Knowing Maryland’s 7 best dispensaries means knowing the LEGAL landscape. The state has medical cannabis only and several steps must be taken to purchase legally. First, patients must register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and provide documentation proving they are a Maryland citizen. Next, a medical cannabis ID card is purchased from the MMCC which then allows a doctor to diagnose patients for certification. Currently, Maryland lists only anorexia, glaucoma, chronic pain, seizures, PTSD, severe pain or nausea and persistent muscle spasms as qualifying conditions .

And now that you know where to start, we’ve got the goods on the best options available for medicinal cannabis.

Maryland Medical Cannabis

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Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Maryland

Just over 100 dispensaries across Maryland are vying for medicinal cannabis business. With such a tight market, finding Maryland’s best 7 dispensaries would take forever. Here’s where 420 DC can help with our insider’s look at the best dispensaries around the state.

The seven best dispensaries for medicinal cannabis in Maryland have to be the best. And that’s good for you, the patient, because competition is key to bringing the best out of the industry.

420 DC reviews the 7-Best Maryland dispensaries and describes why we rate these businesses best-in-class.

7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - Gold Leaf#7 Gold Leaf Medical Dispensary – Annapolis

Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-9; Sun: 10-6
Phone: 410-267-3000
Address: 2029 West Street; Annapolis, MD 21401

Gold Leaf Medical Dispensary has a beautiful, open building with lots of amenities like fruit-infused water and glass pipes, bongs and gear. Their focus is to provide medical patients safe, private-label, top-shelf products and friendly, knowledgeable service. They also accept debit and credit cards unlike many dispensaries.

The Gold Leaf team’s consistent black attire focuses their professionalism on clients and products and not on themselves, as though they just rolled out of bed. They offer a very calm and relaxed experience while staying present to answer any questions.

Their medical cannabis line includes premium flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, pre-roll, concentrates and vaping cartridges. They also carry a full CBD line of goods too.

Gold Leaf keeps records of all purchases and offers points for each $1 spent to be traded in for 1/2 or full ounces of flower. All Gold Leaf brand cartridges are made in the USA and guaranteed from defects.

Gold Leaf Medical Dispensary earned 420 DC’s vote for 7-Best for their professionalism, product line, product knowledge, cleanliness, aesthetic appeal and helpfulness.

Marylands 7-Best Dispensaries - Culta#6 Culta

Business Hours: 7 days: 12 – 8
Phone: 844-507-9333
Address: 215 Key Hwy; Baltimore, MD 21230

CULTA was the first state-approved outdoor grow operation in Maryland. Their nearly 3 acres in Baltimore is the largest outdoor grow in the state. CULTA cultivates, extracts, processes, distributes and retails their private-label cannabis wares at their flagship Baltimore dispensary as well as partner dispensaries throughout the state.

Founded in 2015 by operating partners and co-founders Mackie Barch and Matt Bickel as well as select founding investors, CULTA is a Maryland-only, craft cannabis brand. They hope to revitalize the city, a federal enterprise zone, through Consciously Cultivated Cannabis manufacturing, technology and canna-tourism.

Their Baltimore dispensary sells private label flower, concentrates, extracts, edibles and infused topicals. Berner, the founder and CEO of Cookies, has made CULTA the only east coast partner of their popular west-coast strains. He gave the Culta cultivation team a 5-star rating.

The company invested millions on new automation and equipment. Their grow operation includes a one acre high-tech canopy system with computer-operated retractable walls and a roof that can detect and adjust to any environmental changes to maintain ideal growing conditions.

CULTA has earned 420 DC’s 7-Best award for being a community of like-minded professionals passionate for cannabis perfection, always excited to share this knowledge.

7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - ReLeaf#5 ReLeaf

Business Hours: 7 days: 9 – 9
Phone: 410-773-9054
Address: 1114 Cathedral Street, Suite #5; Baltimore, MD 21201

ReLeaf Medical Dispensary is a great-looking shop located in north Baltimore. It’s a big facility with its own parking lot (a rarity in the city) and convenient location in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. This dispensary carries just about everything too.

ReLeaf, as a cool apothecary-style corner store, has cool little events for different daily discounts. Patients can sign up for text messaging for those deals. You can also purchase flower ahead of time through the Leafly Ordering catalogue and pick up on the same day.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at ReLeaf greet everyone entering and make them feel like family. They know returning customers by name and remember details about their lives in a professional medical capacity and often personally.

ReLeaf’s selection is varied and pretty large. Budtenders are friendly and knowledgable. They sell multiple strains in varying strengths and prices in eighths, quarters and up. In addition to loose flower, ReLeaf also carries pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, tinctures, capsules and vape carts in multiple flavors. The earned their 420 DC Maryland’s 7 Best Dispensaries award for service, selection and location.

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7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - Star Bud#4 Star Buds

Business Hours: 7 days: 9 – 9
Phone: 443-438-7494
Address: 5975 Belair Rd; Baltimore, MD 21206

Star Buds is a chain dispensary based out of Colorado. They bring that same successful approach to their Baltimore dispensary and beyond. Star Buds also has locations in Jamaica and Oklahoma too.

