The whole world was shaken by the recent coronavirus outbreak. The cannabis industry is one that is being immensely affected by this public health crisis. With the various economic, social and health effects of the virus, many are wondering how the marijuana sector, its patients and consumers are faring. Moreover, it is also important to look into the feasibility of using the plant and its cannabinoids as a way to protect one’s health in the time of COVID-19.

What You Should Know About Cannabis Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 and Marijuana

  • It is not a cure

Consumers of the plant and CBD have probably encountered social media posts and even dispensaries claiming that cannabis ‘kills’ the new coronavirus. However, please keep in mind that the World Health Organization has announced that no treatment or vaccine has been developed as a remedy for COVID-19. Because of this, what the public can do is to strengthen their immune system in order to minimize the possibility of contracting it.

Take note that it is not advisable to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen because they are an immunosuppressant. Cannabis, specifically CBD, has the same effect when ingested. However, some say that CBD could have an immunomodulation effect, which means that it could be able to boost or reduce the immune system depending on what your body needs.

  • It can help relieve anxiety

We are all going through a lot of uncertainty and anxiety during this time. And with stress levels high, cannabis can be a great “releaf”. Quarantining in the house can get old and worrying about your next paycheck or your stimulus check doesn’t help. If for no other reason, spark a joint, relax and create. It can help you focus on what’s in your control.


Marijauna, Cannabis and Covid-19


  • Consumers should use cautiously

Because the virus is simply a strain of the coronavirus family, and it was newly discovered, the development of a cure could take time and is the priority of researchers. Studies regarding the effect of cannabis on infected individuals could also be underway. As people could have the disease but could be asymptomatic, some could already have it without knowing. The best way to guarantee your health is to use the plant cautiously during this crisis.

  • Many companies are impacted by the virus

Cannabis companies are also struggling with the pandemic, especially as fewer people are able to access their products. To cope with the government’s encouragement for people to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, many companies are providing new services such as curbside deliveries. Those who have not been taking online orders are now offering this service to cater to their customers.

However, some firms are starting to see negative impacts. In the US alone,  some cannabis events are canceled. A decline in revenues is expected. In fact, some have already been seeing losses while others have been compelled to close shop.

  • Laws still apply even in this time of crisis

While there might be new protocols for public health safety in some places, keep in mind that the marijuana laws in your state still apply. This includes penalties for possessing cannabis above the limit and other similar policies. So, make sure to observe these laws even in the time of COVID-19.

Cannabis can play a huge role in the lives of many. During this pandemic, a good deal might be inclined to turn to the plant for comfort. There are many false claims about this plant in relation to coronavirus. For your health and safety, make sure to keep this information in mind.

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