As much as cannabis growers enjoy talking about harvest times and yields, sometimes you forget that there are things to do after gathering up the fruits of your labor. Drying your weed is just as important a step to make sure your supply is fresh and potent. The moment you cut the yield off the plant you start the drying process. Every minute counts you need to decide the best way to go about using that precious time. There are a variety of ways to dry your marijuana. The most popular way is to use a drying rack. Should you really use it? In this article, we sift through the drying process and talk all about drying racks and if you should really use them.

drying and curing process
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What is a Cannabis Drying Rack?

Making a fresh batch of usable weed takes more than one step: growing, harvesting, drying, and curing. Drying your weed takes away the moisture from the yield to prevent it from developing that disgusting mold or mildew.

There are two main ways to dry your marijuana: hanging your plants upside down or using a drying rack. You are essentially organizing the way your harvest is going to be placed in order for it to dry. Hang Drying your plants can be a direct method of drying while using drying racks evens out the drying.

Dispensaries that are trying to save a buck on their drying process own hang-drying rooms as the cost-effective choice. Those who can afford it use cannabis racks for them to use space effectively. Drying racks lessen the risk of moldy weed compared to hang-drying. Additionally, they lessen the chance of contamination by other elements. That is also why commercial businesses prefer them. Smaller stores might not have the same funds to afford the structures that drying racks come in.

Why Dry Your Cannabis?

If you’re not too convinced about drying your weed, here are some reasons it is part of the cannabis growers’ routine:

  • Boosts smoothness. Dry your weed properly and the chlorophyll breakdown makes the weed itself a higher quality than if you don’t dry it well. Great for a smooth toke.
  • Improves potency. The moment you harvest weed the resins stop forming, its potency only goes down from there. Drying the marijuana makes this process slower. You can retain its potency for a longer time. Components that are in your weed like THC are enhanced during the drying and curing process. This is the chemical that gives weed a psychoactive effect. Say, “hello” to high highs and couch-locking sessions.
  • Longer shelf life. If you dry your weed properly and place them in airtight containers right after, you can expect to keep them safe and in your stash closet for about 2 years.
  • Better taste. If you ask some stoners, they just don’t have the patience to dry their weed. They just want to use it right away. This is what causes a bitter flavor to be emitted upon trying the supply. Drying turns the chlorophyll into sugar, converting that bitter taste into a rather saccharine one, the kind your cannabis should naturally have.

How to Dry Your Cannabis

Before we dig into the many ways you can dry your weed, knowing the basics can help you understand the whole picture.

You’ve just read about how drying your marijuana lessens moisture, takes apart chlorophyll to heighten potency, and, overall, just improves the aroma and flavor. Let’s first go through the practices you shouldn’t do when drying your weed. The drying process takes 7-12 days. Yes, a minimum of 7 days of waiting to taste your weed. They do say great things come to those who wait.

You can choose to trim your weed of any excess moisture ahead of time to quicken the drying. Once you can see there is less moisture around the 7th to 12th day, you can take your weed out for curing.

Pros and Cons of Using Drying Racks

Now you know about the process of drying your marijuana. Are your plants the ones that you want to be on drying racks? Here are the pros and cons of using drying racks:


  • Consistent yield because of its systematically-designed structure
  • Can store larger supplies because of its space-saving nature
  • Provides lots of air circulation needed to avoid mold


  • More expensive than hang-drying at times

hang drying
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What Are 6 Ways to Dry Your Cannabis?

Now you know all about driving racks. See if you want to push through with using them or would like to add to your drying apparatus:

1. With a Drying Rack

If you have a lot of weed on your hands, then you’re most definitely going to need a drying rack. It helps you keep your marijuana organized while it’s drying. Check on your harvest after 7 days to see if it’s crisp and sharp. Try to snap one to help you decide.

2. Hang-Drying

Another way to go about drying is to wire lines or ropes to hang your marijuana stash. Hang the buds on drying lines and wait for the moisture to drip from them. This makes the drying process slower but also helps with that smooth taste that non-dried buds can’t get. Try your best to remove all the unnecessary leaves from the buds to let them breathe easy while they dry. This also decreases the humidity in the area, reducing the possibility that mold will grow.

3. Pressing Method

This one is an oldie, but maybe still a goodie? Pressing marijuana is best for bushy types of weed. First, you need to air-dry your buds for a week. This might mean trying the two options above. After that, you need to place a small clump of cannabis in a plastic bag. A clear plastic bag will make it easier to look inside to check on the weed. The next step is to take the bags and place them under a pillow while it is on a smooth surface. Place the bags there for a few hours and then you will witness their pressed state. You can repeat this process for 2 days until you like the pressed feel of the weed. Once everything is fresh and dry, use airtight containers for the curing part.

4. Drying Fans

Drying your weed using heaters isn’t recommended by many stoners. However, drying fans can help with air circulation, which can be very good for your buds. This also protects against mold. Be careful not to point your drying fans directly at your weed. You can use oscillating fans to make the process lighter, softer. Areas you might not have checked can be covered if you use drying fans to dry your weed. You still need to do this in a drying rack or line position, but with the extra help of fans to optimize the process.

5. Space Heaters

Forcing your stash to dry too fast can ruin its potency. However, space heaters can do the job without the lowered potency. The humidity in the room has to be low while your weed is drying to prevent mold, and space heaters help warm up the room. Put your space heater in one corner and the moisture will just evaporate, drying your weed up faster.

6. Dehumidifiers

Just like the previous option, you can use this machine to help lessen the moisture and humidity in the room.


The drying process and, thus, drying racks are important for treating your weed stash. Choose what fits your supply best. While you’re waiting for your own supply to dry, why don’t you try the 420DC explore page for some sweet delivery services? If you want to take some top-shelf weed, check out the top 5 best delivery services in DC for some inspiration. Tell them 420DC sent you upon placing an order for a discount.

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