If you’re a new medical marijuana patient in Maryland, you probably haven’t really had the chance to cruise around and try some of the amazing dispensaries your area has to offer. Have no fear though, we’re going to direct you to our favorite, centrally located one that you’ll absolutely love. Introducing: Culta, Baltimore – A beautiful waterfront medical marijuana dispensary at Baltimore’s inner harbor.

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What is Culta Dispenasry 

Culta Baltimore isn’t one of Maryland’s newest dispensaries, but they’ve been one of the most successful in the market. They offer unmatched levels of quality care to everything they do. Culta is a collective of proud and passionate cultivators, activists, and scientists who believe that cannabis can provide a better quality of life for both individuals and communities as a whole.

They offer some 40+ strains and manufacture all sorts of products in-house. However, the difference between Culta and dispensaries that do the same is the extra steps Culta takes to ensure that they’re making quality medicine that people will enjoy and find medically feasible for a variety of chronic conditions.

It all starts with sustainable cultivation. They maintain an extensive library of sought-after strains and varieties. While the team commits to utilizing cutting edge technology to aid in the continuous learning of the cannabis plant, they take special care to ensure they’re raising healthy, all-natural plants in a viable and eco-friendly growing medium. Every plant that grows at Culta — from seed to harvest — is cared for and processed with love. Best of all, all Culta flower is harvested by hand and hand-trimmed. The curing process ensures a final product that smells and tastes great but also looks great too.

Plants are used for more than just high-quality flower though. Many of the plants cultivated through Culta are destined to become award-winning concentrates. All Culta concentrates and extracts are made from their 40+ home-grown strains. Before anything is sold, Culta cannabinoid & terpene isolates are rigorously tested for safety and quality. With products this pretty, you can really tell that they have put the time, effort, and research into making some of the best products on the market. The extraction professionals at Culta are a woman-led team of extraction experts using methods honed over 25 years of laboratory science.

Overall, they offer a very mellow, yet sophisticated vibe. Their storefront is a beauty to behold on awe-inspiring waterfront property. They offer some of the most incredible products you can find in Maryland along with expert-level budtenders and tons of apparel. The shop itself is worth a visit when COVID blows over and storefronts are able to reopen. If you have the chance, be sure to check them out.

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Culta’s Menu & Strains

Culta specializes in keeping things in-house. Their goal is to create a premium experience for medical patients in Maryland by marrying sustainable cultivation by talented growers with cannabis scientists to make the highest quality products around. That being said, they grow a lot of great flower and make some pretty incredible hash. Aside from their cannabis products, they also provide a few other products, services, and specials. At Culta, you can find everything from flower, to concentrates and vapes, to topicals, tinctures, and even edibles. Also on the shelves are things like sweaters, hats, stickers and shirts. Best of all, all of these things can be discounted, put on manager special, or offered for cheap via the Culta loyalty program.

Flower: Culta flower is the creme de la creme of Maryland marijuana. They offer over 40 different strains, including some CBD-only strains that are perfect for medical marijuana patients in Maryland. If that doesn’t say enough, the reviews on their flower ought to do it.

Concentrates: Culta’s Concentrates have been ultra-refined over 25 years of laboratory cannabis sciences and made entirely from Culta’s home-grown strains. If you have a favorite Culta strain, odds are there’s an extra-potent version of it floating around in concentrated form — whether that be shatter, live sugar, sauce, syringes, or vape cartridges.

Other Products: Culta also offers a ton of different miscellaneous items, including Culta swag like outerwear, long-sleeve t-shirts, hats, regular shirts, face masks, bandanas, and hoodies.

Loyalty Program: You can sign up to join Culta’s Inner Circle for updates via SMS on rewards and specials. If you sign up with your birthday, they’ll make sure to treat you on your birthday. Call Culta for more information on their loyalty program.

Discounts:  Like most dispensaries, Culta offers deals and discounts for first-timers.Call Culta or check them out on Leafly to learn more.

Daily Deals and Specials: Culta has a rotating menu that includes daily deals on flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, and more. You can check out their daily specials by looking at their menu on their website.


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Culta & Cookies

In 2019 Culta teamed up with the illustrious Cookies brand out of California, which is owned and operated by weed connoisseur and rapper, Berner. This partnership has elevated the quality of strains at Culta above many other dispensaries. If you visit you will be sure to find a huge selection of the latest cookies strains including, Cereal Milk, Orange Cookies, Lemonnade, Runtz, PowerzzzUp, Minntz and Grandiflora to name a few.

Order Online or Get in Touch 

For safety, Culta offers online ordering and curbside pickup for any orders placed from now until the stay at home order is lifted. Their menu is available to check out directly on their website and is updated with flower and manager specials almost daily. You can even order apparel and accessories online for curbside pickup! To learn more, be sure to contact Culta directly. Their hours are from 12pm to 8pm.  They’ll be able to give you exact pickup details and more information on daily flower, vape, and concentrate deals. 

Culta: Final Thoughts 

All in all, Culta Dispensary ranks high on our list of Maryland dispensaries. As one of the fastest-growing medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland, they’ve established a level of quality for the industry that may be hard for other stores to meet or beat. Between their incredible levels of product and strain knowledge coupled with their love for the plant and sustainable growing practices, Culta is easily one of the best places to get cannabis in Maryland. We highly recommend getting in there to try some of their home-grown Spaceface, Donkey Butter, or Poochie Love! Bonus points if you tell them 420DC sent you.

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