Kush Groove is a privately-owned collective of apparel, cannabis accessories and retail smoke shop stores with locations in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. Kush Groove’s two locations now include Kush Groove Shop Cambridge, located at 541 Mass. Ave. in Cambridge and Kush Groove Shop Mission Hill, located at 1536 Tremont Street, Boston, and offers consumers a wide selection of cannabis inspired apparel, smoke shop accessories and vape products.

Founded by childhood best friends and college roommates from Boston, Mike and Marcus, the brand was first launched in the Fall of 2011 as an expression brand for city stoners. City streets, all over the world, have seen the growth of the new age urban hippie—young, fresh, and dynamic. The Kush Groove brand is a blend of style and culture, expressed through an urban fashion savvy. At its core, Kush Groove produces high-quality lifestyle products inspired by the four-twenty friendly movement.

Weed Smoke ShopWhen the Kush Groove brand was first launched in 2011 by Mike and Marcus, Boston, Massachusetts wasn’t recognized as a destination for cannabis culture and lifestyle on the scale of other west coast cities who share some of the same demographic profile and cultural connection to cannabis culture as Bostonians.

Nor was Boston ever looked at as a destination for blacks in the cannabis industry. 

But things have changed with Kush Groove consistently increasing their presence, influence and participation in framing cannabis culture in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Today, with Boston as the first major east coast city with legalized adult use of recreational cannabis, The Kush Groove Shop, in Mission Hill and Cambridge is Boston’s #1 boutique destination for cannabis smoke shop accessories, in-store events, parties, Kush Groove apparel and much more.

Weed Smoke Shop

In March of 2020, days before the Corona Virus pandemic impacted our US and global economy, Kush Groove announced the opening of its second store in the Greater Boston area, The Kush Groove Shop, located in Cambridge’s Central Square neighborhood next to the Revolutionary Clinics Medical Dispensary. The opening of this location this year marked Kush’s second Greater Boston location, following their Mission Hill Roxbury (1536 Tremont Street) location. 

This announcement and rapid market expansion is indicative of the brand’s expertise in sourcing viable lease locations and seizing innovative retail opportunities in a cannabis accessories consumer market that is increasing year over year.

Weed Smoke Shop

This news comes on the heels of Kush’s plans, through a sister holding company, KG Collective, to open three adult-use, recreational cannabis stores, in Cambridge, Brockton, and Somerville, Massachusetts 2020. 

Additionally, Kush plans to launch a third, South Shore location for its Kush Groove smoke shop accessories store, through a licensing Joint Venture partnership with a third party partner.

The Kush Groove Shops are open to the public seven days a week. They also operate an online e-commerce shopping site at www.kushgroove.com.

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