Jet Fuel with its stimulating effects and pain-relieving nature is preceded by its legendary origins. With influences that mark its status as part of the Diesel strain family, it gives both a blast of energy and a hazy daydream effect. Does it live up to all the hype behind it? Let’s lock ourselves onto this strain, its origins, smell, flavor, and effects. Additionally, if you want to grow some Jet Fuel for yourself stay tuned.

Jet Fuel Weed Origins

This Sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70/30 goes by a plethora of names: G6 Kush, Jet Fuel Kush, Jet Fuel OG, Jet Fuel G6, or simply “G6”. It was cultivated by 303 Seeds, breeders from Colorado. Its parentage comes in the form of Aspen OG paired with High Country Diesel, both known for their pungency. It takes after its lineage which includes SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel, both famous for their effects of making users relaxed and joyful. Jet Fuel comes with its flavor to the mix, making it give a burst of energy ending in a calm experience. Its THC levels range from 16-20% with CBD levels under 1%.

Jet Fuel Weed: Does It Live Up to Its Famous Lineage? 1 2023

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What Does Jet Fuel Weed Look Like?

Jet Fuel is easily recognizable for its pudgy buds. These are accompanied by forest green flora. Its medium-sized flowers and pistils burn an orange tinge and rare maroons and deep reds peeking through as well. As the herb progresses through its life cycle, it is cone-like in structure. The buds are a more common look for sativa plants, covering their moss-like body. The leaves are jungle-floor green with brown and green tones.

If you cure the flowers, which is highly recommended to keep their maximum flavor, their trichomes will reveal themselves. Be careful when touching those little hairs, their trichomes can look sticky and your hands would definitely agree.

What Does Jet Fuel Weed Smell and Taste Like?

The fragrance that comes from this strain borrows from its Diesel roots with its strong aroma. You can’t mistake its pungency with some hints of skunk diesel sprinkled throughout. You might also whiff its pine and citrus smells when you smoke it.

This combination of skunk diesel and strong smell is part of its allure, making it a famous strain among cannabis enthusiasts. Its Kush origins push through and add a familiar, appreciated aroma for long-time weed loyalists.

Its taste is highly reminiscent of its OG forefathers. It is raved about by many all over the US for its vibrant and pungent flavor, mixing in some kush-like hints for those who remember its most popular days.

What Are the Effects of the Jet Fuel Strain?

You might not get a heady feeling from this one, but this one will surely get you into a tranquil state for a long time. You will feel focused and alert, able to concentrate on whatever you set your mind to; many say this strain is a go-to for creative journeys and long busy nights. It’s a hit with friends, bringing in a buzz of citrusy energy and uninhibited chatter. The notoriously uplifting effect will surely turn on both your euphoric and prolific switches in both individual and group settings. If you want to get couch-locked and sleep to oblivion, this might not be the hit you are looking for.

Jet Fuel Weed: Does It Live Up to Its Famous Lineage? 2 2023

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What Are Jet Fuel’s Medical Uses?

Jet Fuel’s strong effects help aid in pain relief for discomfort connected to your head like migraines and headaches. This strain can also be used to treat chronic fatigue and stress. Its relaxing and sedative properties are commonly applied to alleviate mood swings and depression.

How Do You Grow Your Own Jet Fuel?

Jet Fuel seeds are available on the market. It’s moderately difficult to grow, with easy-to-follow instructions available on the packaged seeds you can buy. You need to watch different factors closely such as humidity, temperature, among others while growing Jet Fuel. It will start flowering at 9-10 weeks with around 37 grams of yield for each square foot. The buds you end up harvesting will need proper curing to keep their flavor and THC levels intact.

You can try to grow it outdoors; you will see flowers for nine weeks and expect beautiful yields as October shows up at your doorstep. The intriguing part for new Jet Fuel growers is the heights this strain climbs up to, nearly reaching a whopping 10 feet tall.

Where Can You Get Your Jet Fuel Fix?

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you have got to try Jet Fuel if not for your diesel cravings then at least because of its hype and uplifting ride. Check out the Explore tab on 420DC for a wide variety of shops where you can get your hands on this famous strain. Tell them 420DC sent you and get a special discount when you place an order.

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