With the mission to provide individuals with an alternative to traditional dip products by utilizing CBD in a radical new way, Cannadips CBD has paved its way as an industry bender, and opened the door for individuals to access an alternative way to cut tobacco and nicotine products out of their lives for good. With an array of unique flavors available, Cannadips CBD takes pride in the quality of their products, backed by the hard work and dedication inspired by their home roots of Humboldt County, CA while incorporating state-of-the-art technology and research to master a unique alternative for traditional dip products. 

For individuals interested in learning more about Cannadips, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about Cannadips CBD including some background on the company and its mission as well as a review of the various products and flavors available. 

What’s The Story Behind Cannadips CBD?

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Cannadips CBD all started through humble origins in Humboldt County, CA, a community that is no stranger to both the cannabis industry and the tobacco industry. With that in mind, it came as a shock when reality struck that no one ever thought to reconcile the two industries. The thought was that by putting cannabis into the form of a dip it would provide an effective alternative to trying to cut out nicotine and tobacco products. 

Thus began the long journey for Cannadips CBD which required a considerable amount of effort and hard work to achieve. The first step required was finding the proper technology that would allow the cannabinoids to dissolve in the mouth. Over time, after partnering with Lexaria Biosciences, allowing for the terpenes to remain preserved from the American Grown Hemp being used to create the dip. 

Cannadips CBD was always determined to remain nicotine and tobacco free with flavors that retained an enhanced flavor for maximum enjoyment and quality. It should be noted that Humboldt County was the true inspiration for the creation of Cannadips and made them possible, inheriting the true craftsmanship of the community and making it available for all to enjoy. 

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What Are Cannadips & How Do They Work?

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So, what exactly are Cannadips and how do they work? Cannadips are 100% tobacco and nicotine free and provide individuals with an alternative way to enjoy CBD while also being an effective way to help cut out nicotine and tobacco products. Each dip pack comes with individual hemp pouches that are discrete and all-natural, coming in an assortment of strains and unique flavors. 

Cannadips are designed to be used for daily use with precise doses pre-packaged in the hemp pouches. Cannadips CBD brings together unique and innovative technology with all-natural resources to bring people a brand new way to incorporate CBD into their daily lives. All Cannadips are lab-tested for both quality and safety and designed to provide a truly unique dip experience. 

Each individual dip pouch delivers 10 mg of CBD into your system via the mucous membrane present in the mouth. This process is fast acting and individuals should notice results within 10 minutes after dipping a pouch. It is only recommended to hold the pouch in your mouth for around 2 hours, after that point the flavor is generally dissipated marking that as the pouches limit. 

What Are The Different Flavors and Options Available?

Cannadips CBD offers a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from that is best suited to a wide variety of cannabis and CBD lovers. There are two major categories when it comes to choosing a flavor of dip which are “The Core Flavors” and “The Humboldt Collection”. Both options provide an enjoyable, flavorful experience but each with their own unique twist. 

Cannadips CBD also offers something called the “California Roll” which is a 5-pack variety log of flavors for those who enjoy trying out all a company has to offer. This pack includes the 5 most popular flavors in one simple purchase. 

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The Core Flavors

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The Core Flavors represent the fundamental or staple Cannadips available for purchase. There are five core flavors in total including Cool Mint, Fresh Wintergreen, Tangy Citrus, Tropical Mango, and American Spice. Each flavor offers a unique and vibrant dipping experience depending on the preferences of individual people.

Cannadips covers all the core basics when it comes to flavor to ensure any cannabis connoisseur or individual looking to break free from the tobacco or nicotine addiction, can find a flavor that they love and enjoy. Each flavor comes with 15 CBD-infused pouches included all dosed at 10 mg per pouch.

The Humboldt Collection

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The Humboldt Collection is unique and offers cannabis lovers the ability to enjoy some of their favorite and most popular cannabis strains in the form of a CBD dip. The goal behind Cannadips CBD was not only to provide an alternative source of traditional dip products but to also innovate a radical new way to enjoy CBD. 

The Humboldt Collection is derived and inspired by four of the most popular cannabis strains on the market: Zkittles CBD, OG Kush CBD, Runtz CBD, and Trainwreck CBD. All of the options inherit the unique flavors associated with each cannabis strain which is a cannabis lover’s dream since the flavorful terpenes are one of the most enjoyable aspects of cannabis. 

Final Impressions

Overall, Cannadips CBD is a company that strove to innovate a radical new way to enjoy CBD while providing a healthier alternative to dip-lovers who are trapped in a cycle of tobacco and nicotine addiction. As a product that is designed for daily use and with the idea in mind that anyone who enjoys dipping and CBD can find a flavor that they enjoy and experience a newfound way to view CBD and cannabis

For individuals looking for alternative ways to enjoy CBD, Cannadips CBD offers a unique change of pace with a product made from all-natural resources and top-of-the-line technology to make the absorption of CBD as seamless and as quick as possible. With a variety of high-quality flavors to choose from, Cannadips CBD truly embodies the dedication to innovate and push past the limits of what is understood about cannabis and CBD for the future.

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