Less than a month after Jushi Holdings Inc. announced its plan to acquire Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, the multi-state cannabis operator is now preparing for the launch of its eighth medical marijuana dispensary in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In a press release published Thursday, Jushi Holdings announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Health has approved the opening of its eighth BEYOND / HELLO™ medical marijuana dispensary in the Commonwealth, which is set to be located in the Reading Downtown Improvement District.

“As the only dispensary located downtown in the heart of the Reading Downtown Improvement District (DID), BEYOND / HELLO™ Reading will enable us to better serve medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania’s fifth-largest city and the surrounding region,” commented Jim Cacioppo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jushi. “Our plan is to continue broadening access for patients across the Commonwealth and we look forward to opening up new storefronts across the state in the future to further meet patient needs as well as drive value for our shareowners,” he continued.

Jushi Holdings Inc. Opens Eighth Dispensary

The dispensary is scheduled to open Wednesday, July 14, at 9:00 am in both in-store and online. Once launched, the new BEYOND / HELLO™ Reading will serve as the second dispensary to be located in the City of Reading and the only one in the city’s downtown area.

According to the release, the dispensary will offer the usual products available on other BEYOND / HELLO™ branches. Among these include flowers, concentrates, cartridges, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and pills. In addition to those, various ancillary products, such as batteries, vapes, and vape cleaning gear and merchandise, will also be available.

“As a part of BEYOND / HELLO’s commitment to exceeding patient expectations, a licensed pharmacist, along with a seasoned, trained staff, will also be on-site to dispense products, answer questions and provide service to patients and caregivers,” the release noted.

Founded in 2018, BEYOND / HELLO serves as the premier retail chain of Jushi Holdings Inc. The recent announcement marks the eighth branch in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the 10th at the national level.

Only last month, June 10, BEYOND / HELLO™ Ardmore, the 7th medical marijuana dispensary of Jushi in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was launched. At the time, CEO Cacioppo said the introduction of the new dispensary upholds the commitment of Jushi to make marijuana treatment become more accessible to Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients.

Jushi Holdings Inc. Eighth Dispensary

“While our Center City and Northern Liberties dispensaries in Philadelphia are temporarily closed for repairs, our new Ardmore location will help us meet the needs of new and existing patients throughout the Greater Delaware Valley. We look forward to expanding access for patients, reopening our Philadelphia storefronts, as well as opening up more dispensaries in strategic markets across the Commonwealth,” he said on a June 10 press release.

The recent announcement suggests a stronger presence for Jushi’s BEYOND / HELLO™ retail chain and good development for the bourgeoning medical marijuana sector of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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