To make shopping for marijuana products more accessible and easier for medical cannabis patients, Abingdon dispensary in Maryland called Rev Canna launches the first drive-thru service.

The service is similar to the drive-thru pharmacy, where patients can order all marijuana products online and receive everything on the drive-thru lane. The arrangement is similar to that of prescription pick-up service, but requiring a customer’s government identification card and the state medical cannabis or caregiver card.

The great thing about this service is, all products went through sanitized drawer so there’s no face-to-face contact between a buyer and a dispensary staff. All customers are required to place their orders on Rev Canna website and wait for an SMS when the order’s ready to pickup.

Marijuana Dispensary Launches Drive-Thru Medical Cannabis

Those who are suffering from life threatening conditions can get better and quicker service with a separate drive-thru lane. In addition, the risks involved in getting cannabis products is reduced, as customers don’t need to get inside the store with other people. Instead, all orders are picked up at a drive-thru lane, limiting human interactions.

Adapting to the challenges brought about by the global pandemic is important to keep the business going and improve customer service. Launching this drive-thru initiative puts the needs of customers first, offering an innovative solution to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus while selling quality marijuana products.

This is the first drive-thru lane service in Maryland, reflecting the state’s strong consideration for the medical marijuana patients. According Rev Canna COO Dusty Shroyer, part of the initiative to have a convenient drive-thru lane is to accommodate immune-compromised patients who need to get their cannabis or CBD supply.

Without the possible exposure from other patients and people visiting the dispensary, everyone can rest easy and get what they need without any hassle. The staff of the Rev Canna are trained to handle all products with care and safety, continuing to adapt to the pandemic. The patients-first approach is helpful for the business too, as more people are choosing the drive-thru option.

The state officials are also making it easy for the medical marijuana industry to go with the pandemic. By classifying cannabis licenses as medical, more businesses can open and serve more people in Maryland. In fact, the state remains as one of the strongest marijuana market in the United States, which is expected to grow in the coming years.

Last July, Maryland processed roughly $366 million cannabis sales, surpassing its 2019 record. State regulators believe that the medical marijuana market will double for the second straight year. Throughout 2020, the state officials sustained the number of cannabis businesses opening, as well as the patients in need of a medical marijuana card.
 Marijuana Dispensary Launches Drive-Thru Medical Cannabis

The drive-thru lane service was easily established following Maryland Gov. Lawrence Hogan Jr.’s declaration of medical marijuana dispensaries as ‘essential businesses.’ Under this status, dispensaries are allowed to remain in operation throughout the pandemic.

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