Massachusetts Cannabis Community Judge the Cannabis Cup

The 2021 Cannabis Cup comes with many firsts: the first of the competition held in Massachusetts and the first time the judging is performed by members of the community and not a VIP team. High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition is here to make a big wave in the way cannabis competitions work. If you’re in the dark about what all this means, this read can give you all the basics on the cannabis cup — from what it is and how it’s changing.

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What is the Cannabis Cup?

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a world-renowned marijuana trade show and festival where cannabis connoisseurs and casual fans can enjoy their love for all things weed. With competitions, expositions, product showcases, celebrity appearances, and educational seminars, there are many ways to celebrate your admiration for the stimulating and relaxing herb. The competition itself evaluates products from the best of the best in each country or state and features several categories. During on-site festivals, the categories include best hybrid, best Sativa, best Indica, best edibles, and the highest level of CBD in cannabis products. The winners were chosen by a VIP team of judges. The stoners that attended these events also chose their best products, best in class of each Cannabis Cup expos, and best booth which they voted for.

In America, it is held in states that have legalized recreational and medical marijuana and is a sweet place to meet and mingle with fellow stoners.

The History Behind the Cannabis Cup

In 1988, the very first Cannabis Cup was kicked off in Amsterdam in the country of the Netherlands. Spearheaded by Steven Hager in its country of origin, it has since expanded to the United States of America in 2010 and many parts of the world, including Jamaica.

When High Times brought the Cannabis Cup to America in 2010, it extended its reach, holding Cannabis Cups in Denver, Northern and Southern California, Michigan, Seattle, Portland, and many other states. This year, the lucky star is Massachusetts, which allows consumers to own 2 ounces of Mary Jane at most. Only stoners above the age of 21 participate in the event.

Why Go for Cannabis Consumers as Judges?

COVID-19 has changed dynamics for all sorts of conventions and competitions worldwide. In light of state-wide lockdowns all over America, the competition has reinvented its mechanics to include members of the public as paid judges who will receive exclusive judging kits with marijuana samples for the different categories.

Previously, 28-35 judges with cannabis expertise came up with the rankings and results. Now 224 kits are available for consumers interested in examining marijuana products. The remote crowdsourcing setup is a switch-up that can revolutionize future cannabis cups.

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What Did They Do To Qualify as Judges?

The truth is, almost anyone can be a judge in the latest Massachusetts cannabis cup competition, especially in the People’s Choice edition. That almost is because of the law, specifically with marijuana only allowed to be consumed by those 21 and above to use weed in the first place.

Judging kits in High Times-branded backpacks full to the brim with cannabis products were available at specific retail locations from August 21, 2021. The process allowed 2 months for volunteers to rank the entries. From there, they’ll have roughly two months to judge and rank the entries.

Cannabis companies provided entries for the participants in each of the following areas:

  • Indica Flower (Up to 28 1g entries per kit)
  • Sativa Flower (Up to 28 1g entries per kit)
  • Hybrid Flower (Up to 28 1g entries per kit)
  • Pre-Rolls (Up to 10+ entries 1-2g per kit)
  • Concentrates (Up to 10 .5g entries per kit)
  • Sativa Vape Pens & Cartridges (Up to 10 .5g entries per kit)
  • Indica Vape Pens & Cartridges (Up to 10 .5g entries per kit)
  • Edibles Gummies (Up to 5-6 entries with 500mg THC max per kit)
  • Edibles: Fruity Non-Gummies (Up to 5-6 entries with 500mg THC max per kit)
  • Edibles: Chocolate Non-Gummies (Up to 5-6 entries with 500mg THC max per kit)
  • Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules (Up to 10 entries with 100mg max per Capsules pack and 500mg max per tincture, per kit)

So there are no requirements to become a judge? Aside from being 21 and above, all you need to do is to stop by a local dispensary to collect your backpack. People’s Choice editions will also be held in Nevada and Illinois. As the next states to hold the competition, everyone at the Cannabis Cup Las Vegas and the Land of Lincoln better prepare their judging hats.

Where Can You Get Weed Now?

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