The selection of strains at Star Buds is impressive. And as an additional draw, they offer their signature Cannabis Cup-winning sativa too. The Baltimore location also carries a wide array of popular concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals and more.

Star Buds feels like a chain from the moment you walk in, in a good way. They have neat displays and television monitors all around the tops of walls. At Star Buds, patients are encouraged right in without waiting, to browse leisurely and ask questions freely. The expert staff try to give each customer a truly exceptional experience.​

Star Buds offers a rewards program for frequent customers. Points are earned with every purchase. Higher Rewards loyalty members are also first to receive notice of special discounts and exclusive Star Buds events.

Star Bud’s has a Cancer Relief Program giving discounted access to their cannabis products. They also provide discounts for veterans. Their social consciousness is one of the many reasons Star Buds earned 420 DC’s Maryland’s 7 Best Dispensaries award.

7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - Rise#3 Rise Dispensary

Business Hours: Mon – Sat: 11 – 6, Sun 12-5
Phones: 410-676-1123 (Joppa); 301-565-8100 (Silver Spring); 301-571-0420 (Bethesda)
Joppa Dispensary: 5975 Belair Rd; Baltimore, MD 21206
Silver Spring Dispensary: 7900 Fenton Street; Silver Spring, MD 20910
Bethesda Dispensary: Wildwood Medical Bld, 10401 Old Georgetown Road, #210; Bethesda, MD 20814

Rise Dispensary is another chain bringing a successful approach to their three Maryland dispensaries (and beyond). Rise Dispensaries also has locations in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The selection of strains at Rise is huge. They also have a large selection of pre-rolls, vape carts, capsules, popular concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, CBD and more!

Rise Dispensaries is extremely professional upon entering and has a slick chain-store feel about it while still staying cool. They have neat displays inside reminiscent of a jewelry store. At all Rise dispensaries, employees really enjoy answering questions. The expert staff and wide product selection makes each Rise Dispensary a unique experience for each patient, one of the many reasons Rise earned a 420 DC 7-Best award.

All Rise dispensaries offer rewards programs for frequent customers. Points are earned with every purchase. Higher Risers loyalty members are also first to receive notice of special discounts and exclusive events.

7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - Remedy#2 Medical Remedy Dispensary

Business Hours: 7 days: 10 – 9
Phones: 443-542-0948
Address: 6656 Dobbin Rd., Suite E; Columbia, MD 21045

The Medical Remedy Dispensary got its start in 1974! Founder Robert M. Duggan established the first acupuncture and alternative medicine school in Columbia at a time when acupuncture was legal in only two states. That gives Remedy forty-plus years of experience in the art and science of integrative medicine, helping patients with cancer, pain and addiction.

Remedy is a top-rated Howard County, MD, dispensary. And upon entering it’s clear they consider wellness a holistic and patient-centered approach. Their mission statement says Remedy provides medical cannabis patients the most efficacious, highest quality, expertly curated medications to relieve ailments in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment.

Medical Remedy Dispensary believes knowledge is healing. Bob Duggan said, “wellness is a conversation” and they pass that lesson on to staff in a continuous education and training process.

Remedy – Columbia is locally owned and operated by Howard County professionals, students, parents and active community members. They have deep roots in a diverse, vibrant city and they give back to their community. Remedy delivers safe, natural medicine directly to patients, one of the reasons they earned the 420 DC 7-Best award.

7-Best Maryland Dispensaries - CuraLeaf#1 Curaleaf

Business Hours: Mon – Thurs: 10 – 7, Fri – Sat: 10 – 8, Sun 12-5
Phones: 301-304-4999 (Airpark); 443-881-4782 (Reisterstown); 301-571-0420 (Gaithersburg); 301-679-6240 (Takoma)
Airpark, MD: 8355 Snouffer School Rd; Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879
Reisterstown, MD: 11722 Reisterstown Rd; Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Gaithersburg, MD: 811 Russell Ave; Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879
Takoma, MD: 6309 New Hampshire AveTakoma Park, Maryland 20912

Curaleaf is the largest name in cannabis dispensaries. They operate in 23 states with 93 local dispensaries including four in Maryland. The majority of Curaleaf’s stores serve the medical cannabis community such as in Maryland. However, they also operate several dispensaries open to the adult-use cannabis community.

As a seed-to-store cannabis grower, manufacturer and producer, Curaleaf has 22 cultivation sites and 30 processing sites. They have dispensaries coast-to-coast and more than 350K registered users. Curaleaf also has more than 1,150 wholesale dispensary accounts.

This massive corporation is committed to being the industry’s leading resource in education and advancement through research and advocacy. As the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in the world, Curaleaf produces consistently premium products which is why 420 DC believes Curaleaf to be one of the 7 Best Dispensaries in Maryland.

Regardless of what spot you decide to visit make sure you let them know 420DC sent you.

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