Interested in learning more about some of the excellent cannabis delivery and meetup services here in DC? Check out Ghouse! This week, we’ll be diving more in depth about one of our favorite places to buy flower in the city, Ghouse. Ghouse is a fully I71 compliant cannabis gifting service DC, NOVA and MD! They even offer delivery on all of their products. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Ghouse, including their company, their products, their specials, and how you can get in touch to place an order today.

About Ghouse

Ghouse is a newer company on our radar, but they’re quickly making a name for themselves in DCs legal cannabis industry. Their tagline is “Private meetups and DC weed delivery on demand”, and it’s a good, all-encompassing line that highlights their service. They are a fully compliant smoke shop and delivery service operating from a handful of locations in DC. They offer everything from flower to edibles to concentrates and vape carts at some of the best prices you can find anywhere in DC.

Another important part of Ghouse’s service is their private meetups and nightly events. Private meetups are a great way to get delivery, but if you’re interested in checking out a nightly event for a free cannabis gift, be sure to ask when they’ll be having one.

Ghouse Products

Ghouse specializes in offering a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid flower. It comes in a variety of amazing, exotic strains and is always extremely fresh and flavorful. If flower isn’t really your thing though, they also carry a variety of vape cartridges in a handful of different strains by a few different extract companies as well as a few different kinds of edibles, such as gummies. Overall, their service primarily revolves around exciting strains of hard-to-find cannabis.

Ghouse Specials

Ghouse is still getting moving on a few things, but they do offer one extremely exciting deal. If you buy an ounce or more of their flower, they’ll send you home with a free Ghouse canvas bag or Ghouse sweatshirt. Make sure you tell them 420DC sent you for a FREE edible. Sometimes they have a handful of specials that don’t make it to the website though, so be sure to call or text (202) 602-7092 to check what’s going on at any of their locations if you don’t see a deal posted on their website or menu.


Get in touch with Ghouse

Ghouse operates for both pickup and delivery from a variety of different areas within the DC area. They are available for delivery 7 days a week and open daily from 2PM-7PM. If you’re interested in a private meetup or nightly event, be sure to mention that in your message. To get started, simply call or text the phone number below with your order details along with a selfie of you holding up your valid 21+ ID.

Storefront hours: 2-7PM daily
Delivery: Yes
Call/Text: (202) 602-7092
Email: [email protected]

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