Finding a good dispensary on the Maryland side of DC can be tricky. If you don’t do your research, you may end up paying way more than you expect for your medical marijuana. If you’ve been Googling “weed dispensary near me” and coming up with nothing, you may even be going out of your way to buy high quality weed.

If you have your medical marijuana card, Rise Dispensary offers some of the best Maryland dispensary deals available. Rise is one of the best dispensaries in Maryland, so if you’re looking for an open dispensary near Bethesda or Silver Spring, this one is worth checking out. With a huge selection and affordable prices, Rise could quickly become a go-to spot for your medical marijuana.

Ready to try a new dispensary in Maryland? Here’s why Rise is definitely worth a visit.

maryland dispensary deals

About Rise Cannabis Dispensaries

Rise has become a popular name in a ton of different cities. With multiple dispensaries across 8 states, this organization is becoming well known in the recreational and medicinal marijuana industry. As you probably know, smoking and buying medicinal marijuana is legal in the DC/Maryland area, but recreational smoking is still against the law.

Rise’s dispensaries in Maryland feature the same high-quality, cultivated medical marijuana Rise is becoming known for. The company is dedicated to using innovative growing techniques and data-driven evaluation to grow some of the best weed on the market. Rise is genuinely committed to developing great products and improving their products over time.

The organization also values cannabis education, so if you’re not quite sure where to start with medical marijuana, Rise is a great place to go. Their helpful staff and extensive cannabis education materials can help you find exactly what you need to feel your best. We wish all dispensaries cared this much about their customers!

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Rise Has a Huge Selection

If you’re buying medical marijuana, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. With an extensive selection at comparable prices to competitors, Rise Dispensary is a great choice for both novice smokers and experienced tokers.

One of the best parts about Rise is that you can see a detailed listing of all their products online by location before you go into the dispensary. That means, if you don’t find the strain you’re looking for in Bethesda, you can check the Silver Spring location as well. Powerful filtering capabilities make buying weed as easy as shopping on Amazon.

While they don’t offer delivery, Rise does offer phone or online ordering that’s available for curbside pickup. This can help save you time and give you the freedom to check out a bunch of products before you make a decision.

If you choose to shop at the dispensary, the back of house staff is knowledgeable and happy to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’re looking for vape cartridges, edibles, pre-rolled products, or anything else, Rise has got it. Rise offers awesome Saturday deal specials on flower and extracts, making the weekend a surprisingly good time to buy.

The Price Is Right at Rise

At this high quality dispensary, you get what you pay for. You may be able to get some harder-to-find products here, but this certainly isn’t the cheapest location in town. However, there are plenty of specials and opportunities to get some deals at Rise.

Rise also offers their High Risers loyalty rewards program. Forget carrying around punchcards; this rewards program has a digital wallet app that helps you keep track of your savings. Every dollar you spend equals one point, so points can rack up quickly.

maryland dispensary deals

This rewards program is easy to use and can offer savings even after your first purchase. If you plan to shop at Rise, it’s definitely worth it to enroll in their High Risers program. Plus, if you’re looking to save more money, subscribers get a first look at upcoming deals.

Unlike certain dispensaries that are cash only, Rise is a bit more convenient. They also accept debit cards, but every location has an ATM on site if you prefer to pay with cash.

Get Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you’re trying a new style of smoking or you’re looking for advice on your next strain, Rise has you covered. Their friendly and well-versed staff is happy to help you shop both in store and online. You can even call them and ask for input before you arrive, making ordering easier than ever.

Most dispensaries have good customer service. However, even though Rise is a larger corporate company, the staff at the dispensary feels like a friendly neighborhood dealer. Plus, there’s no need to be embarrassed about asking how to vape or about the differences between indica and sativa.

Even if you’re new to medical marijuana, the Rise team in the Bethesda and Silver Spring locations are more than happy to help. But, their knowledge goes far beyond the beginner’s needs. This shop is a great place to try a new strain or find something unexpected.

Just like their high quality products, Rise’s customer service is unlikely to disappoint. Their compassionate style offers extensive information without a pushy sales job.

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Finding Maryland Dispensary Deals Is Easier Than Ever

Finding Maryland dispensary deals can feel like a shot in the dark if you’re not sure where to look. Between the high quality products, regular deals, and High Risers loyalty program, you’ve got a good shot at finding affordable medical marijuana at the Rise Cannabis Dispensaries in Bethesda and Silver Spring.

Order online or take a trip out to Rise and get ready to be impressed. We’re certain that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for because this place offers some of the best bud in the DC area.

Not quite sure Rise is the Maryland dispensary for you? No problem. We can help you find a weed dispensary near you easily.

Check out all the certified cannabis businesses on our site and find the best medical marijuana dispensaries in the DC area today.

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