The Cannabis Control Board of New York finally released last Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the parameters that it intends to uphold regarding cannabis ads and their packaging. The regulations come as the state gears up for legal recreational marijuana sales by the end of the year.

As of writing, recreational cannabis is only allowed for adults aged 21 and over. As such, it is imperative that the packaging of these cannabis products should only be geared towards the intended audience, thereby banning neon fonts and colors, as well as cartoons and celebrities on the packaging, said WGRZ.

In a statement by attorney Joe Schafer to WGRZ, “You can put your brand name on it. You can put your logo on it, but beyond that, you have to have your warnings, you have to have your THC label, you have to have everything that makes it abundantly clear to the consumer that this is a cannabis product meant only for those individuals, over, or 21 years of age and older.”

NY Gives Out Rules on Cannabis Ads

In addition to these, and given that the target market is adults, the packaging must not be appealing to children or underage individuals, notes Marijuana Moment. These must be tamper-evident as well as child-resistant, and free from cartoon characters and bubbly fonts or coloring.

The New York Post said that packaging must clearly have the universal symbol of approval that contains the yellow THC flower enclosed within a triangle. Moreover, this should be accompanied by a 21+ symbol on top of the New York state logo.

Labels should explicitly say that only those 21 years and older should consume recreational cannabis, warning pregnant women and those who are nursing to steer clear of the plant, reports the New York Post.

In a press release by Cannabis Control Board Chairman Tremaine Wright, she said, “Protecting public health, reducing harm, and promoting sustainable industry practices are a key component of legalizing cannabis for adult use and I look forward to considering these regulations as we develop the industry.”

“We are committed to building a New York cannabis industry that sets high standards for protecting children and keeping products safe and sustainable,” continued Wright in her statement.

In keeping with these sustainability efforts rallied by the Cannabis Control Board of the state, Marijuana Moment reveals that licensees are required by the board to submit product packaging programs that would cater to these goals upon the application process.

Cannabis Product Packaging

One of the measures outlined by the board includes packages not being made out of single-use plastic, with the exception of those made from recycled content, says Marijuana Moment. In general, however, the packaging to be used should be considered green and environmentally friendly, notes the New York Post.

In terms of advertisements on television, radio, and social media, companies, and brands will be allowed to run ads on these channels. However, Gothamist notes that these ads shouldn’t contain cannabis-centric terms such as weed, stoner, chronic, and sticky bud.

Moreover, the ads should also be free from individuals or images that show the smoking or vaping of cannabis, as well as actual cannabis plants or flowers.

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