After nearly six years with legal weed from seven dispensaries in the city, the top 5 dispensaries in DC have risen high for the right reasons. And, like the City itself, there are some new and old faces.

So what is it that sets these dispensaries apart? Like a fine restaurant, people come for the product and return for the service. But dispensary excellence also has factors like leadership, community, aesthetics, price, quality and more.

Did your favorite dispensary make the 420DC cut? There’s lots to know with the old and the new when considering the Top 5 dispensaries in DC. But an educated patient makes DC medicinal even higher which is important. So, let’s look inside the best dispensaries in DC.

The 5 Best Dispensaries in DC |

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Legal weed in DC

The 5 best dispensaries in DC are all medicinal even though recreational weed is legal here too. You just can’t sell for the recreation crowd is all. Wow, go figure. So unlike the seat of politics to have contradictory terms. </sarcasm>

Any dispensary can help DC residents get a medical card as needed. You can also get started with the paperwork here. And the new top 5 dispensaries in DC also accept medical cards from any other state with legal medical weed too.

If you need to know the laws in the Capital, you can read the riveting copy at the Metro DC PD website. But chances are, any vendor will be able to give you the lowdown. Still, out of towners, should go on a pilgrimage to one of these the top 5 dispensaries in DC.

Best Dispensaries in DC

There are seven dispensaries permitted to sell legal medicinal weed. Unfortunately, this is the Top 5 Dispensaries in DC, so we tabulated the data. Let’s see if you agree.

Let’s break them down in no particular order of awesomeness (well, that’s… just like… your opinion, man.)!

DC Holistic Wellness

New 5 Best Dispensaries in DC | DC Holistic Wellness |

Address: 1115 U St NW
Hours: 11-7 M – F, 12-5 Sat., Closed Sun.
Phone: (202) 292-5071
Highlights: Ward 7 (east side). Black-owned business. Disabled-owned business. Proprietary CannaBliss products. Community-focused block parties. Art patrons. Patient focused.
COVID-19 Protocol: Masks required for entry, temperature checks (both staff & patients), three patients at a time, budtenders wear rubber gloves, sneeze guards, designated areas for distancing, hand sanitizer at each station, cleaning & sanitizing throughout the day.

Housed in the renovated Dave Brown Liquor store, this is the first black-owned dispensary in DC. Their focus is community, culture and their brand CannaBliss. Staff are kind, professional, patient, down to earth, helpful and most of all knowledgeable about product.

It’s a unique feel, warm and welcoming. You can tell they focus on patient care.

This tone was set by owner Norbert Pickett who was rear ended at a stop light, suffered injuries so severe that he is permanently disabled. He had 18 spinal procedures and five major surgeries, one that left him unable to walk. Pickett knows the ravages of addictive prescription drugs as a consequence. But he now knows how CBD and THC can wean patients off dangerous narcotics AND relieve chronic pain.

CannaBliss products include flower at the ‘Cannasseur Bar,’ pre-packaged flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, bath & beauty products like topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges and featured specials like Bud of The Day and their budtender’s choice collections, Blissbox.

In its community outreach, CannaBliss champions cultural development through art, music and entertainment, promoting talent in many forms.

They’re also loved by their patrons who often speak of loyalty to DC Holistic Wellness. “The quality of the flower is FIRE! THEY ARE ALSO BLACK OWNED! I couldn’t have asked for anything more! THIS PLACE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! ♥️” said one customer’s review.

Anacostia Organics

New Best 5 Dispensaries in DC | Anacostia Organics |

Address: 2022 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Hours: 11-8 M – Sat., 12-5 Sun.
Phone: (202) 845-8574
Highlights: DC’s only licensed grower dispensary
COVID-19 Protocol: Order online. Pre-order pickup, free home delivery and curbside for existing patients.

Anacostia Organics (AO) adeptly navigated a multi-year process to establish the first medical cannabis dispensary east of the Anacostia River. This minority and woman-owned business did their research too, one of the main reasons they’re in 420DC’s Top 5 dispensaries in DC.

