Another Maryland university is slated to open its doors to furthering cannabis growth and education in the state, with the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) slated to launch a new cannabis science graduate program under its helm.

This is the second university within the state to launch a graduate degree program specializing in cannabis science. Prior to MUIH, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy launched its medical marijuana master’s degree program in 2019. The program reportedly drew in around 500 applicants, with the university accepting an initial number of 150 students, notes the Baltimore Business Journal.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, MUIH is set to offer a 15-credit certificate program centering on the marijuana plant’s holistic use as part of its Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Department. The program is recognized and accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

 Cannabis Science Graduate Program

Apart from learning about the various uses of medicinal cannabis, Ganjaprenuer states that the offering will also shed light on quality control and assurance classes. This ensures that students are up-to-date on the safety and security practices and protocols observed in the market today and how companies participating in the manufacturing of these products uphold such practices.

Geared toward individuals looking to gain more knowledge about the cannabis industry as well as those who have prior clinical knowledge and background in marijuana manufacturing, the course entices possible job-seekers to increase their learnings about the plant.

Under the said program, students are to evaluate current research surrounding the uses and effects of the cannabis plant. In addition, students are also enjoined to look into studying the possible benefits of merging cannabis plants alongside other plants and treatments, shares dean of academic affairs at MUIH James Snow to the Baltimore Business Journal.

The post-baccalaureate certificate course will be opening its doors to 20 students who are expected to complete their education online over 12 months. The graduate course is valued at $13,000. A second set of enrollees is set to join the Maryland University of Integrative Health come January of 2021.

In a statement to the Baltimore Business Journal, Snow said, “We want our students to leave this program understanding the plant, in itself, is not a fix-all product. We want them to have critical thinking about the use of this plant, and a balanced perspective of what we currently know about cannabis, what we don’t know, what it’s limitations are, and how we can have informed conversations about it with the general public.”

The new offering is part of the MUIH’s collaboration with Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US) in an effort to create “holistic and integrative approaches to promote wellbeing for underserved individuals and communities,” said the Wall Street Call.

Aside from the marijuana-focused program, the partnership will also be working on others such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, health promotion, health and wellness, yoga therapy, and herbal medicine, just to name a few.

Cannabis Science Graduate Program

To make such cannabis science and integrative health education accessible to underserved individuals and communities, the MUIH will be offering its PCE courses at discounts to members.

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