Although the cannabis industry is booming and generating billions of dollars in revenue throughout various states across the United States, unfortunately, not everyone is benefitting equally from the success and expansion of the industry. When the statistics are revealed, people of color and minorities are nearly left out of the equation and it’s clear to see there is a significant discrepancy of success and accessibility for minorities within the industry.

Washington is prepared to change that by introducing legislation that attempts to bridge the gaps for minorities to help them gain entry into the cannabis industry. If you want to learn more about this topic, watch the video to learn more!

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  1. Lynette Page

    I really don’t understand why people of color need help and that’s important. I need help just as much as most people I know. Buy the way I am a very colorful person. white, red, blue, and sometimes purple. But I’m not brown (unless I get in a tanning bed. Then I risk skin cancer again.) Not Black, or albino white. Oh yeah, I’m offended by the BLACK POWER T-Shirt I saw at Walmart, just as blacks are offended by a statue of history. We are people. Some of us are bad people and some are not. The color of your skin doesn’t matter.