Cannabis concentrates are an interesting niche within the cannabis industry that provide cannabis lovers with a fast, potent, and flavorful way to enjoy marijuana. Concentrates retain and enhance the natural flavors associated with the strain they were extracted from and function as a fast and effective way to get high fast with little substance consumed. 

There are many ways to smoke cannabis concentrates like a pen, vaporizer, or bong, and as technology continues to improve there is no telling where the industry will go. However, there is one unique, innovative piece of technology that offers cannabis connoisseurs with a means to enjoy concentrates in even the most rugged or on-the-go scenarios, a Nectar Collector

For individuals interested in learning more about a nectar collector, stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything there is to know about this stylish and unique tool including background information, tips on how to use it, and some great benefits associated with using a nectar collector over other methods for smoking concentrates. 

What Is A Nectar Collector?

nectar collector

In the simplest of terms, a nectar collector is a portable dab rig that vaporizes cannabis concentrates for smoking. This tool has a sleek, slender design resembling that of a straw. There are various materials that nectar collectors can be made out of but they are most commonly found using either glass or silicone with the tip being crafted out of titanium or quartz. 

The tip of the nectar collector (made of titanium or quartz) is heated up by using a torch while allowing for the quick inhalation of potent cannabis concentrates. 

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How To Use A Nectar Collector

nectar collector

The overall basic concept of the nectar collector is rather simple and is designed to make smoking concentrates easier than most other methods. The nectar collector functions like a portable dab rig but differs fundamentally in how it works. For example, a dab rig requires heating up the nail to a high temperature and loading the concentrate onto the nail. With the nectar collector, individuals just need to heat up the tip and bring it to the concentrate, inhaling the concentrate through the mouthpiece or other end of the straw-like instrument. 

The nectar collector makes smoking cannabis concentrates much easier when on-the-go or in natural, rugged terrain. Aside from that, for cannabis lovers looking for a simpler and cleaner way to enjoy concentrates, the nectar collector is a great tool to use. 

What Are Some Benefits Of A Nectar Collector?

Compared to the other popular methods for smoking concentrates, the nectar collector is much more discrete and easy to use. Their size allows for it to be easily concealed and traveled within a small bag or purse, but, like most other methods, a torch or some type of heat source will also be required to use the nectar collector. 

Another added bonus that many individuals who prefer concentrates would enjoy is the fact that the nectar collector makes clearing and maintaining the tool very simple. This tool does not have multiple, intricate parts which also makes the cleaning process faster while also cutting down on the possibility of losing or shattering vital parts during the cleaning process.

It should be highlighted that the nectar collector was designed to simplify the process of using concentrates in the rugged terrain of mountain life.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On A Nectar Collector?

There’s no better place to pick up a nectar collector than by heading to the OG source itself, The Nectar Collector. Having been conceived in the backwoods of Oregon and designed to fill a niche within the industry that no one had attempted before, Jefe Z came to world-renowned glass pipe maker Kristin Merwin and presented him with the designs that would come to pave the way for the very first nectar collector. 

The Nectar Collector offers an extensive menu with an assortment of different models and unique designs that are catered to suit different types of cannabis concentrate lovers or scenarios.

With the eventual addition of water filtration, the genus and mastery over at The Nectar Collector set the standard in the industry by what should be expected from a quality nectar collector. For individuals looking for a high-quality nectar collector that has a dedicated history of craftsmanship behind it, the original source is the only way to go.

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