DC is home to one of the most flexible cannabis industries in the country. These days, new storefronts and delivery services are opening in droves every single day. With that in mind, we aim to highlight the ones that exceed even our rigid expectations from those who merely provide a service. This week, we wanted to introduce you to Serenity, one of our favorite I71 compliant cannabis gifting services here in DC. Here you can find great deals on all of your cannabis essentials, including flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, and edibles. Here’s the lowdown on Serenity, including their company, their products, their specials, and how you can place an order today.

About Serenity 

Serenity is one of the latest companies to make it into DC’s weed scene, but they’re quickly making themselves a household name thanks to their stellar reviews, top niche customer service, and massive variety of exciting deals on cannabis. Founded by longtime DC residents, Serenity exists to provide a more efficient and comfortable cannabis-buying experience. 


The people running Serenity guarantee the best prices in DC as well as your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your order, they go above and beyond to rectify the situation and earn your business again and again. They believe that buying bud should be a comfortable, pleasant experience and do everything they can to make that happen. 


More importantly though, Serenity purchases directly from cannabis farmers, passing down the savings to you each and every day and allowing you to avoid the middlemen upcharge. Their competitive deals and bottom-out prices coupled with their massive product selection, easy-ordering process, and top tier customer service makes Serenity a must-see delivery service here in the city. 

Serenity Products 

Serenity offers a massive selection of all of your favorite cannabis products on their gift menu. To qualify for cannabis gifts, simply make a purchase or a donation and they’ll get you taken care of. If you’re on the market for anything specific, here’s a breakdown of Serenity’s product offerings. 


Flower – Serenity offers four different tiers of flower to serve every price point. Here you can find classic strains like Durban Poison and AK-47 as well as exotic flowers like Runtz, White Runtz, and Panama Red. They even offer a selection of Moon Rocks made with their premium quality flower. 


Pre-rolls – If you want to take some of the work out of your next sesh, Serenity offers a variety of pre-rolled joints made from their high quality cannabis. You can get one free when you get 3 cartridges. If you prefer to roll your own joints, they even offer shake flower at a significant discount. 


Concentrates – Serenity has a wide selection of cannabis concentrates on their gift menu and plenty of great deals. For example, you can get 10 grams of their Gelato shatter for a $200 donation. You can also find wax, budder, and crumble on their menu in several different strains. 


Vape Cartridges – Serenity offers a handful of different vape cartridge options, but you should always be sure to call and check the availability as they’re subject to change. If you’re looking for a great deal on vape cartridges, Serenity has you covered with a deal where you can get three vape cartridges and a pre-roll for $100. 


Edibles – Edible connoisseurs rejoice! Serenity offers THC-infused peach rings, gummy worms, and other gummies on their gift menu. Keep an eye out for new arrivals, though. 

Serenity Specials 

Serenity offers one of the largest selections of deals and discounts in DC. For example, you can get free delivery when you mention 420DC. You can also cash in on great deals on their product offerings. SERENITY Deal 2

Right now you can get three half-ounces for $300 or 10 grams of shatter for $200. If you like moon rocks, you can cop 4 grams of those for $120. Best of all, you can mix and match any three edibles for $100. You can find deals on cannabis at Serenity on practically any product that you can think of. Be sure to check out their 420DC listing for the complete scoop. 


Get in touch with Serenity 

Serenity offers free delivery when you mention 420DC seven days a week. They also offer some of the most discreet and friendly delivery in the city, taking care to adhere to any direction you leave them for their delivery services. Just keep in mind that their schedule is apt to change depending on volume. It helps to get your orders to them early in the day so they can serve you more effectively. Start by browsing their 420DC menu and choose from one of their exciting deals. From there, just call or text them at (202) 221-1942 to place your order. You will need to include a selfie next to your 21+ ID to be served. They’ll then coordinate with you directly to find a fast, discreet delivery window that works for you. 


Storefront: No 

Delivery: Yes 

Minimum Delivery Order?: No 

Online ordering: No

Call or text: (202) 221-1942

Email: [email protected] 

Website: N/A

Menu/Listing: https://420dc.com/listing/serenity/

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