You may hear things from stoner friends or budtenders about RS11 (Rainbow Sherbert #11). It’s the new “it” strain, recently developed by a group of cannabis companies, offering some great flavors with a lovely high.

RS11 is a fruity and bright Indica-heavy strain that offers an energy boost, along with a relaxed mind for a comprehensive high and potent dose of THC that most people will love.

If you’ve heard of RS11 and want to know what this strain has to offer, you can learn all about its profile, effects, flavors, and growing info below. Not every weed strain has the impact you want, so do your research before you buy weed that may not be your cup of tea.


rs11 strain cannabis

RS11 Strain Profile

The profile of a strain is important. Its lineage can tell you a lot about growing the strain and what high to expect. Unlike most strains, RS11’s parents sometimes change and are up for debate, so let’s dive into it.

Typically, RS11 (Rainbow Sherbert #11) is a cross between pink Guava and OZK. However, Black Sherbert and Sunset Sherbert are sometimes in the mix. Black Sherbert and Sunset Sherbert are phenotypes of each other and sometimes crossed with different Guava strains or Zkittlez and OG Kush.

As you can see, tracing RS11’s exact lineage can be tricky, but most RS11 flower you find will be a combination of OZK and Guava. And sometimes, growers cross OG Kush with a Sherbert strain and Pink Guava, delivering a version of RS11. This lineage sounds very complicated, but luckily, enjoying RS11 is easy and fun!

For consistency, this article will discuss RS11 from Pink Guava and OZK, which seem to be the most common lineage for this strain.

RS11 is an Indica-heavy strain comprising about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This breakdown is no surprise as Pink Guava and OZK are also Indica-heavy. What is odd is that OZK is a super energizing and focusing weed, which is very unusual for an Indica.

Therefore, the high from RS11 lands you right in the middle of couch zombie and giggling fool. This combination makes RS11 a unique Indica hybrid.

The average RS11 has a high THC content, averaging 25% THC. The strain has a low CBD content, coming in at under 0.5% CBD. But this is not uncommon for weed strains with such a high THC content.

RS11 Characteristics

Most stoners pick their strains based on either THC and CBD makeup or based on flavors and scents. So let’s discuss the appearance, taste, and aroma of the RS11 strain.


  • Citrus
  • Pine
  • Fruity
  • Diesel
  • Rubbery

The first word everybody uses when talking about this strain is fruity. If you love citrus, berry, and tropical strains, you’re sure to love the taste and smell of RS11. The strain offers a lovely balance of these fruity flavors, along with a rubbery diesel scent that typically indicates a potent bud.

Many people liken the scent to a new tennis ball or rubber tires, but when you smoke it, you get a sweeter flavor on the palate. Because the lineage of this strain can be a bit foggy, sometimes you get a more tropical strain while other nugs may taste more like citrus fruits. It can also smell like a combination of pine and citrus.

People describe notes of many fruits, including apricot, mango, lemon, lime, blueberry, orange, and cherry. The most abundant terpene found in RS11 is myrcene, making it no surprise everyone gets these fruity flavors, as this is the terpene in mangos.

While the taste is fruity, the smell can be peppery, skunky, and a little bit sour, which makes the sweet and fruity taste of a hit even more surprising. It’s one of the most flavorful strains you can smoke. Some strains are bland, but this one is an explosion of flavors that will intrigue you.

If you never know what anyone is talking about when they say a strain tastes like bubblegum or cherry pie, trying this strain can help you get a feel for weed flavors because these are so prominent.

The appearance of the RS11 strain is a beautiful cross between both parents. It has the larger leaves and orange strands you see in Pink Guava but is dense and has smaller buds, like OZK nugs.

When an RS11 is made by crossing Black Sherbert with Pink Guava, you’ll see a darker hue with some purple strands. But typically, it’s a light green with bright orange accents.

People often say it coats their fingers with a piney and lemony smell, and it’s a pretty sticky strain. Don’t be surprised when little pieces get stuck to your fingers.

rs11 strain close-up look

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The RS11 Experience

The most important information on any strain is how it makes you feel. In this section, we’ll discuss the high you get with RS11 and what medicinal uses it can have. Get ready because RS11 offers a super fun high!


