For cannabis enthusiasts, the space monkey strain is another one of Bodhi Seeds’ top creations. Its 16% – 23% THC content gives a well-balanced high that manifests as a mix of euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Its tasteful flavors consisting of lavender and grapes are probably the secret behind its popularity.

New to the space monkey strain? Here’s what you need to know.

Space Monkey Strain Background

If there’s one thing cannabis lovers can agree on, it’s that Bodhi Seeds Company produces superior and organic seed strains. The space monkey strain is a high-quality product of Bodhi seeds. This cannabis strain is indica dominant( 85% indica and 15% Sativa), giving tokers a mix of cerebral and body high. The Space Monkey strain comes as a result of crossing the Wookie #15 and Gorilla Glue #4.

The THC content, as mentioned earlier, is relatively high. However, according to space monkey users, the effects are tolerable, especially amongst rookie smokers. The space monkey strain also has a low percentage of CBD.

Surprisingly, while you would expect these trace amounts to make the space monkey a recreational drug, users have reported several medical benefits. These effects are all thanks to the strain’s superior terpene ingredients like limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene.

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Space Monkey Strain Appearance, Fragrance, And Flavors

space monkey strain

The space monkey strain gives a “snowfall” appearance. This plant gets to an average height and produces medium buds. Typically, the nugs are emerald green, and the pistils give a burnt orange appearance. It’s most notable features are the sticky, rich trichomes covering the nugs that create that snowfall effect.

As for its aroma, picture yourself driving along a road with each side having grapevines and lavender trees. You catch some more whiffs and notice some hints of pine and citrus. That’s the aroma you’ll get from smoking the space monkey.

Moreover, you should expect to recognize a mix of dank and sour notes. This contrasting scent is because of caryophyllene, the dominant terpene in the space monkey strain.

The space monkey strain taste is among the reasons why it’s becoming a favorite. The flavors are a perfect blend of musky grapes, citrus, and lavender topped with a spicy flavor. Upon exhale, these fruity flavors produce an earthy taste while still retaining their sweet flavors.

How To Grow The Space Monkey Strain

Are you thinking of growing the space monkey strain? Lucky for you, this strain is not sorely for those that are au fait with cannabis growing. This strain is favorable for budding growers as it requires moderate growing skills.

Note that the space monkey does not have feminized seeds. Therefore, you’ll need to monitor the plant during the initial growth stages. Once the strain starts to take shape, you’ll notice one plant producing pollen (male) and the other resinous nugs (female).

Once this happens, you should take out the male plants as you’ll only need the female for harvesting (unless you are thinking of breeding). Another option would be to get female plant cuttings in the vegetative stage and then grow clones.

Most growers get an average yield. However, this strain can bring in an ample harvest. Plus, you could opt to grow it indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors. Usually, this strain grows to about 51 inches. It’s recommended you maximize various planting techniques like defoliation and topping.

The space monkey strain produces distinct emerald nugs, usually the size of an actual grape. In ideal conditions, the plant takes a week to vegetate before flowering begins.

When grown indoors, the yield is anywhere from 2.13 oz/ft2 to 2.45 oz/ft2. And flowering takes about nine weeks. You should expect an output between 1.63 oz/ft2 and 1.96 oz/ft2 if grown outdoors.

How Does The Space Monkey Strain Make You Feel?

space monkey strain

The space monkey strain’s effects are perhaps why it’s slowly becoming a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. The high THC amount and dominant terpene combine to produce a balanced impact, that’s neither couch-lock nor extreme high. Instead, it creates a euphoric yet calm feeling coupled with a good body tingle.

For some users, the space monkey high produces upliftment, focus, and creativity. Also, you might experience some next-level cravings, so we recommend stocking on your favorite snacks.

Remember, the space monkey is not only a recreational drug. This high-quality strain could also help relieve feelings of anxiety, PTSD, nausea, chronic pain, and appetite loss for some users.

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Where To Buy The Space Monkey Strain

Space monkey is delicious, high-grade, easy to grow, and has a modest high. If you’re thinking of smoking or growing this strain, we suggest checking out the Purple Penthouse Exclusive Designer Flower for a wide selection of flowers and popular brands in D.C. To get amazing discounts on your next purchase, mention 420DC. Sign up today to stay updated on giveaways and to view the best 420DC resources.

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