Some savvy research revealed no dispensaries in Wards 7 or 8 even though a majority of DC’s registered patients live there. Out of 15 cultivator and dispensary licenses, not one went to longtime residents. Only one dispensary license was awarded to a minority woman, and only one minority male was awarded a license to cultivate in DC.

They shared this with the Mayor and DC Council, leading to emergency legislation. Fast forward two years and AO wins the bid, ending the complicated process they started.

Their drive to serve an underserved part of DC in Wards 7 & 8 is impressive enough to make Top 5. To 420DC though, what sets AO apart is their sweet selection.

Folks on the other side of the river can get flower, pre rolls, concentrates, vape carts, edibles, topicals, tinctures and so many choices. What’s cool is those top-grade products are sourced locally.

At AO you can get Abatin Cultivation, Alternative Healing Solutions, Alternative Solutions, Anacostia Organics, Apelles Cultivation, Bunji Bros, District Cannabis and District GrowersLiberty.

AO welcomes all, honoring all MJ med cards. But locals of Wards 7 & 8 get a 10% discount. So do seniors and veterans. They have a low-income 20% discount too to benefit the poor. First time patients and birthday buds get 25% off too. Pretty cool.

Best of all, when not in a pandemic, they can serve up this slick selection in a warm, friendly, and professional environment. Once they let you back in you’ll see… it’s beautiful, elegant. They even feature a rotating art gallery of local artists.

420DC salutes this dedication to the local community, making neighbor’s lives better.

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National Holistic Healing Center

5 Best Dispensaries in DC | National Holistic Healing Cener |

Address: 1115 U St NW
Hours: 9-7:30, 7 Days a Week
Phone: (202) 234-0780
Email: [email protected]
Highlights: excellent website, 7 days a week
COVID-19 Protocol: Order online. Pre-order pickup and delivery.

This centrally-located dispensary boasts more than 100 locally sourced, organic cannabis products. It’s a woman-owned, minority owned store with a strong emphasis on inclusion, education, healing and advocacy well outside the walls of the store.

Their website- by far the best of all the Top 5 dispensaries in DC- makes online ordering very straight forward and a breeze to use, even for boomers. As a pickup and delivery-only dispensary, their e-commerce excellence makes a big difference.

The ultimate approach of the National Holistic Healing Center is displayed on wall banners inside the dispensary: LISTEN, GUIDE, TREAT. It’s very healing oriented; understanding the patients’ needs helps find best strains and tailor long-term health approaches.

This approach focuses on the holistic healing benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle. To that end, they offer classes on strain alignment, herbal enhancement as well as dietary and physical consistency for natural balance.

The National Holistic Healing Center offers only organically grown weed produced in D.C. from a licensed ABRA cultivator. Laboratory testing is conducted for dosing purposes, to determine cannabinoid profiles as well as ensure product safety.

Products include flower, pre rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals and accessories.

Chanda Macias; MBA, PhD; is the owner and General Manager of National Healing Holistic Center. She has the scientific insight to assist patients with dosages and develop what they call a ‘medical marijuana strain alignment,’ like chakras, for best treatment.

Macias has a PhD in Cell Biology and vast experience with cancer and infectious disease research. Her studies and training drove a passion to find innovative ways of meeting patient needs with holistic healthcare solutions to improve quality of life.

Overall, the National Holistic Healing Center hits many high notes, earning a spot in the 5 best dispensaries in DC. They offer a wide selection of premium products, are centrally located in the City, open seven days a week, slick store, sick website and driven leadership.

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Capital City Care Dispensary

5 Best Dispensaries in DC | Capital City Care |

Address: 1115 U St NW
Hours: 11-7 M – F, 12-5 Sat., Closed Sun.
Phone: (202) 292-5071
Highlights: Only DC dispensary authorized to cultivate medical marijuana
COVID-19 Protocol: Masks required for entry, temperature checks (both staff & patients), three patients at a time, bud tenders wear rubber gloves, sneeze guards, designated areas for distancing, hand sanitizer at each station, cleaning & sanitizing throughout the day.

This is the only DC dispensary authorized to cultivate medical marijuana. So, Capital City Care has the most consistent, exclusive strains that never seem to be out of stock.