  • Uplifting
  • Talkative
  • Relaxed
  • Giggly
  • Happy

While many high THC Indica-heavy strains lock you to your couch and make you sleep, RS11 does not have this effect. Instead, it can be energizing and simultaneously calming, giving you the best of both worlds.

Many veteran stoners struggle to find strains that make them giggly and uplifted, like how they used to feel when they first started smoking. But RS11 is here to save you. It has a euphoric and uplifting feeling that will have your belly hurting from laughter and your mind stress-free.

As mentioned, one parent strain is more relaxing, while the other helps you focus and stay energized. So combining these makes for a silly but entertaining high, where you’ll feel more talkative and happy. RS11 is one of those strains that will have you smiling for no reason and chuckling at the littlest things.

A very consistent and unfortunate side effect of the RS11 strain is a dry mouth. Some report it makes them feel dizzy and dries their eyes. But almost every stoner that has smoked RS11 reports some intense dry mouth, so keep some water on hand when you try this one. And while it can give you the munchies, they aren’t too intense, and not everyone experiences this.

But many people find it helps with appetite loss, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Some also use it for chronic pain or nausea, but this is less common.

It’s popular for those with anxiety because you can forget your worries without becoming attached to the couch. It’s a great strain when you need to relax during a family event or awkward party.

rs11 strain profile

Growing RS11

RS11 comes from ​​Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East cannabis companies, and they aren’t too keen to sell seeds or clones. Your best bet is to find someone with a plant and get a clone, as seeds are super hard to come by. And seeds sold online are often not true RS11s.

But if you get your hands on a clone, you can expect a yield of 16 ounces per square meter and an outdoor yield of 18 ounces per plant. So if you can grow them outdoors, you should do so. They require a warm and slightly humid environment, but other than that, they are relatively easy to grow. Just stay on top of pruning.

The flowering period is between eight to ten weeks, and it’s best to start the growth in late spring, so they flower around early October before any frosts come.

RS11 Strain Reviews and Prices

RS11 can be hard to find at just any dispensary. But you can easily buy it from ​​Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East, as they’re the cultivators of this popular strain. However, because it’s become so popular and loved, it doesn’t come cheap.

In many places, an ounce of RS11 will cost you a minimum of $300, going up to $400. An eighth ounce can be sold for as much as $50, leaning toward the higher end of the price spectrum.

But reviews suggest this strain is well worth the money. It gives you a refreshing but euphoric high that you can’t get with just any strain. And maybe one day the hype around this strain will die down a bit, and you can find it for a more affordable price.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality RS11 Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Wrap Up

For people who don’t love the sedated kind of effect that many high-THC strains offer, RS11 can be a fantastic choice. It lands right in the middle of sleepy and energetic, so you can feel uplifted but not loopy.

It’s the perfect strain to smoke before a fun day at an amusement park or for a relaxing beach day.

rs11 strain weed

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Related Questions

Below are the answers to related questions about the popular RS11 strain.

Is RS11 the same as Rainbow Sherbert?

Nope, RS11 is not the same as Rainbow Sherbert. People often refer to Rainbow Sherbert as just Sherbert, and its parent strains are Champagne and Blackberry. It offers a similar high, but they are not the same strains.

Is RS11 good for newbie smokers?

RS11 has a high THC content, so it may be too much for brand-new stoners. But for someone with a bit of experience looking to step up their game, this is an excellent choice because it offers a comfortable, happy high and a whole lot of flavor.


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  4. Scott Adams

    Buy Doja Pak RS11 Strain Online


    RS11 is the first strain I am reviewing by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East. RS11 is an exclusive strain for the group and has a very impressive genetic makeup. The RS11 Strain continues to be very popular and in high demand many months after it first dropped.

    Doja Pak RS11 Strain
    Genetics of the RS11 Strain

    RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East is a cross of Black Sherbert, OZ Kush, and Pink Guava. I must say that is quite the new school supergroup, and it only makes sense the cross would create a strain everyone is talking about.

