Illusive and potent, Penis Envy mushrooms are one of the most notorious “strains” of magic mushrooms in the world. Known for its intense psychedelic high and mysterious background, Penis Envy mushrooms are coveted by true shrooms connoisseurs and considered the rarest and most desirable mushroom out there. With a psychedelic experience that some users consider being similar to that of an LSD or DMT experience, these shrooms are not to be underestimated.

As Psilocybin mushrooms gain more popularity and widespread acceptance, Penis Envy mushrooms are among one of the many great “strains” that will be considered among one of the best varieties to try for those seeking an otherworldly kind of psychedelic experience. Individuals interested in learning more about Penis Envy mushrooms, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about these shrooms including background information, the effects and characteristics, and growing tips and tricks. This is not a variety of shrooms for the faint-hearted, individuals looking to try Penis Envy mushrooms should be those looking for an exceptionally potent and striking visual and introspective experience.

The Riveting and Mysterious Backstory Behind Penis Envy Mushrooms

There is quite a unique backstory surrounding the origins of the Penis Envy mushroom variation. For starters, Penis Envy mushrooms are a unique variety of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that are found within the lush and diverse Amazon Rainforest. These large and healthy mushrooms were discovered by the legendary Terence McKenna, an ethnobotanist, lecturer, author, and advocate for the responsible use of psychedelic plants.

At the time, McKenna was said to have found and sampled the patch of mushrooms with the help of indigenous guides. At this time, magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms had been made illegal in most countries around the world by the 1971 Psychotropic Substances Act. But, the spores produced by the mushrooms were not prohibited under the Act as the spores do not contain psilocybin or psilocin (active compounds in magic mushrooms). Terence McKenna was then able to obtain spore samples and bring them back into the United States where he began to cultivate them in his home state of Colorado.

McKenna decided to share his research and findings with many of his other colleagues. One, in particular, played a major role in developing and altering the trajectory for the future of Penis Envy Mushrooms as well as psilocybin mushrooms in general, Steven Pollock. Pollock was a medical doctor who had a passion for magic mushrooms, believing them to be one of the most effective types of medicine out there. Steven Pollock spent a significant amount of time researching and expanding on Penis Envy mushrooms, among others, which paved the way for the “strain” that exists today.

The true mystery and tragic backstory behind Penis Envy mushrooms start here as the road Pollock finds himself on doesn’t end well. In the pursuit of expanding human understanding of psilocybin mushrooms, Pollock sought to create the first legal mushroom cultivation and research laboratory. With a hyper-fixation on obtaining his dream, Pollock began to make the wrong choices in the pursuit of obtaining enough money for his dream to come to fruition.

To get the funds and speed up the process, he would engage in subtle and outright illegal activity by utilizing his medical knowledge. Pollock worked rigorous hours and took in jobs and clients that threatened the existence of his medical license until he was eventually caught by the DEA and was found dead next to his medical examination table. Many inconsistencies were found surrounding Pollock’s murder and many of his colleagues were shocked to learn about his shady dealings and practices. Although he was caught and his place raided, many of his psilocybin mushroom samples had already spread to the rest of the world, ensuring the survival of the rare genetics surrounding magic mushrooms.

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Penis Envy Mushrooms Effects and Characteristics

penis envy mushrooms

The question that probably comes to mind in most individuals who hear about Penis Envy mushrooms is, why are they called that? For starters, when fresh, these mushrooms strongly resemble a certain phallic object, or, in other words, the mushrooms look like a penis and a rather large one at that which is where the “envy” parts come in.

From a visual standpoint, these mushrooms include a large, thick, and dense white stem with an underdeveloped cap that is much more rounded than most Psilocybe cubensis varieties. On a side note, Penis Envy mushrooms lack something called a velum which is a “veil” that separates the cap from the stem. In some cases, this can cause a bubbling mutation that can sometimes resemble the appearance of foreskin. Penis Envy mushrooms are one of the densest varieties of mushrooms and are shorter and more stout in size.

Like other varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, Penis Envy mushrooms produce a similar psychedelic experience with an added intensity and more striking visual hallucinations. Some of the most notorious effects are vivid visual stimulation, intense euphoria, deep introspection, distortion of space and time, synesthesia, and even enhanced feelings of interconnectedness with the universe.

Since testing is not always readily accessible, there is a theory that Penis Envy mushrooms not only contain higher amounts of psychoactive compounds but a higher ratio of psilocin to psilocybin. Those two compounds are responsible for producing the psychedelic effects found in magic mushroom varieties.

How To Cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms 

penis envy mushrooms

Unfortunately, Penis Envy mushrooms are one of the most challenging cubensis varieties to cultivate. This is due, in part, to their physical characteristics which results in ineffective sporulation and would require someone to obtain a significant amount of these mushrooms to obtain enough spores for cultivation. The genetic line that exists today is also one that would not be able to survive out in the wild so they are much less resistant than other varieties. Individuals who don’t mind a challenge can obtain spores of this “strain” for cultivation, but it is important to obtain these from a reputable seller with quality, well-known genetics.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On Penis Envy Mushrooms?

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