Residents or travelers in DC on the hunt for a reliable cannabis pick-up and delivery service that offers a wide range of top-tier exotic cannabis gifts, then Purple Cannabis DC is the one to choose. With a desire to showcase the best of the vibrant purple exotic cannabis strains, Purple Cannabis DC has made quite a name for itself and found a way to set themselves apart from the rest. Dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and an unmatched delivery system, Purple Cannabis DC won’t disappoint and helps set the standard for other cannabis businesses and dispensaries to follow. 

For individuals interested in trying out Purple Cannabis DC, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about Purple Cannabis including their broad selection of cannabis gifts, seamless pick-up and delivery process, and their dedication to providing a safe and reliable source to obtain cannabis. 

Purple Cannabis DC Showcases A Wide Variety of High-Quality Cannabis Products for Gifting

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One of the most striking and fundamental features associated with Purple Cannabis DC is the quality of their cannabis products as well as the expansive array of vibrant purple cannabis strains that helped give them their name. Their menu features a whole host of popular and well-known cannabis strains that are potent, aromatic, and diverse in color and experience. Their selection of cannabis strains falls under a multi-tiered system that includes Exclusive House Top-Shelf, Top-Shelf, and Premium categories that vary in regards to pricing as well as potency and quality. 

Cannabis strains are not the only thing that Purple Cannabis excels at, in fact, they boast a wide variety of other cannabis products including edibles, cartridges, and pre-rolls. With an expansive selection to choose from, individuals can enjoy going back and trying new strains of cartridges or unique tasty treats, expanding their love of cannabis in other ways. Click here to view their online menu.

Best Selling Cannabis Strains

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On the Premium side of the cannabis strain hierarchy, the best selling and most enticing strains featured are Birthday Cake and Dutch Treat. Birthday Cake is an alluring and aromatic indica-dominant hybrid that promotes a strong body high complemented with a sweet, cake-like flavor whereas Dutch Treat is a hybrid cannabis strain that tends to be more balanced, offering both cerebral and physical effects leaving individuals feeling euphoric and uplifted while simultaneously relaxed and stress-free. Both of these strains are a hit and continue to be the most popular in that category.

Moving up to the Top-Shelf category, Gelato ranks the most popular as it promotes a truly well-balanced experience enhanced by the enticing sweet, fruity flavor that culminates in a creamy finish. With another hybrid adorning the list of the most popular strains, it’s clear to see where Purple Cannabis thrives and truly shines through. 

When it comes to the best of the best, Purple Cannabis DC put their bets on the transcendent Mimosa strain and it paid off. As the most popular strain within the Exclusive House Top-Shelf category, Mimosa promotes a heavy dose of relaxation, reducing stress and calming the mind and body while exuding a powerfully addictive and alluring aroma that blends an explosive array of citrus and fruit flavors. 

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Purple Cannabis DC Offers Both Pick-up and Delivery Options for The Convenience of Their Customers

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When it comes to convenience and accessibility, no one does it better than Purple Cannabis DC. With both in-store pickup and delivery options, Purple Cannabis DC ensures their customers can receive the service and help they need to get their cannabis gifts safely and reliably. Purple Cannabis has three separate locations throughout DC where customers can easily pick up their desired products at a safe, reliable location. 

The ordering process is simple, all individuals must be at least 21 years old to place an order regardless if it is for pick-up or delivery. For an in-store pickup, individuals must be in the District of Columbia with a valid state ID confirming age, pick out their desired cannabis products from the online menu, and send a text to the designated number on their website with a selfie that includes the valid ID. After that is complete, a representative will respond with the appropriate details and pricing information. 

The delivery process is nearly the same except the only difference is a personal address needs to be provided and it has to be within the District of Columbia. For individuals looking to receive their order at a specific time, at least 2 hours of proper notice is required.

Purple Cannabis DC Has A Dedicated Staff Centered Around Providing Safe and Accessible Cannabis Products

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Purple Cannabis DC places quality above all else and strives to ensure all their customers receive reliable and safe cannabis products. With a staff that is dedicated to answering any cannabis questions as well as having a true passion for their craft, customers can rest assured that they will be taken care of when they choose to go with Purple Cannabis DC. Their ordering process is simple and effective, governed by their staff that seeks to create a harmonious relationship that keeps people coming back for more. 

Check Out Purple Cannabis DC Today

There is no other cannabis delivery service that has the best of the best when it comes to quality purple cannabis strains than Purple Cannabis DC. Nothing truly embodies quality and exoticism than the vibrant purple cannabis strains that break the traditional mold of the 50 shades of green found in the various other strains. Like purple cannabis strains, Purple Cannabis DC is a step above the rest and offers a unique and attractive way to get high-quality cannabis reliably and affordably. 

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