Looking to test your limits as a stoner? Are you seeking the best the cannabis industry has to offer? Nowadays, cannabis strains revolve around an average THC concentration of at least 20% with the highest recorded falling in the high 30%, as it continues to increase from there. If you’re a fan of testing out your might and you’ve gone your rounds with moon rocks, is there anything else? Fortunately there! The infamously potent and out-of-this-world product is known as Martian rocks weed.

For individuals looking to expand their horizons and experience the height of the industry, Martian rocks weed will not disappoint. But, what exactly is it? How potent is it? If you’re hunting for answers about this intergalactic cannabis product, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about martian rocks weed including where to find it and why you might want to experience it for yourself.

dipped in weed jello

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What Is Martian Rocks Weed?

Martian rocks weed is a combination of various cannabis products all rolled into one monster concoction. Although martian rocks weed was believed to be just an urban legend, as the average potency of cannabis strains increased and cultivators became more ingenious. What was once believed to be fiction transformed into reality.

This ingenious new product transcends the potency of even the most prominent concentrates in the industry as the highest average THC concentration when it comes to cannabis concentrates is roughly 82%. Martian rocks weed, on the other hand, soars past that mark with a whopping 98.2% THC concentration. But how does it achieve this impressive feat?

Crafted using a total of eight ingredients as compared to moon rocks which only utilize three products to make it. To make martian rocks weed, you need to dip a high-grade cannabis strain in hash oil, sprinkle it with some kief, and then roll it in CBD extract. After this, the nugs are further coated in bud butter, sprinkled with both Green Crack and dank dust, and finally, dipped in weed jello.

For comparison, moon rocks typically feature high-grade cannabis strains like GSC coated in hash oil or live resin and rolled in kief. Although both products are infamously potent and are sure to provide you with a transcendent experience, martian rocks weed takes the cake when it comes to the most potent product in the cannabis industry.

Why Would You Smoke Martian Rocks Weed?

This type of weed is not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest and most extreme cannabis connoisseurs flock to products like moon rocks or martian rocks weed. Stoners seeking a new experience within the industry and looking to test their might will have their hands full with this unique product.

Like most highly potent products, it is best to smoke martian rocks weed in strides versus all at once. Martian rocks weed is best enjoyed on weekends when you have tons of time to relax to truly enjoy the experience. Plus, you’ll be high for quite some time and won’t want any plans scheduled for that day. A single hit from this cannabis product will send you straight into the atmosphere.

generously sprinkled with green, dank dust

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On Martian Rocks Weed?

For those daring enough to try, you can purchase martian rocks weed from various online cannabis retailers as well as certain dispensaries throughout the country. Next time you stop by the dispensary, inquire whether they ever carry martian rocks weed or if they will in the future. If you can get your hands on some, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

The only downside to this cannabis product is that it can be quite expensive. Average pricing for martian rocks weed starts at roughly $250 for an ounce and about $1,200 for a mouthwatering pound.

Final Thoughts

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and pushing past the limits of what was believed to be impossible. Martian rocks weed is a testament to that and showcases the height and mind-boggling ingenuity present within the industry. The boldest and bravest cannabis connoisseurs will be drawn to martian rocks weed as it proposes an entirely new take on what it means to get high.

Blast off to another galaxy with this transcendently potent concoction that leaves moon rocks looking like child’s play. If you can get your hands on this cannabis product and you’ve got the tolerance built up, martian rocks weed will provide you with an unforgettable and out-of-this-world experience.

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