With a uniquely peach-flavored mouthful, you will want the Georgia Pie strain front and center at any session. Its fruity appeal is only the tip of the iceberg; there is much to explore and enjoy when it comes to this potent marijuana strain. Grab yourself a grinder as we reveal what you can expect from the Georgie Pie strain.

What is Georgia Pie Strain?

This indica-leaning hybrid marijuana strain holds THC levels averaging at 25-27% with a 60/40 ratio pushing it towards a prominent heavy body high kind of experience. This is further complemented by its 3% CBD content.

First cultivated by Seed Junky Genetics, it is famous for its relaxing qualities. Later on, this bud was shot to further must-try status after Cookies Co. made it available to commercial dispensaries all over the West Coast. Its origins back up the Georgia Pie strain’s nuanced flavors being that of a cross of the notorious Gellati strain and refreshing Kush Mints.

Both parents are just the right mix of Cookies and Seed Junky that you need with the former’s dessert-like reputation and the latter’s California roots. Its name and origins already point to its growing popularity in different areas. Tourists themselves might be curious about all of this. As a guide for an out-of-town weed user, these tips are just what you need to get started on the right foot.

georgia pie kush

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Georgia Pie Strain Profile


Due to its indica-dominant profile, Georgia Pie’s densely-packed buds might be a surprise but its fresh and bright leaves do not disappoint. Pistils reminiscent of autumn leaves make for a gorgeous look from your stash jar. The fuzzy trichomes top all of the leaves with a cozy, aesthetic vibe. As for the undertones, you might also notice hints of purple reminiscent of grapes grown throughout the nugs.

Smell & Flavor

Your nose will thank you for introducing such an attractive and harmonious combination of scents to it. From floral to nutty, the fragrance will remind you of a home sweet home you did not know you had. A positive aspect to note is that this strain holds a surprise you should not miss: diesel layers that you need to peel and savor with every toke.

The terpenes present in Georgia Pie are limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Limonene and linalool produce a notable citrus aroma while caryophyllene creates a spicy, peppery addition to the mix. All in all, everything comes up in an inhale of sweet, sour, and spicy.

Do you miss peach cobbler? Are you craving its thick and crispy crust? What might be a good substitute? A hit of the Georgia Pie strain will satisfy your longing and add a touch of herbal notes too.

The cherry-like flavors go well with the peaches, creating a depth you did not know you needed from a fruity dessert strain.


Due to its hybrid strain status, the Georgia Pie strain has come up with differing reviews from users. Some lean on a more head high while others on a heavier body high. While its indica-leaning genetics points to the body high, one thing is for sure: this one is a heavy-hitter. Additionally, the consensus is that it can be extremely relaxing, pulsing through your body with an oozing sense of serenity.

It could give you dry eyes and a dry mouth but making sure you have a bottle of water at arm’s length would be in your favor. This does not dishearten Georgia Pie strain fans though, many keep coming back for its calming, sweet kiss into blissful relaxation.

georgia pie weed

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What are the Medicinal Effects of the Georgia Pie Strain?

Since it is most famous for its stress-alleviation, these nugs are often used by people suffering from chronic stress. Meanwhile, its caryophyllene terpene is just another reason that it can be very relaxing, contributing to the prominent body high. This is helpful for those with depression and stress but also people experiencing bouts of nausea.

Lastly, if you want to eat more and more food this strain might be the answer to your problem. The Georgia Pie strain can increase your appetite. Munchies are inevitable so bringing a snack to the table can be filed under “good decisions”.

How Can You Grow the Georgia Pie Strain?

Georgia Pie can be planted by almost anyone with instructions or know-how in the growing field. It can be grown inside or outside. You would also see the flowers come around October or 9-10 weeks indoors. With an indoor yield coming in at 12 ounces per plant and an outdoor yield of 18 ounces this plant produces an abundant strain when it comes time for harvest.

The plant itself does appreciate both warm and humid temperatures. Veteran growers might be after feminized cannabis seeds, this might be a little rarer, however, due to it flying off the shelves.

Final Thoughts

Peaches, fruit, and flowery flavors are a combination that makes up this sweet and sleep-inducing weed. If you’re trying the Georgia Pie strain out for the flavors, you will be glad to know it has a high worth of hype all on its own.

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