Smoking fun and a great recreational activity to take your mind off the stress this year has brought. We sure need an escape most days.

You want to trust the online smokeshop you’re buying from. Are they selling as advertised and delivering you the highest quality smoking accessories? Can you even trust online smoke shops?

The answer is yes! 420 Science is an online smoke shop that has all the quality-of-life accessories you need to have a blast with your buddies. Have a seamless experience where the most crucial thing is how relaxed you are, not if your bong is going to work.

420 Science Smoke Shop History

This business started in 2004 from the friendship of two best friends named Matt and Gary. They built glass stash jars that were customizable with cool stickers and easily cleaned due to their shape and material.

This company was born from people who used marijuana recreationally, and thus they have a pretty good idea of what smokers want. A company born from friendship and ingenuity is one that cares about your personal experience with their products. It’s also the only company that still decorates their smoke jars by hand!

420 science smoke shop

Everything You Need in One Place

420 Science has a vast collection of headshop items that will prepare you for your next trip to the dispensary. They sell everything from bongs to cleaning devices. Their entire site is essentially an adult candy store where you stare in awe at the hundreds of different ways people have chosen to smoke bud.

Many of the best bong brands are on 420 Science. ROOR and Grav Labs are two premium bong companies that are found on the 420 Science website. The best part is that you can price compare these top-notch companies with the others listed and judge for yourself what the best buy is!

As a consumer, you should have an abundance of choices to find the right product. What works for your friend might not necessarily work for you, and that’s why 420 Science offers a comprehensive product page with demos, specs, and reviews.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Smoking is the gift that keeps giving. 420 Science’s 2020 gift guide compiles together the best deals with the highest rated marijuana products. Not only is this page super sweet for your Secret Santa recipient, but it lets you shop for gifts within your budget. Just because a product is less expensive doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work.

From discounted gifts for the everyday smoker to stocking stuffers under $50, 420 Science displays the full collection of products. After all, who doesn’t love a good sale? Help your favorite marijuana smoker revel in glee this holiday season.

It’s Lit on This Website

Browsing online is a lot of fun, but only if the website is clean, fresh, and navigable. 420 Science is easy to traverse because of its dropdown options. Instead of listlessly typing into Google and hoping that what you want will pop out, these guys have every smoke accessory covered.

A few minutes on this website will demonstrate to you how easy it is to navigate. If you’re smoking and browsing, don’t you want some easy, comprehensive organization so you can get back to chilling out?

It’s easy to buy online, so make sure you’re getting the best selection possible.

What’s All This Lingo?

Are you thinking to yourself: What’s a dab pen? Why the heck are my friends talking about grinder resin? I don’t understand this vocab.

With every subcommunity comes a legion of new vocabulary. When becoming a new smoker, these terms can be daunting and can gatekeep you from having a ton of fun. Luckily, 420 Science has a learning center if your friends are being dicks and acting condescending.

Here you can learn what each smoking category means and why people would choose a certain product. Spending extra money on one additional feature may sound crazy, but actually is rooted in specific desires that the buyer thought deeply about. This enhances your gift-giving capabilities as well as your knowledge of the many ways you can smoke marijuana.

The next time you rip a bong, you won’t even cough. People will applaud you.

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If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know how important it is to stand up for our fellow human beings. 420 Science doesn’t dance away from the most important issues in the US and globally. If you buy with 420 Science, you’re helping contribute to campaigns supporting Black lives, local food banks, and other important organizations.

Companies exist to make money, but if they can help organizations that matter, it’s better for all of us. Smoking is about sharing love.


Smoking weed was once a taboo topic at your local middle school, but there is no reason today for headshops to skip transparency. You should know exactly where your products are being made, where the materials are sourced from, and the quality of each product.

420 Science is a great choice in the transparency department because of its selection. You can buy products exclusively made in the US if local manufacturers are important to you. You can also sort based on 420 Science’s top selection, or by customer review if you’d rather trust your fellow smoker’s opinions.

Light Up at 420 Science

We hope it’s now crystal clear why 420 Science is an excellent online headshop. If you’d like more reviews and suggestions, check out our page reviewing and discussing the best of the best marijuana products in the DC area. We review loads of strains so you can enter the buyer’s market with a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

Check out the best weed delivery services to pop the champagne, so to speak, for your new equipment. We host events for smokers for a little socially distanced get-together. Join the conversation today, hit up your local weed dispensary, and pass the blunt!

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