As more and more storefronts and delivery services make their way into DC, we’ve become increasingly conscious of the quality of our listings over the quantity. This week, we’re touching base on one of the most popular cannabis gifting companies in DC that have just expanded their product lines to offer newly-decriminalized psychedelic products: Supreme Terpene. Supreme Terpene is already well known for their well-above-average products, efficient and speedy deliveries, and groundbreaking customer service, but their variety, price point, and trustworthiness puts them at the top of our list of gifting and delivery services here in DC. Below, we’re diving deeper into their company, products, and specials, and covering how you can place an order for pickup or delivery today. Meet Supreme Terpene:

About Supreme Terpene

Supreme Terpene is a fully I71 and I81 compliant gifting company offering a massive variety of quality cannabis and psychedelic products to the city of Washington DC. They were founded under three pinnacles of service, which include on-time, trustworthy deliveries, quality products, and most importantly, transparency. They go above and beyond to ensure that their products are lab tested and post their results on their social media, proudly stating that they don’t use imports or manufacture any products with pgrs, pine rosin , vitamin E acetate, or any other harmful chemicals.

Supreme Terpene

Their massive selection of products is one of the most exciting aspects of their trustworthy business, though. Here you can find everything from top quality cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and vape carts to psychedelic mushrooms and even smokable DMT. Best of all, all of these products are on sale and served at some of the most competitive prices in the entire city. Most importantly, the founders of Supreme Terpene focus on the best, reliable customer service they can provide, which is more than a resounding success when you take a look at the personal reviews on their profiles.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reputable, and compliant delivery and gifting service here in DC, look no further than Supreme Terpene.

Supreme Terpene Products

Supreme Terpene offers an extensive selection of cannabis and psychedelic products, all completely compliant with DC’s Initiatives 71 (for cannabis) and 81 (for psychedelics). Whether you prefer top-quality cannabis or some of the cleanest mushrooms ever seen in DC, there’s a little something for everyone at Supreme Terpene.

Try Supreme Terpene for I-81 Compliant Magic Mushrooms & DMT 1 2023

  • Cannabis: Supreme Terpene prides itself on offering a top-of-the-line selection of cannabis products, all of which are legit and not imported. Here you can find an extensive selection of cannabis flower, including strains like Runtz, Animal Cookies, and Crazy Glue. Best of all, their flower shelves are tiered, making it easy to find the best weed in DC at any price point. You can also find a huge selection of concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles. Most interesting is that you can also find a huge selection of pre-rolls, including pre-rolls rolled with caviar (also known as moonrocks).
  • Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms: With the passage of initiative 81, psychedelic plants like mushrooms, cacti, ayahuasca, and mescaline have been decriminalized in DC. Similar to Initiative 71, these substances can be given as gifts in compliance with the measures. With that in mind, Supreme Terpene became the first gifting and delivery service in DC to add psychedelic substances to their gift menus. Here you can find two different varieties of psilocybin mushrooms, including Albino A+, which are known for their medium potency and give a strong positive trip. You can also find Amazonian Cubenisis mushies which are the perfect strain for an intense visual trip. Supreme Terpene also offers Magic Boom Bars in 4 flavors, all of which contain 3.5 grams of psychedelic mushrooms.
  • DMT: Similar to plant-based psychedelics in chemical structure, DMT has also been decriminalized under initiative 81. As another first, Supreme Terpene is offering concentrated DMT powders as well as vape cartridges for smoking or vaporizing. DMT, also known as N-Dimethyltryptamine, is found in many plants and is released by our own brains when we dream and when we die. These intensely visual trips last about 5 to 10 minutes, but have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression in the long term, making it a highly therapeutic substance when used in moderation.

Supreme Terpene Specials

Supreme Terpene offers a ton of great daily deals for everyone. Whether you’re looking for cannabis or psychedelics, Supreme Terpene’s got you covered. Below, we’ve listed out the current specials, but be sure to check their website and their 420DC profile for regular and exclusive deals and specials.

  • Buy two 1/8ths, get one FREE
  • Get any concentrate (except for THCa diamonds) for $35/gram
  • Get an 1/8th of Albino A+ mushrooms for $50
  • Get a Magic Boom Bar for $60 (contains an 1/8th of mushrooms in chocolate!)
  • All orders of $200 or more get FREE delivery

Supreme Terpene

Get In Touch With Supreme Terpene

Supreme Terpene is available for both pickup and delivery Monday through Saturday between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM. All you have to do is browse their extensive menu and shoot them a text, or if you’d like, you can order from their selection online. Remember, you will need to upload a photo of yourself along with your 21+ photo ID to be served. Once that’s all squared away, Supreme Terpene will get in touch with you directly to coordinate pickup or delivery.


Storefront: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Online ordering: Yes

Call or text: (202) 704-0702

Email: [email protected]



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