These are sadly still very stressful times. The job market, the climate, the still ongoing pandemic, and so many other things you are likely experiencing personally. You may have any of many methods to relieve stress: read a book, play video games, take a walk. If it just so happens that enjoying cannabis in some form or another is among those methods then hopefully this list will be helpful to you.

Strains Stress

Here are the Top Cannabis Strains for Dealing with Stress.


Note: These strains can be incredibly potent and should be used by experts as well as taken with caution and preparation. Preferably with something comfortable to sit on and no plans to leave the house.


#1 Skywalker OG Kush

Get ready to take off into the stratosphere with this indica-dominant hybrid. Participants in a 2018 medical survey (Frontiers in Neuroscience) listed Skywalker OG Kush as one of the most effective strains for dealing with their anxieties. This strain’s THC content and indica-induced effects are the probable source for the powerful head and body highs users experience. If Skywalker OG Kush does not put you to sleep it will at least put you through a dream-like trance lasting hours.

#2 Cookies Gelato

For a powerful sledgehammer to your stress there is this hybrid strain. Cookies Gelato balances its heritage (Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato) to deliver knockout blows to both the mind and the body. This strain has an incredibly high THC content of 28% which means you will only need that first toke of a joint made from Cookies Gelato to experience warmth and comfort across the whole of your body. This hybrid is excellent for helping you feel relaxed whether it’s while hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or listening to music.


#3 OG Shark

Another balanced hybrid, OG Shark hails from Canada. An air of mystery surrounds this strain, much like the undersea predator for which it is named. It is assumed to be the product of mixing Diesel and Blueberry but so long as the breeders remain unknown assumptions are all users have to go on. In a 2018 article published in The Journal of Headache and Pain OG Shark was picked by veteran users as the top strain for dealing with migraines. OG Shark has a noticeably spicy and skunky quality to its smell and taste to go along with its 25% THC content.


#4 Purple Punch Automatic

This strain lives up to its name thanks to the haymakers it will aim at your stress. The indica-dominant hybrid Purple Punch Automatic owes its genetics and its name to the parent strains Purple Punch and Old Skunk Auto. This combination has resulted in a 19% THC content that will get the job done but hopefully not do the job too well. Tasting of fruit and candy Purple Punch Automatic is an excellent selection to smoke in the evenings. It can help you relax, clear your mind, and inspire your creativity or introspection.

#5 OG Kush

A time honored classic among cannabis strains. When it comes to relieving stress few strains can match the reliability that is nearly synonymous with OG Kush. The euphoric effect that this hybrid strain induces has been used in response to anxiety, depression, and stress. According to other users OG Kush has provided relief in cases of migraines and headaches. OG Kush can be recognized by its earthy taste and an aroma containing elements of both pine sour lemon. This strain has a THC content of 18%.


#6 Strawberry Cough

The first non-hybrid on this list. Strawberry Cough mixes the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene to provide aid for both stress and concentration. Like others on this list Strawberry Cough has a mysterious genetic heritage which some theorize to consist of a combination between Strawberry Fields and Haze. Its THC content is 17%. Users can expect a feeling of euphoria and upliftment following the strain’s sweet, strawberry-like sensations. The cerebral high that accompanies this strain is clear headed with bursts of energy for those who like to be productive while they relax.


#7 Sour Tsunami

Contrary to others on this list Sour Tsunami was bred to enhance its CBD content rather than its THC content. Its CBD is at 12% to the latter’s 1%. This strain is especially popular with cannabis users suffering from inflammation, stress, and pain for its smell which combines sweet and musky. As a hybrid Sour Tsunami is more sativa dominant leading to experiences where you are both calm yet alert enough for simple parts of daily routine. Because of the strain’s higher CBD ration to THC there is less of a psychoactive element to using Sour Tsunami. This further makes the strain a standout on this list for how friendly it is to new cannabis users. Especially cannabis users looking to the substance for medicinal purposes only.


#8 Jack Herer

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain was named for the author of the famous story The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Who just so happens to have also been a marijuana activist. Since it’s introduction to the cannabis scene it has come to enjoy nearly as much name recognition. Jack Herer (the strain) is popular for the balance it strikes affecting both the mind and the body. The end result of taking this strain is usually a deep sense of relaxation that is accompanied by sensations of clear-headedness, bliss, and creativity. With a flavor and aroma that have been described as earthy Jack Herer has a THC count of 17%.


#9 Tatanka Pure CBD

Another option for those looking to relax without the mind-altering effects is this strain. Tatanka Pure CBD was created by the crossbreeding of Elixir Vitae and Medical CBD. The end result is a strain high in CBD but containing only 0.15 to 0.25% THC. This means when you use Tatanka Pure CBD you will not experience  much in the way of a high if at all but you will potentially experience relaxation of the body, reduction of worry, and a greater focus on the present. People who use this strain usually find themselves still completely functional. Functional enough to do things like yoga, meditate, read a book, or other relaxing activities. Despite the strain’s lack of THC it has a tasty flavor and aroma profile containing hints of fruit, pepper, and candy.

Strains for Stress

What strains help you relax? What do you usually do while relaxing with cannabis?

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