As more and more exotic California strains begin to be cultivated and traded here in DC, the more questions we receive about their genetics, effects, phenotypes, and uses. One such strain is Jungle Cake, which is a newer strain on the market in both Cali and DC. Now that you can find it at several cannabis delivery services and through I-71 compliant gift exchanges, we’re here to answer your burning questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Jungle Cake strain. 

Jungle Cake Strain Background 

Jungle Cake was first propagated by Seed Junky Genetics. They crossed Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies) and White Fire #43 (A phenotype of White Fire OG, aka WiFi OG) and created an uber potent yet perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid strain. Jungle Kush was named after its White Fire parent since White Fire is a cross between White Rhino (hence the term jungle) and Fire OG. It offers around 26-30% THC on average as well as a musky kush aroma that mingles nicely with a creamy sweetness from the Wedding Cake parent. 

Jungle Cake Appearance 

As a plant, Jungle Cake is a bit of a monster. She grows both tall and wide displaying vibrant shades of green and purple on her broad water leaves. The colas are densely packed and on the larger side, only a tad smaller than your average standard-sized football. The flowers themselves are coated in a thick layer of frosty white and silver trichome heads and tend to range in shades from deep forest green to a lighter shade of yellowish-green. When dried and broken into individual buds, you can see its red and orange pistils through the thick blanket of trichomes on each rounded grape-shaped nug. 


Marijuana Isolated White Background
Marijuana flower, often called buds or cannbis, against an isolated white background shot in a dispensary in Oregon where these drugs are now legal.

Growing Jungle Cake

Growing Jungle Cake is typically out of the question. Seed Junky Genetics hasn’t released the seeds for this particular cut, so it’s only available via clone from somebody who already has the strain propagated.  However, as it gains popularity it may soon be made available for seed purchase. Regardless, Jungle Cake is a bit on the finicky side when it comes to cultivation. As a 50/50 hybrid, Jungle Cake grows both tall and wide, so bending and training from an early age is crucial to successful flower production. As a Girl Scout Cookies cut with thick, dense flowers, she’s also pretty susceptible to mold and powdery mildew, so keeping an eye on her humidity levels is also vital to success. Jungle Cake is a high yielder, so you can expect 1 pound per plant on average so long as you trim before flowering to encourage the plant to focus on flower production. All in all, she’s moderately difficult to grow and is ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks. If you are looking for jungle cake seeds check out our friends at Crop King Seeds.

Jungle Cake Strain Scent 

Plain and simple, Jungle Cake stinks in the best possible way. On the plant, the flowers smell like an actual bakery. Those Girl Scout Cookie genetics shine through and allow for a very rich, robust, and sugary sweet aroma that reminds us of a yellow or vanilla cake. However, the dried flowers take on a different profile. When the flowers dry, they envelop the jar (and whatever room they may be left out in) with a sour, earthy spice typical of many kush and diesel strains. However, those bakery aromas are still there. A deeper inhale will bring notes of creamy sweetness, fruit, and nuttiness forward, leaving you with an ultimately sweet and spicy impression. Some say the new Lava Cake strain has some very similar traits.

Jungle Cake Strain Flavor 

Many describe the Jungle Cake flavor as shockingly unique in the sense that it has a sweet, sugary, flavor that tastes just like marshmallows. The first impression of the strain is a lot like its Wedding Cake parent — predominantly sweet and creamy with a hint of nuttiness. However, it does get some of that dankness from the WiFi parent. The smoke itself is thick and spicy, with poignant undertones of diesel fuel. However, the aftertaste is a nice marriage between the two flavors, leaving you with a sweet fruity nuttiness that mellows into diesel and marshmallow. 

Jungle Cake Strain Effects 

Jungle Cake is a heavy hitter with a ton of THC, so it can be a little intense for new smokers or people who are sensitive to THC. With an average of 30% THC, it isn’t one to be underestimated. The high is also a creeper, so it’s easy to take an extra hit by accident without really needing one since the effects take a minute or two to reach their full effects. However, that nice slow build leads to a beautifully uplifted and generously euphoric state of mind. It leads to a moment of pure bliss and happiness and lets you down in a pleasant fit of giggles as your peak subsides. While the cerebral effect is uplifting and energetic, the strain also offers potent physical relief in the form of pure relaxation. While your mental state improves, your body won’t succumb to sleepiness or couch-lock, making it a great strain for just about any time of day. This combination of physical relief and mental awareness can bring forth feelings of creativity and arousal as well as a case of the munchies. However, you can also expect side effects like dry eyes or cottonmouth. Some newbie users may experience anxiety or paranoia with a strong dose, though these side effects aren’t as common. 

Jungle Cake Strain Medical Uses 

With a strong dose of THC and a great mix of effects, Jungle Cake is a highly medically viable strain. It may help soothe the symptoms of stress and depression or help with fatigue thanks to its uplifting and energizing mental effect. If you have chronic stress, mood swings, or symptoms of PMS, you can also reach for Jungle Cake to improve your mood and reduce your pain, inflammation, or cramping. Since it’s known for causing the munchies, Jungle Cake is also great for patients suffering from appetite loss, eating disorders, or the hunger-staving side effects of chemotherapy and certain medications. The good balance of effects is great for physical and mental relief. 

Is Jungle Cake Strain Worth The Hype? 

All in all, we rate the Jungle Cake strain a 4 out of 5. While it scores perfect marks in appearance, aroma, flavors, and effects, it loses points for its difficulty in cultivation and the fact that seeds are currently unavailable for purchase. If growing isn’t really your thing anyway, the strain itself is without a doubt worth the hype. Have you ever tried Jungle Cake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you want to grab some Jungle Cake checkout some of our favorite delivery services. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Jungle Cake Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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  1. Billy Coon

    Fortunately was able to get my hands on jungle pie here in Texas and I’m glad I did. My shitty day …..hell shitty past couple months was no more. Super heavy high. I would say I’m a heavy smoker who prefers flower and this bud packs a punch. I give it 10 out of 10. If u come across some do not hesitate to get yourself a taste. Wouldn’t recommend smoking before work or going to meet your girlfriends parents for the first time.

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