Maryland’s cannabis production for medical marijuana patients is expected to double this year following the expansion of Culta, the state’s premier craft cannabis cultivator, to three acres in an outdoor footprint this 2020.

“Last year gave us the confidence to double down on people, resources, and technology,” said CULTA President, CEO, and co-founder Mackie Barch. “I am incredibly proud of this team for continuing to innovate cannabis production in Maryland,” he added.

In 2019, Culta recorded a successful harvest, with nearly an acre of high-quality marijuana in October. To date, the company was said to have been directing its investments to innovative technology and equipment. It’s also set on continuing its outdoor cultivation expansion

CULTA Expands Outdoor Footprint

As a cannabis cultivator, the company is known for its environmental-friendly agricultural practices, which include limiting the tools they use in harvesting to natural-based products only. To date, CULTA stands as Maryland’s first organically managed farm to be Clean Green Certified.

Among the popular strains that are set to be harvested this month include Diesel Dough, Poochie Love, and The Vision, Stockhouser reported.

“Harmful pesticides can be concentrated in extracts,” said president and CEO of Clean Green Certified Chris Van Hook. “For medical patients looking for safe products, it’s extremely important to see that Clean Green logo. CULTA has not changed its methodology since 2019 and expects to receive the coveted Clean Green Certification again this year.

David Myrowitz, CULTA’s Outdoor Cultivation Manager, also added:

“There are more variables with an outdoor grow. It’s challenging, but the flavor and aroma of outdoor cannabis are absolutely worth the additional effort.”

2020 has been a great year for Maryland’s only outdoor cultivator. At the start of the year, the company became the first East Coast retailer to had teamed up with leading cannabis brand Cookies to sells its premium cannabis products.

“Cookies chose CULTA because we deliver some of the best quality flowers in Maryland and we did not let them down,” commented CULTA CEO Barch at the time. “Our cultivators and the Cookies team worked hard to preserve Cookies’ brand integrity through a careful pheno selection process and every strain passed their strict quality assurance test,” he added.

Only about two months after that, CULTA once again made it into the headlines by expanding its portfolio to include clothing.

“We come from the cannabis community but we think we have a lifestyle that can be embraced by a larger group, so apparel is a natural extension for us,” explained Barch in a press release.

Available products included in CULTA’s clothing line are short and long sleeve shirts, crew fleece, custom hand tie-dyed pullover, hats, and other accessories.

CULTA Expands

To date, the expansion of CULTA’s outdoor footprint to three acres is expected to help boost the production of cannabis in Maryland, which will be available for the state’s medical marijuana patients.

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