If you’re looking for a local Maryland dispensary that has it all, Remedy Columbia is the place for you.

A one-stop-shop for all things healing, this Maryland dispensary has made a name for itself. Customers appreciate top-notch customer service and products according to the Remedy weedmaps reviews.

In all criteria across the board, Remedy Columbia meets and exceeds customer expectations. Quality product and a customized personal experience make this a place like none other.

Keep reading to learn more about this Maryland fan-favorite dispensary.

Remedy Columbia

A Humble Healing Approach

Remedy Columbia dedicates itself to its customers’ individual experiences and needs. They even refer to customers as “patients”. Their team of healers stands on a foundation of holistic methods to treat many ailments. These ailments include anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Remedy also makes a lot of useful information available and accessible on their website. They also offer virtual consultation sessions to their potential customers. These sessions educate and focus on the cannabis they have and how it affects the body.

They also walk you through the process of legally securing a Maryland Marijuana Card. This ensures safe and secure purchases each time you shop with Remedy. To make things sweeter, they even offer a 10% discount to all first-time patients.

Patients’ Favorites at Remedy Columbia

Remedy Columbia offers a wide range of versatile cannabis products. They come in at number 2 of Maryland’s best dispensaries and rank even higher on other lists. Whether you stick to your tried and true joints or try out some new products, you have choices with Remedy.

In-house advisors and budtenders are well-versed in all things cannabis. You can trust you’re getting the best information and quality product in-store.

Here are some of Remedy Columbia’s cannabis products that are a big hit.

Flower Strains

Everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for on Remedy’s shelves. Even newbies still learning how to roll a joint will be satisfied.

Remedy sources their cannabis flower from a variety of local growers. This way, they can offer their patients a superb selection to peruse.

A few customer favorites include Evermore Cannabis Company’s ‘Purple Obeah’, Curio’s ‘Malibu Marsha 7G’, and Rythm’s ‘Blue Frost Popcorn’.

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If you don’t have the dexterity you need to roll for yourself, give Remedy’s pre-rolled joints a try.

The joints come in 6 different weights at intervals from 0.5 to 2.5 grams. These are perfect for your personal sessions or getting high with a friend.

Some brands offer multi-packs of joints for low prices, like Verano. Their G-6 and G-Purps ‘Swift Lifts’ pre-rolls are popular among Remedy patients.


The pungent smell usually associated with weed can feel stigmatizing for users.

For patients looking to try more discrete and fun ways to medicate, edibles are always a good choice. There are many methods of THC extraction and use companies can take advantage of. Remedy is able to offer edible gummies, capsules, and infused beverages in their shop.

Between Dixie’s ‘Elixir Berry Lemonade’ and Curio’s ‘Blood Orange Turmeric’ chews, all of your edible needs can be met by what Remedy has to offer.

Vaporizer Cartridges

A newer favorite method in the cannabis community is vaporizing THC or CBD oil. The oil cartridges come in varying levels of both, offering users a diversity of high experiences.

The same way Remedy’s pre-rolls come in various weights, so do the cartridges. Sizes range from 0.25 to 1 gram and come in many exciting flavors and strengths.

Remedy patients particularly enjoy AiroPro’s Sativa-dominant ‘Black Mamba’ cartridge and Rythm’s Indica-dominant ‘Ghost OG Relax’ cartridge.


For the more advanced user or those looking for a more intense high, concentrates are worth a try.

Cannabis concentrates have been around for ages. More modern extraction processes have led to the production of all new kinds of dabs.

Crumble, sugar, rosin, and shatter are all variants of cannabis concentrates. The difference lies in the processing that occurs after extraction.

The inclusion of solvents affects the chemical structure of the cannabis byproduct. No matter what texture you prefer, Remedy Columbia’s products should meet your curiosity.

Try District’s ‘Lemon Royale’ shatter or Cresco Labs’ ‘Frosted Oranges Live Sauce’ for bright and fresh dab flavors.

Tinctures and Topicals

Patients suffering from chronic pain might not find smoking cannabis to be helpful. The budtenders and advisors at Remedy Columbia may have solutions. For those looking to learn more about their oral and topical options, keep reading.

Remedy ColumbiaRemedy Columbia’s collections of muscle oils, patches, and liniments serve purposes for all kinds of patients. Grassroots Cannabis and Mary’s Medicinals products have helped many patients with chronic pains.

Patients who deal with seizures may find options in the selection of tinctures to work well for them. The high potency oils they offer have both flavored and unflavored options.


If you need other accessories or paraphernalia for your purchase, you’re still covered. Remedy Columbia has a wide variety of rolling papers, grinders, and dab pieces in stock for customers.

You can count on them to be a one-stop for all things cannabis-related.

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What Are You Waiting For? Check Out Remedy Columbia

Whatever your cannabis needs, the Remedy Columbia menu will have something to spark your interest, and your joint too.

Maintaining its status as an accessible local Maryland dispensary, Remedy Columbia hours of operation are 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

Peruse the online shop or schedule an individual virtual consultation to learn more about what Remedy Columbia has to offer. In addition to the Columbia location, Remedy has many physical stores in Maryland for you to check out. Read the list below:

Baltimore, Catonsville, Calverton, Edgewood, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Ferndale, Hillcrest Heights, Laurel, Lochearn, Millford Mill North Laurel, Pikesville, Severna Park, South Laurel, Washington, and Woodlawn

Don’t hesitate to stop by to meet the team and make your purchase in person. All orders and services in Columbia are currently pick-up only.

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