Looking for pure and potent THC? Try Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis Distillate is one of the most versatile and pure cannabis extracts on the market. Here’s everything you need to know about distillate, how it’s made, why people use it, and where you can find some for yourself.

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What is cannabis distillate and how is it made?

The distillate is a clear to light-yellow cannabis concentrate that is made through the distillation extraction method, leaving behind a nearly pure final product. All cannabinoids can be extracted into a distillate, meaning that you can find THC distillate, CBD distillate, or blends with other cannabinoids like CBG, providing a wide range of therapeutic effects.

The distillate is a flavorless and odorless cannabis extract that checks in between 90-99% pure THC or CBD cannabinoids. However, terpenes are also removed in the extraction process. Usually, they’re reintroduced into the distillate oil at the end or used normally as a flavorless and odorless addition to edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

To make it, cannabis goes under a lengthy but effective extraction process. It involves distilling cannabis or BHO oils. Different types of cannabis can be used, including flowers, trim, or both. The distillate is purged of solvents completely using vacuum pressure and then leftover fats and waxes are removed.

The processor adds the concentrate into a polar ethanol solvent and is kept at sub-zero temperatures to help separate the oil from the fats and waxes. This is known as a winterization process. But since ethanol purges at a higher temperature than butane, it removes all the terpenes along with the fats and waxes.

Pure cannabis distillate is made this way, but some processors will use special machines, such as rotary evaporators, to help preserve the terpenes through winterization. Either way, after winterization is complete, the oil can then be distilled for purification.

In the distillation process, heat, steam, and pressure are used to separate the chemicals from the concentrate. Distillation removes all of the impurities and terpenes, leaving behind a pure and potent distilled cannabis oil. Extractors will watch this step carefully since each cannabinoid has different boiling points and many can be lost if the mixture gets too hot or doesn’t get hot enough. When distilled correctly, these concentrates will leave behind a pure distillate cannabis extract.

Terpenes are then reintroduced to the final product for distillate used for smoking or left as-is for use in edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

Why do people use distillate?

Distillate comes with a lot of pros and cons. Since they don’t have any strong hashy aroma or flavor and are still super potent, edible companies use a lot of distillate to make better-tasting cannabis-infused foods and beverages. Topical companies also use them for higher potency products without the off-putting weed scent.

People still use distillate in vape pens more than anywhere else, though. Since distillate is pure, there are no impurities to be found as you can find with other concentrates. The impurities in other concentrates can be harmful to our lungs, and distillate is less irritating. Cannabis distillate is also easier to make than other concentrates and it has a longer shelf life. Since it’s flavorless, vape cart manufacturers can have greater control over the scents and flavors of their vapes when they reintroduce their own terpenes back into the final product.

What’s the difference between distillate and concentrate?

Other concentrates are made with a BHO or hydrocarbon extraction process or by using carbon dioxide. The distillate, on the other hand, is made through the distillation process. Most concentrates are extracted from cannabis oils in a way that preserves the terpenes and other cannabinoids, but distillation removes everything except for pure THC.

With that in mind, distillate oil is completely flavorless. Without the terpenes, distillate doesn’t have the same flair or potency as other concentrates. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together to promote therapeutic effects thanks to the entourage effect. The distillate is stronger than other concentrates like shatter and live resin in a strictly-cannabinoid situation, though shatter and live resin will still feel more potent because they contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that make cannabis products feel stronger.

Ultimately, distillate is a type of concentrate, but it’s pure and mostly free from other organic materials, including terpenes. Without those terpenes, distillates don’t feel as potent as other cannabis concentrates even though they have more cannabinoid content.

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How to use cannabis distillate

Even though distillate doesn’t feel as strong as other concentrates, it’s still a useful product. It’s frequently used in edibles and topicals because it’s odorless and flavorless. Further, distillate can still support the entourage effect with the terpenes found in foods and perfumes. Many processors and extractors also reintroduce terpenes back into distillates that are intended for smoking or vaping so that it feels just as strong as other concentrates.

You can use distillate in most cannabis products easily since it’s pretty versatile. It’s most commonly used in vape pens, though some forms of it are used with a dab rig or dab straw. Some people take a syringe of distillate and use it in blunts and joints to add potency and create a slower burn. It can also be added to edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

Where to find distillate

The distillate is great if you’re making your own edibles or topicals, but it’s also a great crude oil for mixing and filling your own vape cartridges with terpenes. Prices typically run much cheaper for distillate than other concentrates, too. If you’re looking for distillate in DC, start here. 420DC can connect you with delivery services here in DC that carry high-quality distillates for whatever you might be interested in making.

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