We’re always excited to uncover new hidden gems when it comes to storefronts and delivery services here in DC. Every day new ones spring up, so it’s important to separate the ones who go above and beyond from the ones who simply offer cannabis gifts. This week, we met with Pot United. Pot United is relatively new on our radar, but they are fully I71 and I81 compliant and offer a plethora of cannabis products as well as psilocybin mushrooms. Here’s everything you need to know about Pot United, including their company, their service, their products and specials, and how you can order from them directly. 

About Pot United 

Pot United is a family owned and operated company that believes that everything should exceed expectations. Even though DC is a largely unregulated cannabis industry, it’s still a cannabis industry and should be held to the same standards that are held in recreational states. They aim to only offer products when they’re of high quality and only work with the best cultivators, extractors, farmers, and chefs the cannabis industry has to offer. That said, they ensure everything they offer is lab tested and then examined closely by their quality assurance team before it makes it on the menu. 

Pot United hit the scene back in 2020 shortly before the COVID-19 shutdown. Through their tenacity and superior product line and service, they were able to keep themselves afloat through the crisis and carve a name for themselves here in DC. The quality of their product line alongside their speedy and professional service makes them one of the most popular gifting companies here in DC. While their menu isn’t as huge as others, it’s a lot more honest and trustworthy. 

Pot United Products 

Pot United curates an extensive menu made of hand-selected products that they know, trust, and love. Everything on the Pot United gift menu earned its way there through rigorous quality control standards that hold up against even Washington state’s rigid cannabis quality control standards. 

Flower: Pot United offers about 25 different varieties of indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains, including the famous Runtz and Apple Fritters strains. While the majority are cultivated indoors, they do offer a handful of sun-grown flowers picked at peak ripeness from northern California. On their menu you will find a combination of classic strains and highly sought after dank and exotic strains. You can even get your hands on shake if you’re looking to make your own edibles or roll your own joints with ease. Right now, they’re even offering 10% off when you choose 4 or more different 1/8ths. 

Pre rolls: You can find a variety of pre-rolls in a handful of different strains at Pot United. Each one ranges from a full gram to 1.5 grams and contains a selection of exclusive Pot United cannabis strains. They typically have 5-10 varieties ready to go at all times. Best of all, if you pick up 5 or more pre-rolls you can save 20%. 

Edibles: Pot United is known for their handcrafted edibles selection that is made on-site with organic and locally-sourced ingredients. They offer both brownies and rice crispy treats and check in at a whopping 800mg THC each. They’re excellent for sharing or for enjoying alone, and they taste excellent with minimal hash flavor. 

Vape Cartridges: Pot United offers a rotating selection of vape cartridges in various strains made by Herb and Flowers. Each one is made with a full gram of distillate and organic terpenes, so you can enjoy extremely potent and flavorful cartridges anywhere you may take them. 

Concentrates: If concentrates are your thing, you can find some seriously potent and terpy crumble wax and shatter at Pot United. They come in a variety of strains and are exceptionally affordable compared to many other concentrate gifters here in DC. They’ll typically run you $50 per gram, but if you buy 3 grams of shatter you’ll get all three for $120, saving you $30. 

Magic Mushrooms: Unlike many delivery services here in DC, Pot United has one unique product offering: Magic Mushrooms. With the passage of I81, mushrooms can be legally gifted in the same way that cannabis can be. That’s why they decided to bring in several new strains of dried mushrooms as well as chocolate bars and mushroom tea blends. POT truly is your one stop shop. 

Accessories: If you’re into convenience, Pot United also offers accessories like the Puffco Peak Pro smart rig and its convenient travel case for dabbing on the go. You can also pick up batteries for their vape cartridges. 


Pot United Specials 

If you’re looking for great deals and discounts, Pot United has you covered on everything you could want. They offer a long list of rotating daily specials on everything from cannabis to mushrooms to accessories. Right now they have several awesome ounce specials on their exotic flower. You can also save 20% when you purchase 5 or more pre-rolls. Shatter is currently on sale and you can grab 3 grams for $120, saving you $30. You can even save on certain strains of mushrooms, which have become increasingly popular over the last few weeks. 

Pot United

Get in Touch With Pot United 

Pot United is available for both pickup and delivery Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 10 PM and from 9 AM to 7 PM on Sundays. As always, be sure to get your delivery orders in early to ensure they can serve you within your time constraints. To get started, simply browse their menu on 420DC, pick out a deal, and call or text them to place your order. Be sure to include a selfie with you next to your 21+ ID to be served. Once they have that and your order information, they’ll coordinate with you for pickup or delivery. 

Storefront: Yes 

Delivery: Yes 

Minimum Delivery Order?: N/A

Online ordering: No

Call or text: (202) 848-6455

Email:  [email protected] 

Website: N/A

Menu/Listing: https://420dc.com/listing/pot-united/

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