Latin American jazz artist Carlos Santana partners with Left Coast Ventures for a cannabis brand Mirayo by Santana, highlighting the Latin heritage of the wonder plant.

The Grammy award-winning guitarist has long been a marijuana advocate before launching his very own line of premium, sun-grown products. Citing the plant’s ability to provide ease and enhance spiritual well-being, Santana is offering high-quality flower products.

Mirayo by Santana is brand leveraging on marijuana’s ancient remedy roots, paving the way for discovering the ‘divine light.’ The founder incorporated his philosophies in empowering people and allowing the move to follow the light and greatness.

The products, all naturally sun-grown, provide meditative benefits, and stir people’s creative juices. In Santana’s word, “It can dispel negative doubt to reveal the everlasting gift to our uniqueness.”

 Carlos Santana to Launch Marijuana Brand
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The brand propagates the notion of how marijuana is a natural remedy to achieve total relaxation and ease, helping individuals suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Guided by proper dosing for psychoactive effects, Mirayo by Santana wants people to use cannabis as a way to promote benevolent behavior.

Partnering with Left Coast Venture is a big deal too, a company known for iconic marijuana brands like Mind Your Head, and Bob Marley’s cannabis brand, Marley Natural. CEO Brett Cummings said they are working with Santana for a more meaningful cannabis brand that honors the ancient Latin heritage and curate premium products with a purpose.

Mind-Body Energy Flow

For years, there’s been a long debate on whether cannabis can help enhance a person’s creativity. Scientists and researchers back the claim, citing chemicals from the marijuana plant that affect the brain functions, leading to enhanced concentration.

Santana also clarifies that cannabis is an avenue to meditate, the same as drinking a glass of wine. “You know when you meditate, or you smoke a joint, or you drink a glass of wine, you’re always altering your consciousness,” said Mirayo by Santana founder.

Mirayo by Santana is exploring this concept by offering products for a seamless mind and body energy flow. The brand will include 5-packs of 0.5 grams pre-rolls and 7-gram jars of the whole flower with different strains.

Three major strains are marketed under the labels: Radiance, Symmetry, and Centered. Radiance is a sativa strain intended to expand an individual’s energy, promoting creative expression. Meanwhile, Symmetry is a hybrid cannabis allowing elevated perception. The Centered label is an Indica strain for inner peace and transcendent physical state.

All three labels guarantee premium sun-grown cultivation, and is available in select dispensaries in the Bay Area and Southern California. With the partnership with Left Coast Ventures, the products will be distributed to other locations and diversify the brand for profitability.

Founder Santana said he puts his faith in Left Coast Ventures for the production process. The brand’s partner also created a website for people to access information about the brand, products, and other information.

Guitarist Carlos Santana

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