If you are someone who enjoys cannabis strains with enhanced flavor profiles or if you are a novice weed smoker, then the Orange Creamsicle strain might be the perfect strain for you. This sativa dominant hybrid produces a mellow, balanced high with a deliciously sweet citrus and vanilla flavor profile.

Whether you are looking to start growing this strain or try it out for yourself, stay tuned. This article explores everything you need to know about the Orange Creamsicle strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of the various effects emitted from the uplifting high.

Orange Creamsicle Background

This citrus-inspired cannabis strain was created by the breeders at MTG Seeds who are known to provide various California dispensaries with quality, limited edition strains from time to time. Orange Creamsicle, a sativa-dominant hybrid, was created by crossing Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, both of which are strains bred with enhanced flavor profiles.

Orange Crush is a hybrid strain that produces powerful, uplifting cerebral effects and an overly sweet flavor profile. Juicy Fruit is known to provide a spark of creativity as well as a potency that relays caution as this strain’s effects are quite long-lasting.

Having been created from both Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, it comes as no surprise that Orange Creamsicle would be a success and with an unmatched, citrus flavor profile. As potent and tantalizing as the flavor profile is, this strain does not have a high THC content, with a moderate range from 8-18% THC. Because of this, Orange Creamsicle is a great strain for those with a lower tolerance to THC or those who truly enjoy a unique and tasty flavor profile.

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Orange Creamsicle Appearance and Aroma

orange creamsicle
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The Orange Creamsicle strain produces buds that are densely packed with dark green foliage. Laced within the foliage are bright orange pistils that add dimension and a pop of color while the surface of the buds is frosted with crystal-like trichomes, lending to an overall visually stunning cannabis strain.

When this strain is cured properly, the buds emit a strong citrus smell with a gentle berry tang that remains hidden in the background. Orange Creamsicle has a smooth gentle smoke with an undeniably tasty orange aftertaste on the exhale. Some users report the strong scent of vanilla that hangs in the air long after the joint has been smoked.

How To Grow Orange Creamsicle

If you are thinking about growing the Orange Creamsicle strain, then there are a few things you need to consider before starting. First, refer to your local laws to ensure you are following the parameters of the law and taking into consideration any important ethical guidelines. Each state handles cannabis legislation differently, so it is important to stay on top of the ever-evolving state of the industry.

Next, it’s time to determine where you want to grow your cannabis. You have the option to grow your plants either indoors or outdoors; however, if you want to grow your cannabis outdoors, you need to be able to meet the climate and temperature requirements for your strain of choice.

Regardless of your decision, you will need to set aside ample space as well as obtain all the important and necessary tools and equipment. This includes things such as shears, pots, seeds, fertilizer, supportive structures, lightning, watering system, and so much more. If you need some help or want to know the right place to start, head to YouTube or any other online source, and gain access to various guides and tutorials as well as life hacks and tricks that can help you have a successful harvest.

When it comes to growing the Orange Creamsicle strain, you have a few options in terms of how to get your hands on it. Sometimes the breeders at MTG Seeds make the seeds available for purchase; however, it is rather infrequent and there is no guarantee if and when they do it. Your other option is to obtain clippings from mature plants and create clones. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors; however, it requires a semi-humid climate with consistent daytime temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit if you want to grow it outdoors. The average flowering period for this strain is around 9 weeks and it requires regular trimmings since the plants grow quite tall and bushy.

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How Does Orange Creamsicle Make You Feel?

orange creamsicle

Now, onto the best part, how does the Orange Creamsicle strain make you feel? The Orange Creamsicle strain presents a slow-building high that helps your mind wander without restriction. Users report feeling uplifted overall with the ability to engage in conversation and complete analytical or creative tasks. After some time, a gentle body high will settle in that can slowly ease any tension or pain, allowing you to unwind after a long day. The effects from this strain are relatively mild without overpowering the senses and do not cause paranoid thoughts or debilitating couch-lock.

Orange Creamsicle has been known to alleviate various mild medical issues including anxiety, depression, stress, mild aches and pains, headaches, and even nausea. For those prone to panic-induced fits from cannabis or with a lower tolerance to THC, this strain is perfect as it has a lower risk of smokers experiencing paranoia coupled with a mild high.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On Orange Creamsicle

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