Their expert cultivators focus on specialty genetics to deliver diverse attributes in their strains. So, they have a one of a kind menu in DC that exhibits cutting edge cultivars reaching the peak of select genetics.

The dispensary itself seems small and unassuming from the outside. The inside, though, is wide open with a warm and woody, open-air, West-coast contemporary vibe. The location is a bit uptown and located near dozens of restaurants.

The staff match the store’s professional appearance and their product knowledge is voluminous. That’s because there’s such a wide range; flower, pre rolls, a fantastic old-school hash selection, concentrates like wax and shatter, edibles, topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges, even suppositories.

New 5 Best Dispensaries in DC | Capital City Care Dispensary | 420DC.comCapital City Care is DC’s largest dispensary and its design was carefully crafted for a warm and comfortable experience. There’s wide halls, cozy seating, beautiful plants & art, spacious restrooms, and a full ramp for patients with mobility needs.

First time patients get 25% off. Make sure you ask about goody bags that may include a grinder, bud jar, lighter, a carrying pouch and other little knick knacks.

Appointments are not necessary. Capital City Care Dispensary, thanks to reciprocity, is  able to serve medical marijuana patients from any state with a legalized program to which they have a card. Again, forst time purchases are 25% off for all customers.

The Capital City Care website allows ordering online for in-store pickup.

Takoma Wellness Center

New Best 5 Dispensaries i9n DC | Takoma Wellness |

Address: 6925 Blair Rd NW, Washington, DC 20012
Hours: 11:30-7 M – F, 11-5 Sat. & Sun.
Phone: (202) 465-4260
Email: [email protected]
Highlights: Drive-up window
COVID-19 Protocol
: Masks required for entry (both staff & patients), social distancing measures, cleaning & sanitizing hourly, online ordering and drive-up window pickup available.

The first and longest continually open dispensary in Washington DC, the Takoma Wellness Center tailors single patient approaches to deliver the most effective treatment possible, and for good reason.

“It’s not about the dollar value, it’s about helping those who really need it.”

Takoma Wellness Center opened in 2013, by Stephanie Kahn, founder. She grew up in DC a few blocks from what would become Takoma Wellness Center. Khan knew cannabis as medicine for very personal reasons.

In the early 60’s, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and spent years looking for relief. There was no medication that could help him at the time. One of his doctors recommended he try cannabis, which he was reluctant to try because of the reputation.

Cannabis in the 70s wasn’t seen like it is now, as medicine. Khan’s father, desperate for relief, did try weed as medicine, though, and found it very helpful with his nerve pain, muscle spasms and overall quality of life.

In the 70s, it was also difficult to get cannabis, so Kahn’s father used it when he could find it. This went on until he passed away in 2005. Libby, Kahn’s mother, was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his death and passed just a few months later.

Cannabis was recommended for Libby’s severe lack of appetite, but weed was hard to obtain being illegal. The law allowing medical dispensaries in DC passed a few months after her moms passing just as the Kahn family was thinking of how to honor their parents’ memories.

Today, they run the Takoma Wellness Center like a place Stephanie’s parents should have had available. It’s a family affair with Rabbi Josh Kahn and, the youngest legal-age Kahn- Josh, also working for the dispensary.

To 420DC, Takoma Wellness Center offers the passionate approach to therapeutic cannabis that’s admirable. Like the Hamsa Hand in their logo, they are passionate about protecting their patients.

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DC’s Cannabis Scene

420DC knows that this City has a rich history with hemp and now legal cannabis. It’s fitting the laws here can be pretty screwy, but any of the 5 best dispensaries in DC can help you legally navigate the system.

Some stores are open for walk-in business, others are delivery or pickup only. As this weird year of 2020 comes to a close, who knows what’s going to happen, so call before coming. Order online when you can and take advantage of delivery options.

As always, it’s important to stay current with the doctor who prescribed you MMJ in the first place. Chronic conditions should have a treatment plan which is best made with a pro’s advice. Again, these dispensaries are top in DC and can help your long-range medicinal needs.

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