Cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for an out-of-this-world type of high, then the Alien OG strain is an absolute must-try. With a sativa-leaning high that borders on the psychedelic, Alien OG is a notoriously potent cannabis strain that shouldn’t be underestimated by new and experienced smokers. Bred from crossing two potent and pungent cannabis strains Alien OG has soared into popularity, earning a rightful spot on everyone’s must-try cannabis strains list.

For individuals looking to start growing Alien OG or seeking to try it out, stay tuned. This article covers everything there is to know about the Alien OG strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of its potent and borderline psychedelic high.

Alien OG Background

Alien OG is a sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that originates from California and was cultivated by the seed company, The Cali Connection. This unique hybrid was brought to life by crossing the well-known Tahoe OG and the seed company’s very own, Alien Kush. The Alien OG strain inherited the best traits from both parent strains, however, it tends to exhibit a more dominant sativa side than its predecessors.

With a THC content that ranges between 20% and 28%, this is not a strain to be underestimated. Whether someone is a novice or an experienced smoker, Alien OG can catch users by surprise and it is recommended to start slow and build up.

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Alien OG Appearance and Aroma

alien og

The buds produced by Alien OG are compact and small, popcorn-like clusters. It should be noted that, in most cases, the buds produced are dense and compact, however, some phenotypes exhibit more sativa-like characteristics with lighter, fluffier buds. The buds are formed with light green foliage that is strikingly contrasted from the bright orange pistils scattered throughout the greenery. Alien OG is an extremely resinous cannabis strain with a high THC content, so it comes as no surprise that the surface of the buds is coated in a blanket of crystal-like trichomes that makes the buds appear to shine in the light.

Alien OG emits a sweet, citrus-like scent that permeates the cured buds as well as more subtle notes of earth and pine that can be picked up upon further investigation. When this strain is combusted, however, the aroma shifts to a more pungent spicy, hash scent that can linger for some time. The smoke produced is not harsh but rather lung-expanding and smooth. Users can enjoy deep rips that feel full-bodied with notes of incense on the exhale.

How To Grow Alien OG

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The Cali Connection has put Alien OG’s seeds up for sale, so cultivators looking to start growing this strain can get their hands on seeds with relative ease. But, this strain is not the easiest strain to grow and poses several challenges right off the bat. Alien OG grows more effectively indoors than outdoors and has trouble developing a root system in the early phases. This means growers will be required to implement a different potting method where the Alien OG plants will need to be planted with rockwool and a substantial amount of nutrients in the beginning stages of growth.

The plants produced from this strain are short and bushy which will require regular trimmings to ensure all parts of the plants have access to light, nutrients, and water. This strain is ready for harvest after an average flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks with a moderate yet satisfactory yield.

How Does Alien OG Make You Feel?

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Alien OG initializes as a cerebral high that blasts users off into a spacey high that causes the mind to race. The level of cerebral effects varies depending on the tolerance level of the individual and setting because those who can ride out the cerebral high will experience an interesting shift in perspective. This is where Alien OG produces a high that is similar to a psychedelic experience with enhanced colors or visual distortions while also noticing that time seems to have slowed down.

As the high wanes on, physical relaxation starts to set in throughout the body which can exhibit lazy or energetic properties depending on the user and the setting. Alien OG’s well-rounded high allows for various medicinal applications. The euphoria emitted from this strain can help users suffering from depression and its cerebral high can prove to be grounding and mindful for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, or PTSD. The progressive body high can also be effective for numbing mild aches and pains or as a means for eliminating insomnia. Those who are newer to smoking cannabis or those who struggle with paranoia should tread lightly with this strain because it is known to induce paranoid, recursive thoughts that can spiral out of proportions, even to those who are more experienced.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On Alien OG?

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