Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Inc., headquartered at Bethesda, Maryland, is currently working with Israel-based medical cannabis company Cannomed to create a marijuana strain for cancer patients, according to a report by PR Newswire. This collaboration seeks to develop cultivars that can give the best strains to address various types of cancers.

This project gives Cannabics the opportunity to diversify its portfolio, which is composed of various cannabinoid compositions. With the addition of Cannomed’s 17 unique strains, Cannabics will be able to increase its compound library.

The report said that the MD-based company will be using its “High Throughput Screening (HTS) facility in Israel to extract the active ingredients and examine their anti-tumor properties on a variety of human cancer cells of various types.

MD-Based Cannabics and Cannomed Fight Cancer

Cannabics CTO and co-founder Dr. Eyal Ballan noted that this partnership seeks to create cannabinoid products that produced using cultivars from Cannomed. Ballan is optimistic that this will give useful results, especially as there was evidence of “past similar collaborations yielding valuable data in pre-clinical studies held at our facility.”

Cannomed, which is a publicly-traded company, is known for cultivating strains and manufacturing medical marijuana products. Currently, it has 17 unique proprietary strains, the genetics of which were developed by the firm itself. It has also established a distribution agreement in parts of Europe, allowing it to enter regulated markets in the region.

Through the project, the two companies are also looking to discover and reveal the anti-tumor properties of the strains produced by the Israel-based company.

Regarding the partnership. Cannomed CEO and co-founder Mr. Kfir Gindi is positive about the project. Gindi expressed their enthusiasm about the collaboration, which according to them, will allow the companies to “explore the medicinal qualities of [their] unique genetic proprietary cannabis strains.”

Gindi also noted that the result of this collaboration, once developed and products, will be distributed in parts of Europe in which it has distribution agreements. This is made possible through Cannomed’s expansive facility in Israel, in which it grows marijuana plants in a 120,000-ft2 location. It also has an indoor growing facility.

Meanwhile, Cannabics has been focusing on developing therapies for cancer with the use of innovative drug-screening tools and artificial intelligence. It also seeks to provide therapies that can be customized to fit a patient’s needs. The company is optimistic that its medical solutions would be able to place cannabinoids into the forefront of cancer treatments.

With the help of its HTS facility in Israel, the firm expects to test a sizeable number of compounds on various cancer cell tissues and lines. The facility also allows them to measure the medicinal effects and process the data. Successful chemical compounds will be added to its matrix of extracts, as well as natural and synthetic cannabinoids.

Cannabics and Cannomed

Cannabics’ team is comprised of researchers and doctors with various specializations, including medical marijuana and cancer immunology. Meanwhile, Cannomed is headed by Israeli cannabis leaders and seasoned growers with expertise in marijuana breeding and genetics.

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