Named for the unique and stylish top part of the plant that resembles the horn of a rhinoceros, the White Rhino strain is notorious for providing users with a euphoric yet deep-rooted, sedative high. This strain draws its origins from potent and well-known cannabis strains in the game, so you can rest assured that this strain packs a unique punch all its own.

If you are interested in growing this strain or trying it out for yourself, then stay tuned. This article takes a deep dive into exploring everything you need to know about the White Rhino strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of the lulling, full-body effects.

White Rhino Strain Background

The White Rhino strain was created by the masters over at Green House Seeds by crossing the infamous White Widow with an unknown North American indica. White Widow is one of the most well-known hybrid cannabis strains in the game that produces a heavy amount of resin with a high THC content.

White Rhino typically tests at 17-20% THC which makes it an effective strain for both medicinal and recreational use.

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White Rhino Strain Appearance and Aroma

white rhino strain

The White Rhino strain produces stout and sturdy plants with light green foliage and bright orange hairs scattered throughout. Dusting the surface of the buds is an enticing layer of crystal-like trichomes that give the buds a frosty white appearance. When it comes time to harvest the White Rhino strain you’ll notice that the tops of the plants appear in more of a horned shape, dusted with white trichomes.

There isn’t much known regarding the aroma of this strain; however, you’ll pick up on a musky, earthy odor. The flavor is slightly harsh with more of a hashy, almost lemon-like flavor that lingers on your palate.

How To Grow the White Rhino Strain

If you’re looking to start growing the White Rhino strain, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start. First, check your state laws and regulations regarding cannabis to ensure you are following within the parameters of the law. The states all handle cannabis legislation differently, so it’s recommended to keep yourself attuned to the ever-evolving industry.

Once you’ve cleared that step, you need to decide on where you want to grow your cannabis. You can choose to grow your cannabis indoors or outdoors; however, it should be noted that most strains have certain climate and temperature requirements if you plan to grow it outdoors, so make sure you conduct some research before picking a strain. Regarding of the location, you will need several types of tools and equipment to grow your cannabis like supportive structures, seeds, fertilizer, pots, smell-proofing equipment, and so much more.

If you want more information about growing cannabis, check out YouTube and various other online sources that can give you access to different guides and tutorials about the process. In these guides, you might even be able to find product reviews that can help you determine the most efficient equipment and products to use.

The White Rhino strain is an average strain to grow and can produce massive yields when it comes time to harvest. If you choose to grow this strain outdoors, it will be ready for harvest come October in the Northern Hemisphere and April if grown in the Southern. The White Rhino strain has an average flowering period similar to most other cannabis strains with sturdy plants.

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How Does the White Rhino Strain Make You Feel?

white rhino strain

Be ready for a deceptively hard-hitting high as the White Rhino strain has a slow, creeping high that builds into a heavy, sedative experience. As you start to smoke this strain you’ll immediately be hit with a wave of euphoria that is followed by a full-body numbing that releases all tension from the body. This strain increases the feeling of laziness and can even make some smokers tired, so this strain is best enjoyed during the late afternoon or nighttime.

When it comes to the medicinal side of this strain, it can be effective in aiding symptoms of insomnia as well as chronic aches and pains, anxiety, stress, migraines, and appetite loss. Regardless of how you choose to use this strain, it’s recommended to start with a few puffs and slowly build up to a higher dose if the effects aren’t setting in too heavy. This can be a strain that can overpower beginners at higher doses and even catch experienced smokers off guard.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On the White Rhino Strain?

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