The House of Representatives approved changes to its medical marijuana laws on Monday, June 7, 2021. According to the Associated Press, such changes come from the Covid-19 pandemic and are now slated to become a more permanent addition to the law.

In a report released by CBS Pittsburgh, the House of Representatives voted in support of allowing patients to obtain a three-month supply of medical marijuana rather than the initial one-month supply.

PA Approves Changes Medical Marijuana Laws

Representatives voted in favor of the changes of the bill by 164 to 38, reveals the Associated Press, with most Democrats showing support for the changes in the legislation. The number of those who opposed such changes reflects around one-third of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Apart from allowing medical marijuana patients to get a three-month supply of marijuana, the House of Representatives also voted in favor of cannabis dispensaries extending curbside pickup services to customers.

Moreover, the Associated Press also mentioned that the legislation would allow caregivers to provide aid to more than five patients at any given time. This would reportedly significantly reduce the number of contaminants that can possibly affect patients prior to their testing.

Likewise, the article by the Associated Press also revealed that cannabis manufacturers who have attained licenses to grow and process the plant will now be allowed pesticides in their growing process. However, these pesticides must live up to the standards set by the state’s Department of Agriculture.

The legislation would also give way to facilities using motion detector activated security surveillance to prevent systems from running from 24 hours a day.

These changes in the medical marijuana laws of Pennsylvania seek to improve not only patient safety, but also boost the quality of products being given to patients and citizens alike.

Following the approval and the vote of the House of Representative towards such changes, the bill is now expected to move on to the state Senate for further evaluation and possible approval, notes CBS Pittsburgh.

In a statement, communications director Barry Ciccocioppo from the State Health Department said, “We look forward to working with the legislature to resolve these concerns for the best interest of Pennsylvanians.”

PA Approves Changes Medical Marijuana

Current Medical Marijuana Laws in Pennsylvania

As of writing, Pennsylvania laws allows qualified patients to obtain a one-month supply of medical marijuana, but that is expected to change with the approval by the House of Representatives. This 30-day supply is made available to treat a host of medical conditions. These include ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease); anxiety disorders; cancer; autism; Crohn’s disease; epilepsy; glaucoma; HIV/AIDs; inflammatory bowel disease; multiple sclerosis; intractable seizures; and many others.

The patient possession limits of the state include cannabis-infused pills, topical ointments, oils, tinctures, liquids, and herbal cannabis. Patients are allowed to use herbal cannabis to vaporize, but these still cannot be consumed through smoking. Home cultivation is still not allowed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, recreational, adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania is still illegal. However, in several of the state’s largest cities, cannabis possession of small amounts have already been decriminalized.


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