A good key lime pie is creamy, sweet, and just a little tart. They’re the perfect dessert for warm summer days, offering a fresh and fruity experience that won’t weigh you down. The Key Lime Pie strain of weed has all of those attributes and more, making it one of our favorite strains. 

Key Lime Pie is a unique, sativa-dominant strain that’s got something for everyone. It’s relatively potent, it’s delicious, and it’s the heir to some genetics that have proven popular for decades. If you’re looking to learn more about this popular, potent pie, in this guide we’ll cover what sets Key Lime Pie apart, why we use it, and how to grow the strain yourself. 

Key Lime Pie Strain Background

Unlike many strains, Key Lime Pie isn’t the offspring of two other types of weed. Instead, it is a phenotype of another famous strain: Girl Scout Cookies. That’s right. The only parent of Key Lime Pie weed is GSC itself. Careful breeding by California breeder Burnish Bush Nurseries transformed the perennially-popular GSC into a citrus-y sensation. The strain has maintained its 75/25 indica-dominant heritage, but in many other ways it’s been improved. 

For example, the Key Lime Pie strain demonstrates more of its indica heritage than GSC, making it a better choice for evening indulgence. It’s also a little more potent on average, making it a strain that’s great for experienced smokers. With a THC content that averages 18-22%, it’s right in the middle of what will make for a good night without overwhelming anyone. 

How Key Lime Pie Strain Smells and Tastes

There’s more to this strain than simple citrus. In fact, the first impression Key Lime Pie leaves is their herbal, slightly sour scent with just a hint of mint. 

The flavor is where the true complexity comes out. Girl Scout Cookies lends the strain a minty flavor that’s accented with a creamy, almost chocolatey aftertaste. It’s the exhale where smokey lime comes through most clearly, making this an intriguing experience for the cannabis connoisseur. 

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What Does Key Lime Pie Weed Look Like

Key Lime Pie Strain

Source: Hytiva

Key Lime Pie plants generally produce smaller, dense buds shaped like a little round nugget. They are often sticky and unwilling to break apart without a grinder. Expect bright green buds with occasional hints of purple in plants that were grown in cooler climates. Golden-orange hairs accent the buds, and crystalline trichomes are dusted across the buds. 

How to Grow Key Lime Pie Marijuana

Just like it takes some time and effort to make a delicious and smooth key lime pie, growing this strain takes some work. While new growers can certainly attempt it, experienced gardeners are more likely to see a successful harvest of this strain. In part, this is because most Key Lime Pie plants are produced through cloning, not through seeds; keeping clones alive is always a little trickier than growing from seed. 

Despite its heavy indica heritage, Key Lime Pie is actually known for growing tall and slender unless trained appropriately. Many growers recommend topping the plant after it has grown its eighth or ninth true leaf. This encourages the plant to split into multiple colas, multiplying your harvest without extending your harvest time too long. It also makes it easier to keep these plants inside, since you don’t risk a late stretch causing them to collide with the lights. 

Other high-stress training techniques can be attempted by experienced growers. As long as you’re able to provide plenty of nutrients and a stable environment, fimming and monstercropping can increase your yields dramatically. Anything you can do to encourage a bushier plant is a great idea and will lead to rewards down the line if you have the skills to support a sometimes-finicky strain. 

Key Lime Pie flowers are generally ready for harvest after nine to ten weeks indoors, or in early to mid-October if you’re growing outside. Look for harvests of 10 to 12 ounces of bud either way. 

Finally, it never hurts to brush up on some growing techniques and do your research. Key Lime Pie isn’t always a forgiving plant, so being prepared in advance can help you get the harvest you want. 

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How Does the Key Lime Pie Strain Make You Feel

Key Lime Pie Strain

Just like GSC, Key Lime Pie marijuana offers an excellent experience for everyone. The head high kicks in in minutes, leaving no confusion about the origins of the calming, uplifted buzz. It’s dreamier than GSC, but won’t cloud your thoughts. Increased creativity is a common side effect of indulging in Key Lime Pie, so keep a notebook nearby to write down your thoughts to remember them in the morning. 

The body buzz is even more delicious than the relaxing high. You’ll notice yourself melting into the couch as every muscle in your body relaxes from you face to your feet. There’s a definite tendency to couchlock, so get yourself some snacks in advance so you can enjoy everything Key Lime Pie offers without having to walk all the way to the kitchen. 

These effects make it a common choice for plenty of people who use marijuana in a medical context. The impressive muscle relaxation the strain provides off some relief to people suffering from chronic pain or muscle tension. It’s also effective at rounding off the rough edges, dark thoughts, and worries that people with depression and anxiety often face. Even people with OCD and PTSD find that the Key Lime Pie strain can make their day a little easier to handle. Now, remember to consult with your doctor before changing how you treat any medical condition. 

If you love GSC, or if you just want to try something deliciously laid-back, you’ll understand why we love Key Lime Pie weed. It’s a tasty treat that offers a relaxing, dreamy high. Anyone with some experience in the weed world might find that this is their newest favorite strain.  Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Key Lime Pie Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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