    Doja Pak RS11 Strain
    Appearance of the RS11 by Doja Pak

    I was very impressed with the appearance and bud structure. For the most part, my eighth was one giant bud paired with a couple of tiny buds. The Flowers have a purplish hue indicating it more is more sherbert and skittlez dominant.

    Aroma or RS11 by Doja Pack

    The aroma of RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East was a complex mix of sweet candy notes from the Black Sherbert and some gas from the OZ Kush. Moreover, I would describe the nose as a mix of sharp, sweet, and musky gassy notes.

    The Inhale and The Exhale of RS11 by Wizard Trees

    I found the inhale to have more sweet candy notes with subtle sour gas notes. Meanwhile, the exhale evolves into the opposite, with the gas notes becoming more forward, complemented by delicate candy notes with even more delicate citrus notes making an appearance.

    The Smoking Experience of RS11 by Doja Pak

    With such a dynamic flavor profile, RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East can only lead to a fantastic smoking experience which it does. Furthermore, my big ole bud burned clean, which lead to a very clean high.

    The High of RS11 by Doja Pak

    I found the high to be very functional with some clear-headedness while still packing quite the significant punch, the perfect pandemic strain. I was not getting couch-locked but instead quite the opposite as it helped me find an onramp to creativity and productivity.

    So was RS11 worth the money and would I buy it again?

    Yes and Yes. From the aroma to the flavor profile, I enjoyed all aspects of the smoking experience and high. Furthermore, I enjoyed my first encounter with Doja Pak, Deep East, and Wizard Trees. After this experience, I look forward to trying other strains by them.

    Where can RS11 by Doja Pak be found?

    Lastly, you can easily find RS11 by Doja Pak, Wizard Trees, and Deep East all over California at reputable dispensaries like Dr. Green Thumb, The Backpack Boyz, and Others.


    THC: 28.44%
    CBD: 0.00%

    Smell – Instantly the room filled as the bag opened, at first smell i get a very sweet,sour and spicy purfume like gas that sticks to your nostrils. There is so much going on in the bag that its really hard to pinpoint each musk that I receive, the best way to describe it is kind of like a bowl of frosted flakes with a peppery gas that finishes with a sour tang added on on the back end, a truely intriguing scent.

    Taste – On the dry pull of the Joint I get a sweet and sour taste that was very similar to a meringue dessert of some sort. I light up and close my eyes and really take in the first puff, smacking my lips together as this creamy smooth earthy sweetness fills my mouth with a slight shift to the with an amazing first impression , the exhale provided me with a very similar experience but had flavors of gas mixed in with the phenominal taste this bud offers. A bowl offers the same flavor and a bong leans a little more to the gas side of the taste.

    Effects – It was right about when I hit the half way point that I could feel the buzz begin to start in my lower back and slowly creep up and begin to relax every muscle in my body, around 3/4 of the jay the stone was beginning to set into my head as well as I was released from any stress that I had, like listening to waves crash on the ocean putting you into a slight meditative state. The high is very clean and clear not a bit clouded and continue about my day in a absolutely wonderful mood.

    Buy RS11 strain online. Rs11 Strain Online is bred by Grand Daddy Purp, is a potent Sativa strain with unspecified genetics. Its dense, pale buds are coated in amber resin with a sweet, fruity aroma that initiates immediate relaxation. A favorite strain for patients needing daytime relief, Bay 11 eases pain while boosting appetite.

    Strain: RS11 (Rainbow Sherbet #11)

    Who: Doja x Deo Farms Wizard Trees

    Lineage: OZK GuavaV2 x Sunset Sherbet

    Stats: 27.48% THC 0.17% CBD 32.41 Total Cannabinoids

    Aroma: New Rubber Shoe, Sour Musk, Sweet Rosemary, Fermented Fruit, Funky Pepper.

    Structure: Bright, dense nugs with a great cure. Mostly Large to medium-sized. Fine trim.

    Palate: Sour Gas, Warheads Candy Floor Cleaner, Rainbow Sour Belts

    Effect: Above-Average Strength – Very relaxing. Some body buzz with a euphoric, hazy head high

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