If you’re looking for a newer cannabis delivery service or storefront in DC, look no further. This week, we’re covering one of our favorite I71 compliant cannabis gifting and delivery services here in DC known as Purple Penthouse. Below, we’ll dive deeper into everything you need to know about Purple Penthouse, including their company, their products, their specials, and how you can place an order today. Without further ado, meet Purple Penthouse –

About Purple Penthouse

Purple Penthouse is DC’s premier boutique for exotic, designer cannabis here in DC. The pinnacle of their service is their lightning-fast delivery, which has become one of the most popular choices among DC residents for a handful of reasons. The first being their fair prices, and the second being their level of quality and customer service. Further, they offer just about every cannabis product you can think of, and frequently offer discounts and freebies with their orders.

The folks at Purple Penthouse proudly say “The view is better from up high!”. They’ve segmented their service to serve people who prefer exotic, designer weed. They believe that purple is the color of royalty, and on top of that, the most regal cannabis strains are purple. And what better place to stand tall than the penthouse, the highest point in any skyscraper. So there you have it, Purple Penthouse – the company founded on quality, unique genetics, and unmatched customer service.

Purple Penthouse Products

Purple Penthouse has something for everyone. Whether you stick to inhalable products like flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, or pre-rolls, they’ve got you covered. They also have you covered if you prefer things like edibles, THC-drinks, and variety packs. All in all, Purple Penthouse is your one stop shop for all of your exotic cannabis needs.

Purple Penthouse Specials

Introducing Purple Penthouse 1 2023

Purple Penthouse offers a ton of daily specials, including:

  • Buy 3 mix n match 8ths and get 1 FREE of equal or lesser value
  • 2 Private Reserve Glass Jar 8ths for $180 or 4 for $360
  • 3 bags of mix n match edibles for $150 Edibles
  • 3 grams of shatter for $15
  • 6 pack of in-house pre rolls for $60

Introducing Purple Penthouse 2 2023

However, they offer lots of new deals and specials pretty frequently, so be sure to keep an eye on their listing and check out product photos on their website for the latest up to date information. Right now, for example, they’re offering a handful of strain-specific ounce specials, four top-shelf 1/8ths for $200 OTD, and a unique mystery box filled with $600+ of cannabis goodies for $500.

Introducing Purple Penthouse 3 2023

Get in touch with Purple Penthouse

Purple Penthouse is available for delivery 7 days a week. All you have to do is decide what you’d like to order and then text or email the details to the phone number or address below. You will also need to send along a selfie of you holding up your valid 21+ ID to be served. Once your order is confirmed, Purple Penthouse will coordinate delivery with you.

Storefront: No
Delivery: Yes
Call or text: (202) 923-5766
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.purplepenthouse.com
Menu/Listing: 420dc.com/listing/purple-penthouse

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