades plants grow fast and need a lot of space because they will get both bushy and tall. Flowering occurs at 8 weeks and they are generally large and heavy. 

Growers will love Ace of Spades’ rapid growth but might find it to be too unruly. It can get pretty big, becoming both bushy and tall in stature. It flowers at 8 weeks and will completely take over your garden by that point. 

Space is an element you will have to consider and trimming it often is a must. Low-Stress Training or LST in the vegetative stage can help bend the plant’s stem to a specific side to help with its size. Let your plant recover for at least 24 hours after bending the stem as is done in LST. Marijuana growers will most likely opt to grow it outside but Ace of Spades can also grow in a greenhouse when managed well.  

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Where To Get the Ace of Spades Strain

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